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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/19/2017

Residents need to know their sheriff will enforce all laws

Residents need to know their sheriff will enforce all laws

*Residents need to know their sheriff will enforce all laws *Zurlo has proven his experience and ded

Residents need to know their sheriff will enforce all laws

I have been following the race for Saratoga County sheriff very closely these past few weeks, and I have noticed that one candidate, Mr. Jeff Gildersleeve, has said he will not enforce the SAFE Act. What is interesting is that Mr. Gildersleeve is a Warren County Sheriff Office employee and his stance is in direct conflict with his boss, Sheriff Bud York, who in a Feb. 1 Gazette article, says he is “confident all sheriffs will enforce the duly enacted laws of New York.”

Rather than elect someone who has no respect for the law, Saratoga County will be better served voting for Michael Zurlo, who will ensure that the people’s interests are represented and not just political, self-serving ones like that of his opponents.

Mike Thompson


Zurlo has proven his experience and dedication to Saratoga County

How exciting is it that there is a competitive race for the Saratoga County sheriff? As soon as I heard that Sheriff Jim Bowen planned on retiring, I immediately got to work and prepared myself to run for sheriff to serve and protect Saratoga County residents.

One day after Sheriff Bowen made his announcement, I resigned from my post as the town of Stillwater Justice on April 11 and announced my candidacy for county sheriff. Anyone seeking to follow in Jim Bowen’s footsteps has seriously big shoes to fill, but I was determined, with his support and blessing, that I could and would serve our county residents well.

Let me tell you, timing, and making time, means everything in a campaign. You can’t get tired, and you have to keep going, dedicating much of your time to achieving your goal, which for me means serving and protecting our residents in Saratoga County.

After my announcement, I hit the ground running. The first scheduled town Republican Committee meeting was on April 18 in the town of Ballston. Personally, I couldn’t wait. I was the first to speak at any such interview and had the honor of unveiling my vision to enhance our already wonderful Sheriff’s Office.

I excitedly shared how expanded use of technology, email systems and the use of video arraignment would save taxpayer dollars and equip our officers with enhanced law enforcement tools, all while keeping our communities safer. I showed how building coalitions among other policing agencies, municipal leaders and schools would improve safety for our entire county. The committee was encouraged by my outside-the-box thinking and eagerly endorsed to run for sheriff.

Thereafter, I continued to detail and finely hone my message and interviewed with several more committees. I adopted social media and a stronger Internet presence as part of my platform to make it easier to communicate important sheriff’s department messages with residents.

These plans resonated well with folks, and with good timing, a fast and steady pacing, I was gaining support and ground in seeking the Republican endorsement. At that point, three weeks after I announced my candidacy, my primary opponent had not even entered the race.

I took advantage of every opportunity to meet with people, in preparation for the Republican County meeting, which was on June 1. It’s something that you make time for and show that you’re a team player. I was the only candidate who accepted the invitation to meet and interview with the committee, and was honored with their endorsement.

When you’re more than a day late and, I guess, a dollar short, how can one even start to make claims that platforms were stolen — something my opponent has accused me and my team of? Who has time for that? We’re busy meeting with the voters and people of this county.

My more than 30 years’ worth of law-enforcement experience within our Sheriff’s Office, my diverse and deep knowledge of policing, correctional services and administration will always have me prepared to think on my toes, able to keep pace with the demands and the time required to properly protect and serve our Saratoga County residents. It’s clear, as I earned the endorsement of the Saratoga County Correctional Officers Union, Council 82, the New York State Deputies Association, and more.

Voters want someone who is going to make time for their safety needs, and I will do just that. I humbly ask registered Republicans for their vote on Primary Day, Sept. 10.

Michael Zurlo


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