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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/16/2018

Road to Mideast war not one United States should be taking

Road to Mideast war not one United States should be taking

*Road to Mideast war not one United States should be taking *Race reporting tends to glamorize cruel

Road to Mideast war not one United States should be taking

I oppose attacking Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons because of the answers to these three questions:

1) Are we certain that the Syrian government perpetrated the chemical attack, rather than another party to the civil war? (No, at best perhaps.)

2) Will launching an attack on Syrian government forces or resources force the Syrian government to refrain from using chemical weapons in the future? (Not likely.)

3) Will an American strike against one side of this conflict produce favorable responses from the other parties? (Not necessarily.)

It is ethically wrong and strategically foolish to attack with such uncertainty of objective. We will kill involved Syrians and others by collateral damage, even with “surgical” drones, and all the more with cruise missiles. The likelihood is that we’re going to kill women and children as well, the very horror we are responding to.

We will invite counterattack. We can’t predict where, when or how, but some kind of counterattack on America, its people, or its interests, is far more likely than meek acceptance of some hurt that we deliver.

Then come the hard-to-foresee results. The Middle East is complicated, and our targeting the Syrian government risks ripple effects that no one can confidently predict. Is an attack which aligns us with a current al-Qaida objective while risking even further alienation from Iran and Russia really wise?

I say no violence helps, especially not an attack hurled in desperation with so little likelihood of preventing future wrongs and, in fact, encouraging the opposite.

David Gerhan


Race reporting tends to glamorize cruel sport

What are you, the Saratoga racing Gazette? Where is the balance in reporting on horse racing, which many regard as horrifyingly cruel to the ones that make it all happen: the horses.

Sportswriter Bill Cain glossed over the euthanizing of poor Saginaw, the gelding that broke both sesamoids while racing, and went on to report the jockey Alvarado won a race anyway [Sept. 1 Gazette].

How about more in-depth reporting about how the horses are really treated, with comments from veterinarians who refuse to touch that industry, despite the pay? Any credible animal rights organization can give you sources.

Somebody has to be on the side of the horses; they can’t speak for themselves.

Suzanne Miller


Speak out against puppy mills in Mohawk Valley

We are a band of brothers and sisters in the Mohawk Valley fighting to keep puppy mills out of our region. We would love to have them totally eliminated, but would be happy to start with keeping them away from us.

Why is there no large-scale exposure of this outrage? If compassionate and loving people could be informed about these puppy mills, they would show up at local town meetings to protest mill presence in our valley.

Pennsylvania mills are closing down because Pennsylvania laws have become more stringent. We need to match their vigor and prevent “millers” from moving here. The influx of mills has already begun and the fight is engaged. Dog lovers need help and support.

The Canajoharie Town Board will meet Sept. 5 at 7:30 p.m. They have the power to enact a moratorium on new kennels. I hope that concerned citizens will be present. If many of us show up, the meeting will probably be moved to the firehouse.

We are the voice of helpless and mistreated canines. Let us speak loudly and well for them!

Jeanne DeValve

Palatine Bridge

Drums of war eerily reminiscent of WWI

The 1,400-plus dead Syrians due to “gas” is equivalent to the sinking of the Lusitania.

Russian “lawmakers” coming to America to speak to Congress on [the] matter of American intervention in Syria is The Zimmerman Telegram, all over again.

We are witnessing World War I in real time. Barack Obama is Woodrow Wilson incarnate.

Time for George M. [Cohan] to crank up “over there.”

Edmond Day


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