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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

Progressives trump up ‘climate change’ so they can control us

Progressives trump up ‘climate change’ so they can control us

*Progressives trump up ‘climate change’ so they can control us *STAR the only break state’s ‘little

Progressives trump up ‘climate change’ so they can control us

There has been a lot of back and forth the last few months on “climate change,” which used to be “global warming,” the latest being Kurt Hollocher’s Aug. 31 letter responding to Vito Spinelli’s Aug. 26 letter.

There is climate change going on, just like there has been for the millions of years this planet has existed. Just like there are changes going on to the sun, the stars and planets. Do humans have something to do with it? Probably a very small percentage of what we do may affect the climate. Is it something we can do anything about? No!

I am an accountant, not a scientist or geology professor, [but] I have studied history. You can find a lot of this information in books and on such TV stations as National Geographic Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel for Kids, even Animal Planet.

How did the dinosaurs die? How about how did Greenland go from being a lush green place full of vegetation 1,000 years ago to a barren place full of ice? And how did the land masses that are now the seven continents separate from what was once one huge mass of land? Climate change!

The Earth is a living ecosystem; its climates change all of the time, gradually. As for Mr. Hollocher debunking Mr. Spinelli, he was way off base. I was 16 when Time magazine and Newsweek both came out with stories on the coming global cooling due to CO2 [carbon dioxide].

It all has to do with the progressives’ political agenda to control our lives. It started with pollution. So we cleaned up our act. But that wasn’t good enough for them. So they went after the ozone layer, and that wasn’t good enough. So now it is on to CO2, which is the most ridiculous thing ever. This planet could not function without CO2. Anybody who has taken third-grade science knows that.

Since when does consensus in anything mean anything? Science is not based on consensus.

Science is based on theorizing, and then doing experiments to prove or disprove your theory. Using computer models to prove anything is a waste of time since it all depends on the inputs to the computer, which can be skewed to achieve the results you are looking for. Besides, there isn’t a consensus on climate change at all. There are many scientists, climatologists and meteorologists who don’t subscribe to the theory — [including] some who once did but have changed their minds.

I am all for finding alternative forms of energy, [but] the so-called renewable energy systems being touted are not pollution-free, either. The processes and materials used to make solar panels and windmill blades have some very toxic elements.

The climate changers want us to stop drilling for oil and natural gas, and using coal. But they don’t understand that those commodities, particularly oil, are raw materials for almost everything we have today. One day I hope we find that cheap, powerful energy source. But for now, we humans do not have the power to change the climate, for bad or good.

So, don’t give up your freedom for some progressives who want to control our every action. There are more important issues to focus on, like the overreach of the federal government that infringes on our individual liberty.

John Gaetani


STAR the only break state’s ‘little guys’ get

Re your Aug. 28 editorial questioning the value of the STAR [New York State School Tax Relief] program:

Lobbyists are sucking the state pension system dry, along with double-dipping state employees, outrageously overpaid school superintendents, etc. (it seems every week another drain on state resources is exposed). People who need financial help through no fault of their own (legitimate STAR recipients) are in danger of being thrown under the bus because people who don’t need help are profiting from bureaucratic oversights and lax enforcement. (Or so the author of the editorial recommends. Indeed!)

Instead of punishing those who really need help with their property taxes (“kicking them when they’re down”), how about closing some of the loopholes that people fortunate enough not to need help paying taxes use at taxpayer expense?

John T. Dillon


Can’t get enough of Hugh Farley’s pictures

Recently I was thinking that my life would be greatly enriched by some new pictures of my elected representatives.

Lo and behold, what should appear in the next mail delivery but “A Special Report from Senator Hugh T. Farley.” The two-page report contained some information on legislation, expressions of some of Sen. Farley’s opinions and, best of all, five pictures of the senator, using more than one-third of the available space.

A bonus was the fact that the “special report” was mailed with taxpayers’ money, thus cleverly reminding us that Sen. Farley has “always made family tax relief a top priority.”

Thank you, Sen. Farley, for the generous number of pictures. Further thanks will be forthcoming at the polls.

Fred Heitkamp


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