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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/19/2018

Try Crisis Pregnancy Centers before abortion

Try Crisis Pregnancy Centers before abortion

*Try Crisis Pregnancy Centers before abortion

Try Crisis Pregnancy Centers before abortion

I would like to respond to Ms. Mishka Luft’s Sept. 6 letter regarding Patricia Flint’s Sept. 1 letter about the government protection of the lives of “innocent” human beings.

Regarding abortion as an alternative: Abortion may truly not be a good “choice” for those who need help with an unplanned pregnancy. As many know, abortion is being used by one in three women for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Adoptive babies are now at a shortage, and many infertile couple are finding this out.

Beside the fact that Since Roe vs. Wade, over 55,000,000 “innocent lives” of babies have been lost. Planned Parenthood is the main provider of this “service,” and although they deny this, they continue to take all of our tax dollars for this “service,” saying that they are “saving lives.”

My questions to Ms. Luft are two. The first is, do you really think that 55 million mothers were in great danger of death, which should be the only reason to end another’s life? The second is, with all of the birth control available today, much of it for free, why are there so many unwanted babies? Could it be that the “choice” of abortion is really being used as birth control for many, who are either not receiving good quality birth control from providers?

The truth is life begins at conception. There is only 100 percent way to prevent pregnancy and that is to not have sex. All birth control, no matter what the cost can fail.

Regarding life, a baby is formed from an egg of the mother and a sperm. A tiny heart is beating at just three weeks or so. By nine to 10 weeks after fertilization, the little “soul” has arms, legs, fingers, toes, and internal organs that are now functioning. From then on this little baby just has to grow, being nurtured by it’s mother.

Regarding the government’s interference in abortion, since Roe vs. Wade was approved and the Supreme Court of the United States was the entity that approved it, perhaps it is time to put them on notice that most American’s would like abortion used only for those true life and death emergencies. Then real “life choices” can be made, and our taxes will stop paying for abortions being used as “birth control”.

Regarding help for women and families in need, there are many “crisis” pregnancy centers available throughout the United States that offer help and support to those who need help. Pregnancy centers offer support to the whole family. They even offer fathers help, parenting classes, and many more learning programs, and will be there for all, even long after the baby comes.

Just for reference, abortion is totally legal in New York state and many other states up until 24 weeks. This means that a mother may choose to abort a child up to six months of pregnancy. Support for mothers is needed at all stages, and once that baby is formed and grown to that “viable” age, abortion should be offered less, not more. This is the site where you can access abortion information in all states, including New York,

Finally, regarding women who are having or have had abortions. Terminating a pregnancy is never an easy choice and may leave a woman in need of someone to talk to. Crisis Pregnancy Centers offer non-judgmental help for women who are suffering either before or after an abortion. The people there truly care for the whole woman, and will help. If you know of anyone who is in need of this help have them call a Crisis Pregnancy Center. They are there to help. They are in the phone book under “Abortion Alternatives.”

Carol Jordan


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