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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/17/2017

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 23

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 23

Organization devoted to recycling in Sch’dy worthy of support Congress, food stamp recipients need t

Organization devoted to recycling in Schenectady worthy of support

Thank you for spotlighting the abysmal recycling rate in the city of Schenectady [Sept. 18 editorial] .

September is a good time for every household to think about “passing garbage day.” A group has coalesced around this need, and it’s called “Schenectady Recycles!”

The mission is to grow the recycling rate in every neighborhood, and to provide information on the Recycling Ordinance of 1982, through neighborhood associations and other means that community sites and events offer.

Volunteer speakers are needed for presentations, for example, and materials will be provided. If you live by or aspire to “reduce, re-use, recycle,” the committee would like to hear from you. With no way to go but up, many good citizens will make the percentage rise. Schenectady Recycles! is sponsored by ECOS [The Environmental Clearinghouse], The League of Women Voters of Schenectady, county Environment Committee, and SCEAC [Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Council].

The committee mission relates to these established organizations by virtue of mandates for education, action or advocacy in Schenectady and surrounding communities. Springtime featured social media start-ups, and fall will kick off educational outreach.

We adapted the “Paper Products (blue label) and Container Products (yellow label)” information as a two-sided leaflet, with a Spanish version available.

If active in your neighborhood or school association, please contact us. Schedules are being arranged to meet with community groups to distribute leaflets, clarify content of the two recycle bins and take questions. If happily recycling at this time, consider enhancing recycling in your area. Two bins with lids are inexpensive [and] City Hall has free labels.

Visit and the city site: — featuring the word “recycling” in green or email

Roberta Farrell


The writer is a member of Schenectady Recycles!

Congress, food stamp recipients need to get busy

When you have one in seven receiving food stamps, plus our political leaders spending time away from their jobs, this is the way a situation like this happens.

The only way to solve it is to get them both to do some work.

Walter “Neal” Brazell


A little courtesy on the road wouldn’t kill anyone

Re Peter Frank’s Sept. 19 letter, “Motorcyclists need to look out for themselves:

While Mr. Frank is entitled to his opinion, I do not agree with him.

My husband and several of our friends ride motorcycles. Most cars have blind spots, making it more difficult to see a motorcycle, especially if a car is pulling out of a parking spot into a roadway.

Many times it is not the irresponsibility of the motorcyclist, but the inattentiveness of the car driver.

There are so many distractions with the increased use of cell phones, texting while driving, eating, applying makeup, etc. that if everyone exercised caution, there might be fewer accidents.

When one gets behind the wheel of a car, one has to be responsible for others who happen to be sharing the road — motorcyclists, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. If everyone would be more courteous and caring toward others, what a wonderful world this would be!

Anne Marie Peltier

Ballston Lake

Time for us to get over ‘dago’ as an ethnic slur

My grandmother was born in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, but her brother and her parents were born in Italy. Her father was an educated man but, unable to speak English, he was forced to work as a bootblack. He eventually learned the language and moved up enough to open his own shoe shop.

I heard many stories of the prejudice they faced every day. I feel that it is refreshing that we are living in a time when so many people don’t even realize that the term “dago” is offensive.

Time marches on, language evolves. Let go of the old hurts, and be thankful that America truly is a melting pot.

Victoria Elam White


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