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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/16/2018

Dionne doesn’t do justice to tea party or its positions

Dionne doesn’t do justice to tea party or its positions

*Dionne doesn’t do justice to tea party or its positions *Tell pols what they must do to keep jobs *

Dionne doesn’t do justice to tea party or its positions

It is getting tiresome to see almost daily, E.J.Dionne’s ultra-liberal ranting against the tea party and anyone who suggests that the current Democrat administration is anything but the saviors of this nation.

His Oct. 3 whiny submission tells us that the “tea party Republicans” have no right to any ideas that are contrary to Obama’s program for the future of the United States. This is a flawed statement.

First of all, the Republicans and other conservatives of any party are not necessarily a member of the tea party. The tea party is an excellent group who clearly want nothing but to retain the country that they take pride in. They do not want to see it degrade to a government-controlled country where all are supposed to submit to “our leader’s” ideas.

Some of those opposed to the idea of funding Obamacare may be members, but the majorities are simply conservatives and others who reject the idea of a forced and seriously flawed program of health care, and, for that matter, any legislation that is contrary to the will of the nation.

Dionne says that “the Republican right still does not accept the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency.” The truth is that the many of us are frightened by Obama’s unlawful approach to legislation. Consider his record-breaking usage of executive orders to gain control. The man seems power hungry.

Consider his forcing for approval the health care act. We don’t have time to read this proposal, we just have to get it approved first and then read it. Pathetic!

Dionne says that Congress will only be satisfied when it “denies health care coverage to about 25 million Americans.” First of all, that number has been proven wrong. There may be that many who have no health care, but a great many of them don’t want it, don’t need it and would reject it if available.

Secondly, no one wants those who need health care to go without. Contrary to the lies that pervade the media, most Americans want to improve our ability to provide health care to anyone who has the need.

It is time for [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid and Obama to understand that they must accept the will of the people and rethink the current health care plan. They should begin by de-funding the current program and start a complete redesign.

Donald M. Knuth

Ballston Spa

Tell pols what they must do to keep jobs

The politicians in Washington no longer care about regular Americans. You are not a bank or a large corporation with high-paid lobbyists, so you are not important to the politicians.

They have restructured their electoral districts in such a way that it is almost impossible for them to be voted out of office. They are certain that they can pay their constituents a little lip service and they will be re-elected and sent back to Washington to do as they please. That includes shutting down the government.

They do not care that thousands of non-government workers will be out of work and never be reimbursed for their lost time. I can guarantee you, your favorite politicians will make sure to pay themselves in the end (it’s only about $14,000 a month).

It is time for us to come to the aid of our fellow, out-of-work, Americans and to try and save our country. There is only one way to make this happen. We must all take five minutes of our time to find out who our representatives are and send them an e-mail telling them that no matter how much we have believed in them and supported them in the past, we will be voting against them in their next election (

We must promise to do this and follow it through. We should tell them that the only way they can be saved is by reopening the government by Oct. 13 and establish term limits, so that after their second term in office they must all find another job. If this doesn’t happen — you’re fired. I have already sent this e-mail to Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Paul Tonko.

This is the only power we have and we must use it now to save our country.

Robert Karandy

Burnt Hills

GOP would take nation in the wrong direction

Barack Obama is our president — not Congress. We the people have voted for our president of the United States by a majority of the country. I am thoroughly disgusted with the way that the Republicans think they can change the initiatives our president has taken on to right the country and put us back on better footing than we were six years ago with President Bush.

I am a registered Republican and I am ashamed at the direction they are heading. The Republicans have brought our country nothing but putting the little man in his place — that would be near the poverty level. I believe they do not have America as their priority, just their agenda. I plan on changing my party affiliation because I believe I finally see what direction I want this country to head.

Wake up, America, and see what is really happening. It’s just a bunch of spoiled brats crying because they didn’t win the presidential election.

Teresa Seeger


Sch’dy downtown safe, and most people know it

I would like to address some of the letters that show concern for downtown safety in Schenectady.

I have lived here for many years and have the occasion to go into the downtown area at least two or three times a week both during the day and in the evening. I go to the Bow Tie Theater, Proctors, Schenectady Civic Theater, SLOC [Schenectady Light Opera Company], the library, miSci, restaurants, the post office, banks and more. I have never felt any fear and although I keep aware of my surroundings, as we should all do, I have not had any concern for my safety.

I invite dozens of people each week to join me as guests on “Schenectady Today In & Around The Capital Region” (filmed at Proctors) and no one has ever said that they were afraid to come downtown. In fact, many have stated how great the downtown looks. The streets are filled during the day and in the evenings with people going to work, to the theaters, to classes, and to our variety of restaurants.

There are many events in Schenectady that bring thousands of people into the downtown. I applaud Michael Saccocio (City Mission executive director) and Philip Morris (CEO of Proctors) for collaborating with the Ambassador Program. During most downtown events these Ambassadors are present on the streets, with smiles, welcoming people to our downtown and offering information on restaurants, parking and more.

Yes, there may be an isolated incident, as there are in every city, town and village, but that doesn’t mean we are living in a crime-ridden area. I invite members of our community to participate in our downtown activities, and by doing so they will help to ensure that our community will thrive and remain safe and vibrant.

Ann Parillo


The writer the producer and host of “Schenectady Today” show.

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