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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/19/2018

Gloria Nelligan had no excuse for beating her grandchild to death

Gloria Nelligan had no excuse for beating her grandchild to death

*Gloria Nelligan had no excuse for beating her grandchild to death *Obama’s dictatorial nature gave

Gloria Nelligan had no excuse for beating her grandchild to death

In response to your Oct. 7 editorial, I agree that children having children is not the ideal. However, I feel that the alleged abuse of Gloria Nelligan [by her husband] was no excuse for torturing an innocent child until his body could take no more and he died at her big hands.

Since we bring attention to domestic violence month in October, I will offer this: My youngest daughter, Melissa Fennicks, gave birth to her first child when she was 17. She still graduated from high school. She lived in an abusive environment with her boyfriend, which culminated in her stabbing death in front of her three children, three of my other grandchildren and an infant I babysat for.

I was babysitting her children because she was attending Mildred Elley to become a medical assistant.

I often told her how proud I was of her that, despite having three children and an abusive partner, she still kept her house immaculate, the kids were well cared for and she was at the top of her class with an average in the 90s. After her death, I was awarded custody of her three children.

The first thing I thought when the Nelligan case came to light was, how dare she? It is such a gift from God to be given your grandchildren to care for because their mother is unable.

They come to you hurting. It is a grandmother’s ultimate duty to give as much nurturing, understanding and love to these little ones as possible so that despite their history, they are able to become functioning members of society and be proud of themselves.

I promised my daughter as she lay lifeless in the emergency room on the bloodied stretcher that I would take good care of her children for her till we all met again.

Gloria Nelligan gave no regard for her own children, committing this deed for days in her house where her children will have to live with her legacy, and Sha’hiim will no longer live, period.

I don’t care what one goes through in life; we have an obligation to love, guide and nurture our grandchildren.

May God bless her children and family.

Claudia Fennicks


Obama’s dictatorial nature gave rise to tea party

Barack Obama was elected president, not dictator. He was elected by a narrow margin that has to be rounded up to get to 52 percent. That is far from being a mandate.

The “tea party” Republicans were also duly elected, in large part to counter what the Democrats did in President Obama’s first two years. And they were re-elected two years later to do the same thing.

Reality is that the American people have elected both Barack Obama and the “tea party” Republicans. There is no mandate to steer a course for the country to either progressive land or towards conservatism.

The message would seem to be compromise. This is a message the president and Sen. Harry Reid cannot seem to comprehend. Spending bills only originate in the House. If the Senate passes a bill different from the House, a conference committee is supposed to be established to negotiate a middle ground.

Reid, with the backing of the president, has steadfastly refused to convene the conference committees. It is either their way or no way. The administration also seems hell-bent on exaggerating the impacts of the government “shutdown.” Eighty-three percent of the government still functioning is a far cry from a shutdown, and the fact that [U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck] Hagel was able to recall civilian defense department employees with no legal changes means their furlough, to begin with, was purely staging for political gain by the Democrats.

While the statement, “Obama will negotiate with the Iranians but not the Republicans,” is trite, it also appears to be true. I suspect that as soon as the president’s dictatorial tendencies go away, so will the tea party; the second exists purely as a result of the first.

Diane Barney


The glass should always be viewed as half full

Re Oct. 6 Viewpoint, “Accentuate the positive”: My heart revels in Robert Caracciolo’s article. My soul always delights in Mark Wilson’s mirthful art.

Caracciolo’s “positive expressions” suggestion is valuable. The positive-thinking attitude benefits are countless. Hypertension decreases and friends and talents multiply.

The world hungers for positivity — feed it. Attention, “positive expressions” leaders, count me in. I’m a lifetime optimist. Count me as a volunteer and creator. I have the passion for positivity; let’s materialize the dream. Celebrate the possibilities. All can benefit.

Rob Curtiss


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