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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

Federal politicians have disgraced their country, should resign

Federal politicians have disgraced their country, should resign

*Federal politicians have disgraced their country, should resign *Cartoon offensive to women and Dem

Federal politicians have disgraced their country, should resign

To my elected officials at the Capitol, along with President Obama, enough already! You should be ashamed of yourselves, you are making a mockery of our country.

Before you put your Obamacare plan into effect, you should think about the health care package each and every one of you have, and will have, now and forever. Then [approve] the same package for everyone else, otherwise you are sending us a message that you are better than us.

Leave Obamacare out of the mess you have, get back to work and do your damn job. I didn’t elect you to shove your individual policies down my throat, I elected you to make the future of my children and my life better. What you are doing is showing the younger generation that you can go to the White House or the Capitol, sit there as if you are high and mighty, not do the job you were hired to do and still get paid. Not to mention what the world is thinking of us right now.

This is not about which party, Democratic or Republican, it is what is in the best interests of every individual in this country. Take a look at Canada’s health care system that doesn’t work, and this is why you’ve decided to shut down the functioning bodies of federal government that actually do work? For most of you, this will have no impact on your day-to-day living patterns.

These [federal employees] weren’t elected to their jobs, they work for them. Maybe this doesn’t matter to you, but it does to the working class. You and your six-figure salaries should step down in total disgrace.

You certainly have taken our country into a whole new dimension.

Grace Petronis


Cartoon offensive to women and Democrats

The selection of Catalino’s cartoon [Oct. 8 issue] reflects a step backward, equally disrespectful to both women and Democrats.

The woman is depicted as a helpless idiot and the man, apparently, the all-knowing Republican. Are the Koch brothers now involved in your decisions regarding your political cartoon selections, or was someone simply asleep at the wheel?

I am appalled that this denigration of women is perpetuated with such regular flippancy, and am especially aware of it, as we are soon approaching a presidential campaign that will likely include people of two sexes.

Kendra Schieber


Anthony Wayne’s story an inspiring one

Re Sara Foss’s Oct. 8 article on the passing of Anthony Wayne [and what an] incredible and fascinating man Anthony Wayne was: Thank you so very much to Foss, [author] John Stewart and [documentarian] Tom Henderson for making us aware of this extraordinary man, and of his courage and fascinating adventure. Mr. Wayne was a true hero, a model for others to look up to.

The world was, indeed, a much different place 70 years ago. The high-tech tools and devices that we take for granted today simply did not exist. Yet 70 years is but a blink of time. We should all give pause and reflect just how much the world and our lives have changed in such a short period.

The fact is, we have heroes and extraordinary people in our lives everyday. They are in our neighborhoods, our communities. We see them at the market, at church, we see them walking their dogs and raking their yards. We should reach out to other Anthony Waynes and hear their stories and adventures. Listen to what they have to say. They can be teachers without degrees — inspiring us to do more, inspiring us to serve the communities we live in and the community of mankind.

Find a hero, find an extraordinary person today. Thank them for a job well done. Incredible people are not hard to find, they are all around us. Just open your heart and mind.

Michael La Duke


Spare us the rhetoric and get back to work

It would be sad if it were not so serious: The fox is in the henhouse; a predator is being let loose among the prey.

Or, as the Senate chaplain recently prayed, more mildly, “Deliver us from the hypocrisy of attempting to sound reasonable while being unreasonable.”

Ill-used power and money can each corrupt the public good; together they can ruin it.

Hugh Nevin


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