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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/22/2017

Significant contrast in Saratoga Springs mayoral race

Significant contrast in Saratoga Springs mayoral race

*Significant contrast in Saratoga Springs mayoral race *Time for Wilton to do ‘housekeeping’ with th

Significant contrast in Saratoga Springs mayoral race

The contrast between the two mayoral candidates in our upcoming election could not be starker.

As deputy mayor, Shauna Sutton manages a department of over 25 people in the mayor’s office. She continues to manage the activities of multiple departments including: building, planning, human resources, recreation, telecommunications, the city attorneys, the visitor center and community development.

Her opponent is a minority member of the county Board of Supervisors with minimal involvement in city government and no experience in budgeting, city management or city planning.

It seems to me that the citizens of Saratoga Springs have a very clear choice on Nov. 5 when it comes to voting for the next mayor.

Shauna Sutton is clearly the most qualified candidate for the job.

Matt Sperling

Saratoga Springs

Time for Wilton to do ‘housekeeping’ with the Town Board

The town of Wilton is a lovely place to live, and we should keep it that way. That’s why I moved here, and if you live in Wilton it is likely you, too, were attracted by its clean air, trees, natural open spaces and neighborly, friendly people.

Wilton’s master plan was written to reflect residents’ concerns, to maintain open space alongside some growth. “Some” growth has turned “express.” The growth rate has reached a whopping 29 percent in 10 years, and the current Town Board had the gall to do away with the town planner. Then, with no planner in the way of commercial enterprising minds, the board tried to sidestep residents, making over 100 zoning changes, and called it “mere housekeeping.” Incredible.

Do you want our neighborhood turned into a center for light industry, warehousing and commerce, with traffic jams like Clifton Park? It is nice to buy groceries, but who exactly does overdevelopment really benefit? I believe the current board has run roughshod over Wilton.

Development without a town planner and input by residents compromises our quality of life. Traffic on Route 9 is bad enough, thanks.

It is high time we vote a woman to the Wilton Town Board. I support Joanne Klepetar, who has attended years of our town meetings as an advocate for residents. She is well-spoken, mature, intelligent, educated, literate, generous, honest, ethical, open-minded, interested, enthusiastic, energetic, communicative, and most of all, will sincerely represent you, the residents of Wilton.

Please vote for Joanne Klepetar, and for John McEachron, and let’s show how “real housekeeping” is done on Nov. 5.

Marianne Loeb


Sausville knows what’s good for the town and residents

Shortly we will be headed to the polls to elect a supervisor for the town of Malta.

I had the chance to read an August 2007 letter to the editor written by our supervisor, Paul Sausville. He discussed what could happen to our town in the future if leadership doesn’t listen to the people’s wishes. Paul mentioned the five-story building that had been added to Malta along with 331 more apartments and brownstones. A planning consultant at that time felt that “everyone” wanted to reset the vision of Malta and have a dense 1.8 mile-long city with 30 more Ellsworth Common type buildings.

That is not Paul’s vision, and it appears he is not alone in his thoughts. Calls, emails and surveys came in from all over the town — and over 87 percent of those people wanted a hamlet-type downtown with one- or two-story buildings and lots of green space, not a huge city. If people look at the future of a huge city’s plan, they will see paid fire companies, traffic and parking problems and lots of money for surveys. Who will pay for all this? The answer is the taxpayers.

The amount of development on the table for more future growth in Malta is astounding. Paul’s opponent is in favor of the Form Base Code. With the new Form Base Code Plan passed, it will determine what growth will be like in Malta. Town Supervisor Paul Sausville cast the sole “no” vote for this code and he said: “The people in Malta do not want it to be a city such as Saratoga Springs.”

They don’t want the traffic, the costs or such a rigid planning approval process.” Vote Sausville, he listens to the people.

Claudia Smith


Sutton will represent taxpayers, not the unions

When thinking about the duties that the mayor of Saratoga Springs undertakes, one of the most important to the average Saratogian is negotiating with the unions representing city employees.

Ms. Joanne Yepsen has willingly taken campaign contributions from the same unions she will be facing across the bargaining table. Whose interests will she represent? A campaign contributor who kicked massive amounts of money into her election coffers or the taxpayers of the city of Saratoga Springs?

With Shauna Sutton, you know who she’ll be looking out for. Shauna will be representing the taxpayers of our city, not some deep-pocketed campaign contributor.

Join me in supporting Shauna Sutton for mayor.

Jim Chatfield

Saratoga Springs

Re-elect Maggi Ruisi; it’s the best thing for Malta

Maggi Ruisi is truly a hometown girl. Born and raised in Malta, she’s been an integral part of town government for the last 13 years.

During this time, she’s worked in the tax receiver’s office, the town clerk’s office, and has been a town councilwoman for the last four years. She’s learned the ins and outs of our town government, has met with Malta residents from all parts of the town, and, most importantly, has listened to their needs.

As a hometown mother of two children, she brings a different perspective and experience to the Town Board. She understands the need to balance growth and yet provide a community with economic opportunity for today’s residents and the children of Malta.

Growing up, and now raising her children, in the southern end of town also distinguishes her from other candidates and board members. As a result, Maggi has fought to secure a $5 million federal grant to improve road safety on Round Lake Road.

Maggi has worked hard to help make Malta a great community in which we all can work, live and play. I know she loves this town and does everything she can to protect its interests and make it much better for all of Malta’s families, small businesses and residents.

On Election Day, Nov. 5, I will vote for Maggi Ruisi. Please join me and cast your vote to re-elect Maggi Ruisi.

Kristan Gottmann


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