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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 10/22/2017

Hinkle for town of Mohawk highway superintendent

Hinkle for town of Mohawk highway superintendent

*Hinkle for town of Mohawk highway superintendent *Koetzle has delivered what he promised, vote for

Hinkle for town of Mohawk highway superintendent

I am writing this letter to ask for your support and vote for the best candidate.

Ron Hinkle is presently seeking the highway superintendent position in the town of Mohawk. Ron is a lifelong resident and independent businessman in our area. His strong work ethic and ability to work and lead in a positive way will help our town. His experience running his own business will assist the taxpayers of our town by controlling expenses.

As a town councilman, I have experienced an adversarial relationship with the incumbent superintendent over the last four years. Specifically, [he] has considered any attempt to gain equipment inventory usage and costs reports as “micro managing.” Additionally, under his leadership the town has accumulated 11 full-size dump trucks for our work force of six full-time employees. This is a great variance from other townships in our area.

In general, I am not sure that the taxpayers are getting the best management of our tax dollars.

I’ve learned long ago to not find fault without having a fix for the problem! Ron Hinkle will be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. Please vote for him on Nov. 5!

Jim Hoffman


The writer is a town councilman.

Koetzle has delivered what he promised, vote for Bern-Smith

Re Oct. 16 article, “Retirements put crimp in Glenville budget plan”: I read with interest Supervisor Chris Koetzle’s comments about his proposed 2014 budget. Mr. Koetzle’s budget message states that the strategies this board has followed over the past four years provided the foundation for the 2014 budget. I find this interesting since his past budget votes have increased taxes 18 percent with spending increasing 12 percent.

When Mr. Koetzle last ran for supervisor he promised us “less spending, lower taxes.” Unfortunately, we’ve gotten neither. All we’ve gotten is excuses and a lot of broken promises.

As the Democratic candidate for town supervisor, I am prepared to offer real solutions to control taxes and spending.

First, the town needs to put aside partisan politics and have serious discussions with our neighbors to find ways to share services, not consolidations like the last proposed merger of the town and Scotia police that would have actually raised town residents’ tax bills by $58.

Second, we need to start thinking outside the box to find innovative ideas and institute creative reforms such as the health care strategies instituted by Schenectady County and other area municipalities that have saved millions annually for local taxpayers.

Third, we need to create a real economic development plan, not the hodge-podge strategy currently being instituted. My plan is to work with Metroplex and the extremely successful County Unified Economic Development Team to bring more locally owned small businesses to Glenville that will add to our tax base and create new jobs. I will institute regular business roundtable discussions to seek the advice and ideas of our business leaders and aggressively market Glenville as a great place to live, run a business, and raise a family.

Despite his tax cut promises, Supervisor Koetzle and his team have shown themselves to be more of the same tax-and-spend politicians. I promise that when elected I will ask the tough questions on all aspects of the budget, and I will work for all of our residents by bringing fresh ideas and a new plan for Glenville.

Cathryn Bern-Smith


Yepsen deserves to be mayor

Joanne Yepsen has worked for many years in our community. As someone who has watched her work evolve, I would like to voice my strong support for her as mayor. She has a proven record of getting the job done. She can be strategic, while always keeping her principles as clear as her goals.

I first saw Joanne’s effectiveness when the two of us found ourselves working together to establish a summer camp, open to the community, on the Skidmore College campus. Our first requests met with skepticism. Joanne went out and found models of other similar summer camps and brought those in to our next meeting. She showed how the camp could work, economically, and also made the case that it would be a service to the community. The leadership was persuaded. Twenty or so years later, thanks to Joanne Yepsen, Camp Northwoods is still thriving.

She has been an extraordinarily effective county supervisor. No one can doubt that she has taken her job seriously, developing initiatives, cultivating crucial relationships and building a shared vision for our community. Her support for fiscal responsibility, sustainable development and transportation systems, maintaining a safe community, and preserving the special qualities of Saratoga Springs has been evident in all of her work.

Open communication with voters has been one of her real strengths. She has a strong bipartisan sensibility and can work well with people across the political spectrum. And she brings energy and vision to everything she does.

Saratoga Springs is lucky to have Joanne Yepsen as a candidate for mayor. She has earned our votes.

Sarah Webster Goodwin

Saratoga Springs

Voting for Sutton is an easy choice

One of the great things about living in a relatively small town is that you and your friends have the opportunity to get to know the candidates for political office.

Talking to my friends, I found a consensus that the two candidates for mayor are significantly different.

Shauna Sutton has been deputy mayor for six years and has a wealth of government and management experience. Her opponent has been a county legislator and does not possess the management experience needed to be mayor.

Shauna is hard-working, organized and tells you her honest opinion, even when it is not popular. She has an excellent record of accomplishing what she sets out to do.

Look around. Since Shauna has been helping lead the city there is a new parking garage, a new recreation center, new trails and a new waterfront park. What you don’t see are new taxes!

Sutton is an easy choice for mayor. I hope you will join with me and vote for her.

Karen Lehan

Saratoga Springs

McEachron and Klepetar team is what’s best for Wilton

Wilton, like many communities, is facing a number of challenges. As you can see by what is going on in Washington and in our own town hall, the incumbents are not getting the job done. It is time for a change and we are lucky that John McEachron and Joanne Klepetar are candidates for our town board.

I’ve known both of these fine individuals for more than 30 years. They are honest and decent folks who have raised their children in Wilton and been outstanding community volunteers and working professionals. They have the experience and intelligence to manage our town’s growing financial burdens to support its infrastructure, such as roads and buildings, as well as its programs for recreation, our seniors, the wildlife preserve and others.

What I like best about John and Joanne is their independence. John is a registered Republican, but he is his own man. He has not and will not accept a dime from the party for his campaign. He will answer only to the residents and voters.

Joanne is registered as unaffiliated and her only goal is to represent you in a responsible manner. By the way, it has been more than 20 years since a woman has been elected to the town board and I think it’s about time that 51 percent of our residents (women) have a representative in town government.

Please vote for John McEachron and Joanne Klepetar for Wilton council. We need new voices on the board that speak for all of us instead of just a privileged few. Let’s buck a national trend and elect candidates that can work together for a better Wilton.

John Lant


The writer is a councilman.

Stagliano brings experience, fiscal accountability to executive’s post

Voters will soon be asked to elect an official for the new post of Montgomery County executive. Who’s the best candidate?

St. Johnsville Supervisor Dominick Stagliano is no stranger to the workings of local government. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that qualify him to fill that office.

Over the years I’ve known him, he’s done what he thought best for county residents — even taking unpopular stances over budget issues and opposing “business as usual” governance.

His controversial approach may not have won him political allies, but it’s made him stand out as a true leader — someone who’s not afraid to stand up to department heads or fellow officials.

When acting as the county budget officer/chairman of the county Board of Supervisors in 2004, for example, he made a real effort to rein in spending, arguing that higher taxes, borne on the backs of an aging populace, weren’t acceptable in the face of a declining tax base and dwindling resources. He called for change in an unconventional way, rousing debate and raising awareness about the cost of running county government.

He also fought for fiscal accountability in questionable dealings involving the Montgomery County Health Insurance Trust. His persistent quest for answers helped bring a festering issue to a head, and it brought about change.

Dominick has what it takes to lead Montgomery County in 2014. I plan to vote for him as county executive on Election Day.

Linda Kellett

Fort Plain

Three reasons to vote for Sutton

I’m voting for Shauna Sutton for mayor for three reasons:

1) She has the best experience, having worked hard as deputy mayor for six years. She knows budgets and how to manage a complex department. Therefore, I’m confident she can handle the difficult job of leading our city responsibly.

2) She has made real contributions to Saratoga Springs, helping get our long-discussed parking garage and recreation center built. Therefore, I’m confident that she’ll continue to improve our city.

3) She already has significantly reduced our costs, both within the mayor’s office and contract negotiations, which saved the city $32 million according to the auditors. Therefore, I’m confident that she’ll continue to hold down our taxes.

Her opponent has none of the above experience, accomplishments or union-negotiating experience, putting Saratoga at risk if she were to be elected.

I hope you’ll agree with these three reasons to vote for Shauna Sutton for mayor.

Irene Palma

Saratoga Springs

Over the past several weeks I have had the pleasure of introducing Cynthia Young, candidate for Malta supervisor, to my friends and neighbors. I am a registered Republican and Cynthia is a Democrat. We have visited hundreds of homes together, and I am quite impressed with Cynthia’s resolve to lead with an open and transparent agenda that stresses equality for all, regardless of political affiliation.

Malta’s leadership has been strictly Republican for many years, and candidates for these positions are chosen and endorsed by the Malta Republican Committee, a select committee of 24 members, close to half of whom are our elected officials — Supervisor Paul Sausville, Councilwomen Maggi Ruisi and Tara Thomas, and Town Clerk Flo Sickels — as well as town employees, and Town Board-appointed members of committees such as the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board.

They are endorsing themselves. Once elected, who are they beholden to? Quite frankly, the fox is in the henhouse! Cynthia’s message is clear and concise — “I feel that on a local level, it doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is. I would like to involve more people in the process.”

Cynthia ran against the supervisor two years ago and lost by a mere 57 votes— quite a feat for a Democrat in a 2-1 Republican town! The opportunity for change is within our reach. Please take 10 minutes out of your day on Nov. 5 to get out and vote for Cynthia Young for Malta’s supervisor.

Contact Cynthia at and ask questions about the issues facing our town. Most of all, Vote — you do matter!

Donna Gizzi

Ballston Lake

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