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Obamacare: Only losers will be the middle class

Obamacare: Only losers will be the middle class

*Obamacare: Only losers will be the middle class *Politics: There’s enough blame, no need to stretch

Obamacare: Only losers will be the middle class

Obama and our government say all of us have to have health insurance. He doesn’t say he or our lawmakers have to, because they have a luxury heath insurance plan paid for by the working class.

Will the thousands of illegal immigrants or people on welfare have to? I don’t think so.

Only the middle class will have to. Who is going to pay for the increase in the deficit? Our children and grandchildren. The politicians are only thinking of themselves.

James Maxfield


Politics: There’s enough blame, no need to stretch the true

If you ask most Americans who is to blame for the mess our country is in, most would agree that there’s plenty of blame to go around. Those of us who subscribe to the Gazette and read the letters to the editor can count on the “regular” contributors to offer their political, sometimes skewed, opinions where it’s easy to discern which political parties they affiliate themselves with.

The blame game usually goes like this: if you’re a Democrat, the Republicans can’t do anything right and vice versa. I get that. But there’s a big difference in finding fault using “wishful thinking” as an argument as opposed to stating the facts. Or as one letter writer quoted, “where the lie becomes the truth as told by the party.”

Consider Marc Smalkin’s Oct. 27 letter, where he attempts to malign Mr. Gary Guido’s Oct. 23 letter. Mr. Smalkin’s first point was that President Obama added to the nation’s debt “more than every other president combined in our nation’s history.”

This is a familiar talking point for the right and is wishful thinking perhaps, but simply not true. Statistics stated by the Treasury Department in 2011 show that Reagan increased the debt by 189 percent, Bush I by 55 percent, Clinton by 37 percent, Bush II by 115 percent, and Obama by 16 percent. Liberals have no problem talking about that.

Conservatives don’t like to talk about the fact that it was the 2008 Congress that increased the 2009 budget by a whopping 17.9 percent; the budget was signed by Bush and took effect four months before Obama took office. As Rick Ungar, a contributor at, stated, “The first year of any incoming president term is saddled ‘for better or for worse’ with the budget set by the president who immediately precedes the new occupant of the White House.”

There lies the beginning of the battle for who’s to blame for the skyrocketing budget deficit. Evidence would support Mr. Guido’s assertion that there wasn’t a spending bill Mr. Bush wouldn’t sign.

Mr. Smalkin’s next points focused on events from the current administration, such as the IRS scandal (which was debunked), Benghazi (remember the 13 such Benghazi-like incidents under Bush), Fast and Furious (remember Iran Contra under Reagan), NSA spying (remember Watergate under Nixon), and the Affordable Care Act (which was a Republican idea before they were against it). Placing blame and fingerpointing is easy when it’s based on wishful thinking or lies you now believe to be the truth. The hard part is to be factual and fair.

There’s plenty of blame to go around and history will show we have yet to have a perfect president. I find it rather ironic that Mr. Smalkin used George Orwell’s quote from “1984,” because it clearly describes his own version of the truth and wishful thinking.

Denise Turgeon

Burnt Hills

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