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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 10/17/2017

Koetzle and Republican Town Board showed their true colors

Koetzle and Republican Town Board showed their true colors

*Koetzle and Republican Town Board showed their true colors *'Knockout game' a hate crime meriting a

Koetzle and Republican Town Board showed their true colors

I was encouraged by the attendance at the Nov. 20 Glenville Town Board meeting. Apparently, quite a nerve was hit with town residents.

I'm not sure yet whether the position of town supervisor should be full- or part-time, but I am absolutely certain that this decision should be made by residents of the town, not the board.

I am still suspect of the circumstances surrounding Jamie MacFarland's retirement announcement, and I was taken by Supervisor Chris Koetzle's comment to the board that it's not his business concerning Mr. MacFarland's retirement. I hate to be the one to tell him, but it is his business -- he's the supervisor.

I listened to many people speak, a few in support, but the majority against the board and its actions. I do find it curious how angry the board was that a call was sent out asking people to attend the meeting. You would think that the board would want people to attend, but apparently the board prefers to work as secretly as possible.

One reoccurring theme seemed to be the public outrage at the speed and with the minimal disclosure that this was attempted. People felt that their voice wasn't being heard, that their say didn't matter.

The board stated that economic development was one justification for the need to switch to full-time, however, I listened to one speaker rattle off 10 different examples of economic development in Glenville made possible by the Democratic-led county Legislature and Metroplex. Clearly, this showed that development in Glenville is to the county's credit, not the Glenville board, even though the board tries to take the credit.

A few points that struck me were when one speaker got up to leave and Koetzle sarcastically told her to stay so he could "educate her" during his comments. But I'm not shocked at the disrespect the supervisor shows to anyone who disagrees with him.

And Koetzle wasted no time during his comments, becoming very loud as he slammed the people who had spoken out against him and conducted his usual political grandstanding instead of conducting the business of the town.

People seemed most shocked at the $63,000 pay raise Koetzle is seeking. Looking to our neighbors, Rotterdam pays its part-time supervisor $13,000, and Niskayuna pays its full-time supervisor $63,000. I think those towns are getting a much better bang for their tax buck.

There was also talk of how the town could actually give the residents a tax break by spending their excessive fund balance. Why is the board hoarding our tax dollars? Stunts like this?

I am glad to see that people in Glenville are starting to see what this board is really about, They are not about serving the taxpayers, they are about serving themselves.

Ron Draves


The writer was an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Town Board.

’Knockout game’ a hate crime meriting attention

A knockout use to be an attractive woman. Like the term gay, it has a new meaning [Nov. 22 Gazette].

Knockout is a "game" whereby a group of young people sucker-punch a pedestrian. Being blind-sided in this manner causes injury, disability and in some instances, death. Videos of the brutal phenomena indicate this is a black-on-white hate crime.

The mainstream media, the White House and attorney general have been silent on this matter. Ditto, the civil rights industry.

Black-on-white crime is fast becoming another form of payback for grievances of the past. Similar events took place (and still do) in South Africa. Truth and reconciliation with a left jab.

I could half understand this if the people committing the assaults were former slaves and the victims were former slave owners.

Oprah Winfrey, in a Nov. 15 interview in England, stated that people have to die to remove racism from America. I hope she meant the dying would be from old age.

As proven in Hitler's Third Reich and the pre-Civil War South, minimizing a people leads to some really bad stuff. In Europe, it meant the extermination of 6 million Jews and millions of Poles and Russians (Slavs). In America it meant slavery for blacks and near extermination of Native Americans. You've got to wonder if the people who need to die off in America do not die in a timely fashion, what will come next? Wishing another death is the first step to killing people. I expect better from Oprah.

In many cultures, "terrorists" are viewed as freedom fighters. In some instances they may be, but in America the knockout gangs are terrorists.

Tea party, white supremacist, neo-Nazis are closely monitored by the Holder Department of Justice. When is Holder going to start doing something about the knockout gangs?

The lack of action when the New Black Panthers restricted access to polling places was a sign of the Obama administration's priorities.

We may not be in a state of race war on the streets yet, but we sure are in the halls of power in Washington.

Edmond Day


If it’s Christmas you’re referring to, say so

It is that time of year again, and once more we see the proliferation of such terms as "holiday tree," "holiday parade," "holiday train," etc. Isn't it time we returned to "Christmas" to describe these items?

"Holiday" can be used generically as in "holiday season" to describe Thanksgiving and Christmas, but items specific to Christmas should be so described.

I spent a few days in Niagara Falls, Canada, and was very pleased to attend their "Christmas parade." Hopefully, Canadians will not descend to the sanitized version of all things with Christmas.

I will be going to church over Christmas and will be celebrating Christmas, not just a holiday.

Sidney J. Woodcock


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