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What you need to know for 08/22/2017

Over 13,000 'trotters' brave the cold


Over 13,000 'trotters' brave the cold

Over 13,000 runners braved frigid conditions Thursday morning to burn off some calories before their

Over 13,000 runners braved frigid conditions Thursday morning to burn off some calories before their holiday feasts.

A near record-setting 7,855 participants competed in the 66th annual Troy Turkey Trot, America’s 12th oldest road race.

Unofficials entries from the other events in the area included 2,947 at the Christopher Dailey 5k Turkey Trot in Saratoga Springs, 1,507 at the Cardiac Classic in Schenec­tady, over 500 at the Cohoes Turkey Trot and over 300 at the second annual St. George’s School Turkey Trot in Clifton Park.

The Troy Turkey Trot 10k, which also doubled as the USATF Adirondack’s 10K championship, attracted a record-setting field of 1,508 runners.

Ricardo Estremera of Albany captured the title and the accompanying $250 first-place prize with a time of 31:51. First across the line in the female division was Nicole Blood of Altamont, who also earned a $250 payday with her winning time of 36:26.

The 10k course records remained intact, as was to be expected, on an unusually cold and breezy day. Those records were set by Tom Dalton in 1980 (29:43) and Ellen Predmore in 1984 (34:26).

Macky Lloyd of Albany successfully defended his title in the men’s division of the 5k with a time of 15:21. Lloyd shares the men’s 5k course record of 15:05, which he set in 2012) with Zachary Predmore, who ran 15:05 in 2008.

Female bragging rights went to Elizabeth Maloy of Albany with a time of 16:39. Maloy has several Troy Turkey Trot victories to her name and last year ran 15:24 at the Olympic Trials for the 5,000-meter distance.

The wind and cold proved too much in the records department, however, as Christine Bergeron’s 16:03 record (set in 1983) will continue to stand as the time to beat for the women.

Louis Serafini, a former Niskayuna resident now living in Brookline, Mass., won the 5k Card­iac Classic in Schenectady. His winning time of 15:38 was 24 seconds better than Alexander Battaglin of El Cerrito, Calif. The top local finisher was Clifton Park’s Michael Danaher, who placed fourth.

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake graduate Samantha Roecker was the first female finisher, coming in ninth overall in 16:52.

Ethan Clary of Cutler Bay, Fla., topped the field at the Christopher Dailey 5k in Saratoga Springs, finishing in 15:55.

Dana Bush of Saratoga Springs was the top female finisher, taking 11th place with a time of 18:11.

Nick Matson of Clifton Park defended his title at the St. George’s School Turkey Trot, finishing ahead of Anthony Stalter and Alex Maston.

Julia Zachgo of Clifton Park, a sophomore at Shenendehowa, won the women’s title. Following her across the finish line were Kristen Jordan and Bailey Kowalczyk.

Seann Mulcahy of Providence., R.I. won the Cohoes Turkey Trot with a time of 19:39.

Michael Bashant of Ballston Lake took fourth in 21:08.

Irene Somerville of Wynantskill was the top female finisher, taking 15th in 22:49.


Louis Serafini (Brookline, Mass.) 15:38; Alexander Battaglin (El Cerrito, Calif.) 16:02; Seamus Nally (Fort Collins, Colo.) 16:10; Michael Danaher (Clifton Park) 16:20; Marshall Pagano (Niskayuna) 16:27; Ariana Schraeder (Pattersonville) 16:32; Jordan Pantalone (Schenectady) 16:46; Chris Mulford (Schenectady) 16:47; Samantha Roecker (Charlton) 16:52; Jim Sweeney (Albany) 16:54.

Daniel Linkinhoker (Oakdale, Conn.) 16:56; Eric Barnes (Canajoharie) 17:03; Jon Ricciardi (Pettersonville) 17:25; Alex Gilgore (Scotia) 17:26; Peter Rowell (Albany) 17:35; Devin Fitzgerald (Schenectady) 17:36; Tyler Raymond (New York) 17:40; Brian Trainor (Clifton Park) 17:44; Niall Williams (Scotia) 17:48; Chris Chichester (Newport, Vt.) 17:50.

Colin Niezgoda (Schenectady) 17:57; Meaghan Nally (Fort Collins, Colo.) 18:04; Julia Flower (Schenectady) 18:07; Joshua Korn (Niskayuna) 18:12; Christopher Lacoss (Scotia) 18:20; Matthew Forshey (Scotia) 18:22; Timothy Ryan (Niskayuna) 18:32; Emilio Mancino (West Seneca) 18:33; Dennis Seaman (Niskayuna) 18:36; Connor Maggs (USAF Academy, Colo.) 18:39.

Daniel Harris (Clifton Park) 18:39; Andrew McCarthy (Albany) 18:44; Andrew Butryn (Schenectady) 18:46; Joel Patrie (Scotia) 18:47; Merlin Ozisik (Niskayuna) 18:49; Ed Menis (Schenectady) 18:54; Richard Cummings (Schenectady) 18:54; Matt Lange (Schenectady) 18:59; Richie Hom­enick (Schenectady) 18:59; Jason Scheer (Potsdam) 19:11.

Christopher Mancuso (Scotia) 19:12; Jeffrey Phillippe (Niskayuna) 19:12; Craig Anzlovar (Brookline, Mass.) 19:13; Michael Ryan (Niskayuna) 19:16; David Padula (Niskayuna) 19:17; Benjamin Butryn (Syracuse) 19:22; Gabe Tabak (Niskayuna) 19:25; Michael Wagner (Slingerlands) 19:26; Taylor Dellarocco (Berne) 19:29; Matt Roberts (Scotia) 19:30.



Ethan Clary (Cutler Bay, Fla.) 15:55; Sean Pezzulo (Saratoga Springs) 16:27; Evan Quinones (Saratoga Springs) 16:40; John Knox (Gloversville) 16:54; Lasse Viren (Saratoga Springs) 16:46; John Farley (Saratoga Springs) 17:11; Matthew Watson (Gansevoort) 17:20; Tim Clements (Saratoga Springs) 17;55; Jimmy Bielli (Poughkeepsie) 18:00; Terrance Gallogly (South Orange, N.J.) 18:02.

Dana Bush (Saratoga Springs) 18:11; Tyler Ludington (Morrisville, Vt.) 18:12; Reid Williams (Saratoga Springs) 18:14; Jack Bargermann (Morrow, Ohio) 18:21; Kenneth Hammond (New York) 18:37; Samantha Watson (Gansevoort) 18:41; Matthew MacWalters (Ballston Spa) 18:53; Maggi Szpak (Greemfield Center) 18:56; Kevin Lanahan (Clifton Park) 19:03; Kristofer Johnson (Saratoga Springs) 19:10.

Jason Smoak (Buffalo) 19:11; Keelin Hollowood (Saratoga Springs) 19:20; Tara Peck (Saratoga Springs) 19:20; Grant Bullis (Saratoga Springs) 19:31; Dave Barr (Alston, Mass.) 19:32; Jeff Nastke (Saratoga Springs) 19:37; Nathan Laing (Ballston Lake) 19:41; Patrick Delay (New York) 19:45; Matthew Igler (Saratoga Springs) 19:46; Daniel Fogarty IV (Saratoga Springs) 19:54.

Shania Hayward (Saratoga Springs) 19:54; Will Messier (Saratoga Springs) 19:59; Ashley Watson (Gansevoort) 20:03; Michael Dinicola (Albany) 20:05; Alex Howk (Wilton) 20:06; Laurent Painchaud (Saratoga Springs) 20:06; Stefanie Fresenius (Clifton Park) 20:07; Will Navin (Saratoga Springs) 20:09; Philip Spiezio (Greenwich) 20:12; William Capuano (Ballston Spa) 20:23.

Karen Delay (New York) 20:26; Dennis Delay (Richmond, Va.) 20:27; Emily Baker (Amsterdam) 20:30; Brendan Lanahan (Darien, Conn.) 20:36; James North (Greenfield Center) 20:37; Keegan Bruemmer (Reno, Nevada) 20:38; Will Moran (Niskayuna) 20:40; Keelyn Cummings (Wilton) 20:41; Joe Nicoll (Wilton) 20:44; Gerard Wise (Saratoga Springs) 20:44.



Ricardo Estremera (Albany) 31:51; Jaime Julia (Albany) 31:55; Alexander Paley (Albany) 32:19; Scott Mindel (Albany) 32:23; Kevin Treadway (Albany) 32:25; Patrick Moulton (Providence, R.I.) 32:39l Patrick Carroll (Schenectady) 32:40; Alikssandr Leuchanka (Albany) 32:52; Tom O’Grady (Albany) 33:08l Aaron Lozier (Albanh) 33:26.

John Kenworthy (Fairfield, Conn.) 33:27; Nick Webster (Latham) 33:38; Chuck Terry (Albany) 33;44; Michael Roda (Albany) 33:49; Brad Lewis (Albany) 33:53; Shaun Donegon (Saratoga Springs) 34:14; Andrew Coy (Schenectady) 34:15; James O’Connor (Albany) 34:17; Justin Bishop (West Columbia, S.C,) 34:22; Dave Vona (Valatie) 34:28.

Richard Missenio (Nassau) 34:44; Aaron Knobloch (Schenectady) 35:08; Marc Debergh (Ballston Spa) 35:14; Robert Hollinger (Averill Park) 35:18; James Glover (Clifton Park) 35:22; Robert Irwin (Albany) 35:36; John Casey (Cohoes) 36:10; Josh Foust (West Sand Lake) 36:10; Tom Regan (Rochester) 36:15; Jack McGill (Albany) 36:19.

Jeff Goupil (Ballston Lake) 36:21; Nicole Blood (Altamont) 36:26; Tyler Welsh (Washingtonville, Penn.) 36:52; Randall Cannell (Broadalbin) 36:56; Andrew Canavan (Schenectady) 37:05; Karen Bertasso (Fort Collins, Colo.) 37:10; Frank Horn (Albany) 37:13; Katie Twarog-Moulton (Providence, R.I.) 37:14; Joseph Sullivan (Schenectady) 37:37; Matt Gallagher (Burlington, Vt.) 37:55.

Kevin Cosgrove (Clifton Park) 37:57; Stuart Guthrie (Chesire, Conn.) 37:57; Chad Berner (Hoboken, N.J.) 38:08; Thomas Kracker (Delmar) 38:12; Mike Kelly (Selkirk) 38:25; Greg Barshied (Averill Park) 38:35; David Tromp (Glenmont) 38:41; Brian Northan (Slingerlands) 38:46; Renee Tolan (Clifton Park) 38:46; Nicole Soblosky (Albany) 38:51.


Macky Lloyd (Albany) 15;21; Jacob Johnson (Albany) 15:40; Evan Little (Kinderhook) 15:47; Jonathan Aziz (Schenectady) 15:50; Patrick Burke (Seaford) 16:00; Chris Shartrand (Ballston Lake) 16:05; Jordan Johnson (Albany) 16:10; Conor Cashin (Albany) 16:11; James Doran (Troy) 16:12; Quinn Kantor (Irvine, Calif.) 16:19.

Anthony Marois (Waterford) 16:21; Chris Miedema (Westerlo) 16:21; Anthony Giuliano (Albany) 16:22; Justin VanEpps (Rensselaer) 16:28; Robert Gallant (Schenectady) 16:30; Elizabeth Maloy (Albany) 16:39l Ryan Egan (Latham) 16:42; John Crowe (Boalsburg, Pa.) 16:43; Robert Herkenham (Ballston Lake) 16:44; Zachary Bell (Albany) 16:45.

Louie DiNuzzo (Albany) 16:48; Ryun Murphy (Schenectady) 16:56; Paul Nichols Jr. (Latham) 16:56; Eamonn Coughlin (Castleton-on-Hudson) 16:57; James Berehowsky (Salem, Va.) 16:58; Shaun Horan (Binghamton) 17:07; Samson Dikeman (Albany) 17:08; Alex Isabelle (Troy) 17:10; Paul Crowe (Boalsburg, Pa.) 17:14; John O’Connor (Albany) 17:21.

Grant Norton (Schenectady) 17;22; Matthew Cuomo (Carlisle, Mass.) 17:44; Max Scheibly (Rensselaer) 17:44; Ryan Mulson (Albany) 17:46; Niall Coughlin (Castleton-on-Hudson) 17;47; Adam Schwenzfeier (Latham) 17:47; Jonathan Coogan (Albany) 17:48; Peter Kiley-Bergen (Troy) 17:57; Jonathan Graziane (Platsburgh) 18:04; Jackson Fortin (Palermo, Maine) 18:06.

Chris McGoldrick (Hawthorn, Pa.) 18:13; Gregory Coleman (Albany) 18:14; Gavin Berdan (Schoharie) 18;21; Cody Russell (Amsterdam) 18:23; Brandon Barcomb (Clifton Park) 18:23; Danika Simonson (Clifton Park) 18:26; Jarlath O’Neill-Dunne (Burlington, Vt.) 18:27; Eric Kelly (Wynantskill) 18:28; Zachary Suriano (Clifton Park) 18:37; Angelo Baca (Pawtucket, R.I.) 18:42.

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