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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/21/2017

Moreland Commission a sham because Cuomo kept it at bay

Moreland Commission a sham because Cuomo kept it at bay

*Moreland Commission a sham because Cuomo kept it at bay *Detroit’s Democrats drove it into the grou

Moreland Commission a sham because Cuomo kept it at bay

Andrew Cuomo not only knows how to stack a deck, he protects his friends!

In the first half of 2013, the state Democratic Committee [NYSDC] raised $5.9 million in soft money — a new single-year record for a New York party committee.

The average donation to the NYSDC so far in 2013 is $58,414. From 2008-2012, the average donation to NYSDC was $12,375. The majority of the funds raised in 2013 ($4.1 million out of $5.9 million) came from 46 donors who did not contribute at all during the five-year period from 2008-2012.

Nearly 85 percent of NYSDC’s 2013 fundraising comes from a handful of interests in finance, real estate, telecom, medical malpractice insurance, health care, engineering/construction, media and lobbying/political consulting. The largest donation in 2013 is a $1 million check from James Simons, founder of hedge fund Renaissance Technologies. From 2008-2012, the largest donation to NYSDC was $125,000 from Time Warner Cable.

The Moreland Commission’s report not only fails to mention the reasons these 46 Democratic donors felt compelled to set a new fundraising record in 2013, it doesn’t even address the Democrats’ “lucky” 2013 contribution windfall!

Then there’s those other fun “soft-money accounts,” known as “housekeeping” committees, which allow Cuomo-affiliated political groups to raise unlimited contributions in support of generalized, party-building actions without being traced back to Andrew Cuomo, politician. You’ve seen the commercials on TV, “feel good” video’s talking about how “New York is Working Again!” or “It’s a New Day in New York!” These are subliminal political advertisements that don’t register as Cuomo contributions per se, therefore allowing future contributions to flow directly to Cuomo’s campaign.

Cuomo has, to date, stockpiled an amazing $28 million in contributions for his 2014 campaign. That is already the largest gubernatorial stockpile total in U.S. history!

The Moreland Commission, handpicked by Cuomo, was already examining the interplay between the Senate Republican Campaign Committee and the Independence Party, and was also readying subpoenas for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee about its financial interplay with the Working Family Party.

But the commission stopped short of subpoenaing the Democratic State Committee’s account, reportedly after receiving pressure from Cuomo aides. The Republicans, threatening a lawsuit that the Democrats provide the same contribution history, succeeded in forcing Cuomo’s commission to scale back its partisan subpoena last Wednesday [Nov. 29]. What does that tell you? Rather than expose their own political dirty laundry, they let the Republicans put theirs back in the drawer.

The Moreland Commission was supposed to have bipartisan credibility. Instead, Andrew Cuomo hand-picked its members and controlled its actions, thereby removing his own shenanigans in the Executive Branch from the spotlight. It became a Republican Senate witch-hunt when, in reality, Cuomo swims daily in the same fund-raising swamp as the Senate and Assembly. He is “Governor Hypocrite.”

Graham Higgins


Detroit’s Democrats drove it into the ground

The year 1962 was the last year a Republican was mayor of Detroit. No doubt, liberals will find no correlation between their running of the city and the ensuing bankruptcy. Indeed, they will simply blame the Republicans. Better the lemmings hear that than face the bitter truth of incompetent Democratic management.

The year 1986 was the last year Detroit’s revenues were close to their expenditures. It never stopped Democrats from borrowing to sustain their spending. They live for today’s excesses, not tomorrow’s consequences. Not unexpectedly, those consequences have finally come home to roost. If this sounds a lot like how the country is being run, then maybe you’re finally waking up.

Nationally, our beloved Democrats (Pelosi, Reid, Obama) are using Obamacare as the express lane to bankrupt the entire country. We have Detroit today, our children will have America tomorrow.

If voters learn anything from Detroit, it should be that unfettered spending, and Democratic rule, will take us all down. The 2014 elections will test what you learned.

Dave Dankanich


SPAC in the black because it cut NYCB

Re Dec. 5 article, “SPAC achieves ninth consecutive year without a deficit”: While we must give praise to the SPAC board that managed this feat, many of whose members do so with very substantial personal financial contributions, it must be recognized that this has been largely achieved by truncating the season, particularly that of the New York City Ballet, to a wretched one-week affair.

I suspect many of us who support SPAC with our memberships do not do so in order to support appearances by overpaid rock groups, but rather in an effort to support the classical performance arts in the Capital Region.

The scheduling of the Canadian and Santa Fe ballets offered a small compensation for this shortcoming last year, and in the case of the Santa Fe ballet indeed offered a quite different interpretation of this art form.

Hopefully, SPAC can continue to enrich our lives in this area for years to come, and area residents and visitors will “do their bit” by attending and supporting the classical offerings in greater numbers.

Michael Bishop


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