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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/17/2018

Northville-Mayfield school merger for good of both districts

Northville-Mayfield school merger for good of both districts

*Northville-Mayfield school merger for good of both districts *Treat fatal DWIs like the murders the

Northville-Mayfield school merger for good of both districts

There is such controversy and division about the school merger in Northville [up for Jan. 7 vote]. I am so surprised at the problems this is causing among friends and neighbors in such a caring community.

I have lived in Northville for over 40 years and have seen this community come together to help each other in amazing ways. It is time for the community to come together for our children.

I feel so fortunate that I was able to proudly teach in and send my children to Northville. The education they received was top-notch. When I look at the school now, I see diminished programs, vanishing arts, and sports that limp along year to year. What is still there is the dedication of the teachers and staff.

With the merger, I see opportunity: opportunity for our children to again have what my children took for granted, opportunity for the teachers to have security in their positions and not be required to teach courses outside their areas of expertise.

I also see an opportunity for two similar, and equally caring, communities to share their resources. There is even opportunity for the taxpayers as well. Yes, initially our taxes will go up to equalize with Mayfield. The opportunity I see is to keep our property values up. Real estate value is tied to school quality. Anyplace you see quality schools, home values are high.

I am pleading with Northville voters to not deny these opportunities to our children.

Barbara Spaeth


Treat fatal DWIs like the murders they are

Where is the justice in people driving while intoxicated and getting four or five years? What about the victims? They will no longer live to enjoy life. What a joke taking away their license. Do you think that is going to stop them from driving?

People killing and harming innocent children, like the father [Gary Waite] who killed his young son. He gets 25-to-life. He should get life — period.

What about the parents and relatives and friends? When you take a life, you shouldn’t be able to plea-bargain — you should get life. After all, you took a life.

On the news [from Ft. Worth, Tex.], a 16-year-old killed four kids and got off on probation for 10 years.

James Maxfield


There was plenty of time to still try rapist

What gives Ms. [Judge Karen] Drago the legal authority to dispose of rape charges[Nov. 29 Gazette]? You have five years to bring any felony charges.

I am wondering what she does with tougher cases, where the victim is raped in a setting they can’t leave for a long time (e.g. prison, a nursing home, a mental institution, even college is notorious for delaying these cases).

What would she do if the defendant or victim moved out of state? Many serial rapists move around.

In Massachusetts, a serial rapist and murderer, Alex Scesny, is only now finally doing time for a rape and murder from 1996 and is suspect in many other rapes and murders in three different states.

These cases are hard enough without her single-handedly changing the statute of limitations.

Beth Jacobs


Stay away from hospitals if you want to keep living

People don’t go to the hospital to get ill. They go to the hospital to get well!

The new million-dollar parking lots and garages might be nice, but I hope you never get C. Diff [clostridium difficile infection].

It is a drug-resistant bacteria found mostly in health care facilities that causes severe diarrhea. Conservative estimates link this bacteria to at least 14,000 American deaths a year.

I hope I’m not 14,001.

Marion Malin


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