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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor for Dec. 16

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 16

  • The more we’ve tried to ‘fix’ education, the worse it’s become
  • Voters must band together t
  • The more we’ve tried to ‘fix’ education, the worse it’s become

    What if our educational system is actually meeting its objectives? Low graduation rates, graduates deemed unprepared for college-level work, teachers panicking over evaluations and the Common Core rollout, despised for their compensation packages, violence on and off school grounds, budgets and property taxes rising endlessly may be the exact outcomes that are, in fact, not “unintended consequences.”

    The American workforce needs to compete globally, and that includes cost of labor. Our belief in a decent standard of living for most, and having at least some disposable income, needs to get in line with the new realities. And the notion that college will save the day is fast becoming untrue to more and more people. Many recent college graduates are discovering that a diploma is no guarantee of employment, and a virtual diploma is virtually worthless. Those not attending “prestigious” institutions need not apply.

    And in spite of all this commotion in education, we are the fourth-most-educated nation in the world. Well, which is it? Is there a crisis or not? More like an engineered or manufactured one, to force change upon us (by having us beg for it.) Run, don’t walk, from the burning school building into the arms of the charter or magnet or alternative school. Not to worry, when you arrive, we’ll have your curriculum kept safe and behavioral modifications and attitude adjustments (included at no extra charge) in one pretty pink package to not only indoctri-, I mean educate, but also shape your ethical, moral and social/political views.

    There were, and probably still are, highly successful educational systems somewhere on this planet, but no, we need to reinvent the wheel by committee. We are exceptional! We are outstanding in some field, totally bewildered. Or perhaps not. The architects of curriculum and the school environment have their marching orders, to dumb down the population and equip it to embrace the Third World lifestyle.

    Rick Herzog


    Voters must band together to replace government

    We, the people of the United States, in order to establish a newly representative government, do hereby:

    1) abolish the existing federal government and all of its departments;

    2) abolish all state governments in accord with a representative people’s government;

    3) abolish the election process and re-institute open elections;

    4) reestablish the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches in accord with our standing Constitution.

    We now come to the crossroads as to what to do about this mess. We can sit idly by and watch our children’s future be destroyed by the events taking place daily or we can take action to secure our heritage.

    The power structure has counted on our silence for too long. The “silent majority” must go, and a new “angry electorate” must emerge. But an anger directed in a constructive direction and focus. We must forget about our differences and concentrate on how we are alike. In this cohesion is the strength needed to recapture the vision needed to dismantle the barriers that have been set in front of us to rip the constitutional rights from our ownership.

    We must inundate the airwaves to introduce and educate our movement to others who haven’t been reached. We must overwhelm all forms of communication to keep the message alive. We must all dedicate ourselves to the purpose of saving our nation.

    A few of us will dedicate ourselves in total to usurp the illegal authority that has taken over our nation. Some will give a little and some will risk all. But every risk is necessary to eradicate the forces that have infiltrated this country. The reward is self-evident.

    All citizens will be treated as equals, and a fair and representative government will be formed to adhere to the will of the people as intended by the original “gang of treason.”

    Ric Wells


    Photo of bare-chested runners in bad taste

    I have been a faithful Gazette customer since the early ‘60s and have always been very satisfied [with] the entire format — until Dec. 8.

    The photo of [topless runners] was very disgusting. Not a typical Gazette presentation.

    The effort to raise funds was honorable, but running half-naked in temperatures in the teens with a nearly naked person leading sends the wrong message to our beloved children and grandchildren.

    I hope it is not the Gazette’s new format.

    Syd Thomas


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