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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/19/2017

Nisky school officials need a plan before closing any schools

Nisky school officials need a plan before closing any schools

As the Niskayuna school closing controversy continues [Jan. 22 Gazette], I feel it’s time to take a

As the Niskayuna school closing controversy continues Jan. 22 Gazette, I feel it’s time to take a broad overview of the situation and not emotionally defend any one school.

Absolutely I am concerned that my local elementary school will close. However, I can accept that if I see a sustainable fi - nancial path forward that will improve the educational value for my kids and all kids in the district.

A major concern is that the district is not appropriately using or responding to the governor’s increase in state aid, or even more importantly, being proactive.

I see no evidence of planning for the future to meet the governor’s proposals/ priorities, and without this planning and vision, incentives will not be available. There is no movement on shared services; they won’t spend time investigating the development of an after-school or summer enrichment academy, because, as one Board of Education member put it, “revenue generation is a buzzword.” Well, management by red pen is not a sustainable strategy.

By closing a school, we would not have the capacity to accommodate universal pre-K or anticipated growth in our community. The superintendent is asking for the community’s support by doing all we can to advocate for increased funding and support. However, concerned community members should be asking the district why our administration is not positioning itself

meet the educational excellence that our community and governor would like New Yorkers to achieve.



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