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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/17/2017

Niskayuna school conundrum is all the state’s fault

Niskayuna school conundrum is all the state’s fault

*Niskayuna school conundrum is all the state’s fault *Bow Tie’s movie fare a big disappointment *Ma

Niskayuna school conundrum is all the state’s fault

Your Jan. 31 editorial (“Deja vu over Nisky school closing”) suggests opposition to the closing of Birchwood school is a case of NIMBYism [not in my backyard] and kicking the fiscal can down the road.

I am not a Birchwood parent, but [feel] the closing would seriously affect the district and significantly change the nature of Niskayuna schools.

The remaining four elementary schools would be stuffed with 20 percent to 30 percent more students. Even without additional staff reductions and larger class sizes — something that is surely on the horizon — this will create four noisier, busier, less personal, less neighborhood-oriented schools.

It will force additional transportation costs, and the loss of tens of thousands of hours of precious family time. It will be the permanent loss of a unique school community. It will be a decline in property values after the word gets out.

Do not lay “NIMBY” on Birchwood families. Nor should the district be blamed, considering the loss of over 25 percent of its budget and staffing in recent years.

Editorialize, please, about where responsibility for this unneeded closure squarely rests: with the state, and Gov. Cuomo’s budget.

Matt Wall


Bow Tie’s movie fare a big disappointment

Re your Jan. 30 editorial, “Where’s Oscar? Not at Schenectady’s Bow Tie”: I have been wondering the same thing for quite awhile now.

Scotia Cinema has shown films of a higher grade than Bow Tie. But one has to be patient for them because [they are not a] so-called “first run theater.”

I still would like to be able to not have to travel to Albany or Saratoga or Clifton Park to view movies of quality.

And, yes, I do recall that one screen was to be used for movies such as were nominated for the Oscar. And, yes, I do recall that it was only for a short period of time that it was actually done at Bow Tie. I would venture a guess at less than a month or two as a trial period, which is not long enough to prove or disprove anything.

I would think that after the [assault] at Bow Tie, better-quality films would be made available, rather than those you describe as mall movies [Oct. 1 Gazette].

Keep up the good editorial work you are doing, as at times people do need to be informed.

JoAnne Oram


Manning can’t hold a candle to Montana

Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning! By now you’ve probably heard of him. With all the attention he gets, you’d think he has won 10 Super Bowls, five World series, a Nobel Peace Prize and was a war hero.

The reality is, he is a great quarterback that just can’t get it done in the clutch. He and the Colts have the most 12-win seasons in a row, yet his playoff record is .500.

A couple of local talking heads are trying to claim Peyton is the greatest QB ever. Better than Joe Montana? Joe has four [Super Bowl] rings to Peyton’s one. Second, Manning plays in an era where the QB is [better] protected. Joe played in an era where anything goes; he took several dirty hits over the years, which led to numerous injuries that shortened his career.

Third, Joe played in what is arguably the best conference ever. He faced elite defenses in the Giants, Bears and Redskins.

Peyton certainly is a great QB and had a an amazing season, but the sports media trying to make a claim that he is the greatest ever is a joke. Joe got it done in the clutch, Peyton didn’t. What more needs to be said?

Mark Yunick

Ballston Spa

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