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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/21/2018

Niskayuna Town Board must also tighten its belt

Niskayuna Town Board must also tighten its belt

*Niskayuna Town Board must also tighten its belt *What, exactly, did Hillary accomplish? *O'Reilly d

Niskayuna Town Board must also tighten its belt

After reading about the Niskayuna school board's problems with its attempt to close one elementary school in order to save money and keep the district from [exceeding] the budget cap, I could not help compare it to the latest bonding requests from Niskayuna town administrators.

The town is [increasing] its debt by an additional $800,000. One taxing entity is looking to save the Niskayuna taxpayer and the other is looking to increase its debt. No matter how we look at this, the town -- with its reduced credit rating, a moratorium on major subdivision development and Sewer District 6 still not functioning properly -- makes me wonder if this is the time to burden us with more long-term debt obligations?

At the Jan. 21 Town Board meeting, the board introduced five bonding resolutions, four of these subject to permissive referendum [Jan. 23 Gazette]. This action requires the residents of Niskayuna to sign petitions equivalent to 5 percent of the total vote in the last governor's race. These bonds represent close to $800,000, with payments on a schedule yet to be determined.

The Recreation Department wants $50,000 bonding for a water spray park. Is this the time for a luxury recreation addition? Another bond is for $625,000 for reconstruction and resurfacing various roads.

I am disappointed at the financial irresponsibility with which this administration treats the taxpayers. None of these items were discussed at the 2014 budget hearings, when the public was in attendance. Nor was any of this reported [in the media].

I urge residents to attend Town Board meetings and voice their concerns about issues relating to the need and timing of these bonds. These bonds will add considerable debt payments to this year's and future budgets.

The town complied with the state's 2 percent budget cap, but the method of having excessive spending by bonding, putting off payments well into the future, puts more than a burden on the town when real emergencies may arise.

Lorene H. Zabin


What, exactly, did Hillary accomplish?

I was fascinated by Jeff Jones' [Jan. 25] letter criticizing Jerry Fiore's [Jan. 18] bout of amnesia concerning Hillary's many accomplishments .

Jeff extols her 40 years of political experience, and the relationship she had with "the guy she shared the White House with." Jeff mentions a couple of President Clinton's achievements but failed to list any of hers.

One of [Bill's] accomplishments or failures, depending on your viewpoint, was his attempt at socialized medicine. I wonder if Jeff recalls who he appointed to head that program?

The fact is, she was elected senator but had to move to Westchester County and establish residency to become eligible.

I recall some promises she made as senator, one to create jobs in New York state, but do not remember that promise or any others being kept.

Edward Tessitore

Clifton Park

O’Reilly disrespected President Obama

Am I the only one who was amazed and disturbed by Bill O'Reilly's interview with President Obama?

My husband and I enjoyed much of the [Super Bowl] pre-game show (in many ways more interesting than the game) and looked forward to the announced interview with President Obama, expecting a lighthearted give-and-take concerning the coming game and the possible winner.

Instead, we got the O'Reilly diatribe against the president of the United States. Obama or not, O'Reilly showed how disrespectful and condescending he could be against the elected leader of the United States by constantly interrupting and "putting down" Mr. Obama.

Yes, I am a Democrat; no, I do not agree with all of Obama's decisions and policies. But I would hope that if the tables were turned and a Republican president were being treated in this manner, I would be just as outraged.

Obviously, I only watch Fox TV for the sports.

Beverly Andrews

Clifton Park

Sch’dy movie fans aren’t chopped liver

What took so long to notice the lack of anything other than mainstream movies at the Bow Tie [Jan. 30 editorial]?

I, too, remember reading in the paper they would show some independent, or foreign films. Where are they? You have to go all the way to the Spectrum in Albany or the big malls.

I remember two or three years ago, I asked to speak to the Bow Tie manager about this. He said that we (Bow Tie) did not say we were going to show those movies, and furthermore those type of movies do not draw enough people to make it profitable.

I also agree that showing these movies would bring more people into downtown, who would frequent the new restaurants and businesses.

Have you noticed that Rotterdam Square shows almost the exact same movies? The mall is less than five minutes away; if I want to see one of those movies, it's much easier to just go to the mall.

What a waste.

Larry Sloman



Wednesday's editorial on the filling of a vacant seat on the Schenectady City Council incorrectly stated that Ed Kosiur had been elected to a three-year term on the city school board last spring. In fact, he was elected to fill a vacant seat on the school board, and his term is due to expire this year.

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