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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/23/2017

Pipeline, ship or train, no foolproof way to move oil

Pipeline, ship or train, no foolproof way to move oil

*Pipeline, ship or train, no foolproof way to move oil *Bow Tie took the money and ran *Funeral proc

Pipeline, ship or train, no foolproof way to move oil

Re Forman Phillips’ Feb. 9 letter on the Keystone Pipeline: Yes, shipping oil by train can be hazardous, but pipelines have ruptured and caused the same hazardous conditions. Lives have been lost to both means of transporting oil, but the fact remains: We need the product!

As a consumer, I have to be skeptical of “Big Oil,” and what will happen once the Keystone Pipeline is finished and oil is flowing to the Gulf of Mexico.

Big Oil says oil from the pipeline will not be exported but used in the United States. This is a misleading statement, as they plan to export more of our crude products once the pipeline is complete.

I don’t believe what Big Oil says, as they have taken Americans over the coals for as long as anyone can remember. Big Oil’s plan is to keep us paying higher prices for gas, diesel and home heating fuel.

Other oil-producing nations such as Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and a host of others are discounting the price of gas for their people, while U.S. oil producers are raising our prices. For example, in Venezuela gas is 19 cents per gallon; in Iran they pay 42 cents. We subsidize our big oil to the tune of $4 billion a year.

I would love to see the Keystone Pipeline completed after environmental concerns are addressed, but I would also like to see pump prices drop, as they do for OPEC countries and others.

Gary P. Guido


Bow Tie took the money and ran

Re Jan. 30 editorial, “Where’s Oscar? Not at Schenectady’s Bow Tie”: My husband and I are relative newcomers to Schenectady, and we find many wonderful venues in the downtown area — Proctors, Schenectady Light Opera, some lovely restaurants, a great library, a wonderful independent bookstore. There is no art movie house, such as the Spectrum in Albany. In the few months we have lived here, we’ve made many trips to the Spectrum to see movies that appeal to us.

In reading about the reluctance of Bow Tie Cinema to present independent or art films, I did some investigating. It seems there was a commitment by Bow Tie to present a broader range of movies (including independent and art films) in return for financial aid. If this is, in fact, true, then Bow Tie Cinema has a moral and perhaps legal obligation to adhere to the agreement.

Those who want more or better choices in movies will go elsewhere.

Eleanor Aronstein


Funeral processions deserve right of way

Since when has it become acceptable to disturb funeral processions?

While escorting a grieving family and their loved one to (his/her) place of rest, one of our funeral processions was slowly turning onto a cross street. While all others stopped to allow the procession to pass, one driver went around the procession, cut off the hearse and family limousine, then stopped in the road, causing a dangerous and alarming situation.

He then started blowing his horn relentlessly and flashing obscene and lewd gestures to other drivers, including the decedent’s family and friends. The hearse driver tried to explain that the funeral vehicles were trying to cross onto the side street as a procession. The driver then backed up and swerved around the other side of the hearse, cut off the lead car and other vehicles and barreled away.

I can remember hearing stories about when a funeral cortege began to proceed down the street, everything stopped, gentlemen removed their hats, and there was that air of respect for the dead and for their families. What has changed?

I am urging you to please remember: The lives of those people in the procession have changed forever. What is a couple minutes to allow them the few moments to pass?

John J. Ferrari


The writer is proprietor of Ferrari Funeral Home.

Western Gateway a bridge too ugly

The once-beautiful Western Gateway Bridge between Scotia and Schenectady has now been completely renovated and, with the addition of the steel railing on the eastern side plus the cement wall on the western side, has gone from ugly to uglier [Feb. 8 Gazette]!

Jacquelyn Lotano


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