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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 10/19/2017

Gov’t incapable of running decent health insurance

Gov’t incapable of running decent health insurance

*Gov’t incapable of running decent health insurance *No logic to argument defending Obamacare *Too m

Gov’t incapable of running decent health insurance

E. J. Dionne’s Feb. 10 column promoting government intervention (meddling?) in a nation’s economics is based on the assumption that those individuals in government doing the intervening are competent enough to foresee the disadvantages of their actions and take the proper steps to avoid them.

Disasters such as Obamacare and the perpetual production of an annual national budget that drives our society deeper into debt while destroying the purchasing power of our peoples’ savings and investments strongly suggests that competence is severely lacking in the United States.

The unrealistic wish that these incompetents can produce a single medical plan that fits the health needs of nearly 400 million people of all ages, illnesses and whatever other conditions prevail in our society is, at the least, bizarre. Many of the individuals who have newly become eligible for government-sponsored health care are not going to get it because we do not have enough physicians to handle the increased demand. Many physicians are swamped and are not taking on new patients. In conversations with several doctors, I find reason to believe the dearth of physicians will increase because physicians are expressing the intent to ”get out” as soon as possible.

The huge load of paperwork — combined with inadequate income to support themselves and their families, pay off their medical school debts, provide for a college education for their children and allow for investing for their retirement — are strong disincentives that our legislative and executive branches are ignoring.

My family physician described his workday as tending to patients during office hours, going home to have dinner, doing paperwork until midnight and falling asleep on the sofa. That is in addition to any visits to patients in the hospital or home-bound. Then it starts all over the next day.

The practice of medicine has been turned from a profession of high calling into soul-killing drudgery. Thank you, incompetents. No wonder Dionne’s promotion of socialism did not mention any of this.

C. J. Guare


No logic to argument defending Obamacare

Re Terry Amrhein’s Feb. 11 letter on the recent Congressional Budget Office report on the Affordable Care Act and its effect on employment: The writer states people will now be able to get affordable health care while at the same time quitting their jobs — and this somehow will reduce unemployment. Doesn’t more people unemployed actually increase the ranks of the unemployed?

Also, the writer fails to inform how these jobless people expect to support themselves and their families. I suppose that while they are in the pursuit of happiness, they can join the growing ranks [of people] on welfare and food stamps.

But, alas, all this is now moot since President Obama has again delayed the [small business] mandate so the poor souls will be imprisoned in their health care-provided jobs till 2016.

Richard Baluch


Too many people wrecking the planet

Human population is a time bomb. We’ll destroy our habitat for ourselves and all creatures.

Millions of gallons of water are needed for each fracking wheel; deadly chemicals are sent down into the fracking wells with the water. Fracking casings do not last forever and aquifers can be ruined. The poisonous wastewater forced back down into the earth can and does cause earthquakes. Some of the waste salts are spread on road and can contain radium in the mix.

Waste from factory farms and fossil fuel-based fertilizer run-off is causing huge dead zones in the oceans. Pollution from our factories is causing ocean acidification, and that is killing off the coral reefs where fish reproduce. Add to that the collections of floating, discarded plastics that are entangling and killing all manner of life. Hugh luxury liners add still more refuse to the seas.

While we recklessly use and ruin huge amounts of water for fracking, aquifers are fast running dry and are not renewable. The Midwest one is given 20 years, and the ones under India and sub-Saharan Africa are almost gone. A lot of China’s land is too polluted to raise safe food.

Our west is getting the dangerous black carbon from Chinese pollution and our western states are already struggling over water. We cannot face the floods and droughts with a growing population.

Act now.

Martha Winsten


Politicians shouldn’t give illegals a pass

Did the meaning of “illegal” change?

There’s been a lot of talk and articles lately about giving the 11 million illegal persons living in the United States legal status and a path to citizenship.

For some reason, some politicians think it’s all right to disregard laws that these illegal immigrants broke to live in our country. They already are allowed drivers licenses, their children are allowed to attend our schools, take jobs and not pay taxes. Some politicians want to give college-bound illegals low-cost student loans.

It’s time to take care of our impoverished legal citizens before we take on 11 million more illegal immigrants, who will certainly overload our entitlement system.

Jay Janczak

Ballston Spa

GOP’s Obamacare taunt grossly unfair

Marc Smalkin [Feb. 12 letter] ended his high-five review of Bill O’Reilly’s disrespectful armature interview of President Obama with the Republican mantra: “if you like your plan, you can keep it.

Well, Marc, I kept my plan, and I bet so did you.

So did Fortune 500 employees across this country; so did seniors across this country; so did our kids to age 26 across this country; so did all federal employees across this country; so did state employees across this country; and so did city employees, including police and firemen, across this country.

Diane Hombach


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