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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 10/18/2017

Libs like Obama don’t understand need for defense

Libs like Obama don’t understand need for defense

*Libs like Obama don’t understand need for defense *Good place for a roundabout *Free college from a

Libs like Obama don’t understand need for defense

All throughout history, when the forces of freedom project weakness, the forces of evil go on the offensive. FDR’s lack of fortitude and preparedness led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, costing 3,000 lives that day and another 500,000 U.S. military deaths over the next four years.

Truman’s pronouncement that “Korea isn’t vital to U.S. security” led North Korea to believe that it could invade South Korea, leading to 55,000 U.S. military dead.

Kennedy’s wavering on the Bay of Pigs invasion led the Soviet Union to believe he’d do nothing if they placed nuclear warheads in Cuba, a crisis where the world almost ended before his mistake was corrected.

What has our latest Democrat commander in chief done over the last five years to make [Russian President Vladimir] Putin think twice about invading his neighbors? He has been, by far, the weakest American president since Jimmy Carter. And now, at a time when China is preparing for a confrontation with Japan, Russia has its troops on alert over the Ukraine, Syria is imploding on Israel’s doorstep, and al-Qaida is moving into Central Africa, he decides it is time to downgrade the U.S. military?

The main problem with liberal thinking is naivete when it comes to the realities of the world outside their Ivy League windows. They believe everyone is the same, thinks the same, desires the same, deserves the same, will work the same. Human nature, though, throughout history, wants more regardless of the means. More land, more natural resources, more gold, more subjects to rule.

Hitler’s main objectives in 1939 were the wheatfields and oil of Poland and the Ukraine. Then, whether it’s FDR or Kennedy, when the bombs drop, the liberals leave it to our sons (and now daughters) to clean up their mess and sacrifice their lives for freedom, due to their previous mistakes.

Instead of military preparedness, Obama and the Democrats will spend that money on free college and health care for illegal aliens and a host of other wasteful social programs.

Graham Higgins


Good place for a roundabout

I would like to see a roundabout at the intersection of Worden Road-Route 50-Freemans Bridge Road at Thomas Corners.

There are numerous traffic devices, numerous supporting metal poles, and unsightly wires. The area could look more pleasant, not to mention keeping traffic flowing instead of sitting idly while all those traffic lights recycle.

The electricity to run the traffic lights could be eliminated as well. Such a waste of time and fuel, and then there’s the pollution from exhaust.

The overall landscape would certainly be improved. Traffic could move more freely rather than the current delays.

The new roundabout at Glenridge Road and Maple Avenue works very well, looks good and is user-friendly.

Paul St. Onge


Free college from a prisoner’s perspective

I’m writing to give my opinion about the issue of educating New York state inmates.

In 2009, at the age of 52, I went to prison for the first time — and only time, if I have anything to say about it.

Including myself, about 75 percent of the inmates I had contact with made a horrible mistake in their lives, admitted it, and wanted to move on. There, of course, were the career criminals, who had no intention of changing their ways or, God forbid, bettering themselves.

If anyone wants an education, inmate, child or adult, they should get it. During my four years, three months and nine days of incarceration, I had the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing writers, poets, singers, artists and extremely knowledge individuals that you can imagine. To think that inmates should be permanently swept under the rug is not only very close-minded, but incredibly wasteful!

Why, you ask? What happened to, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste?” Anyone who thinks that educating inmates is wasteful should do their homework first.

It would amaze you to find out where some of New York state’s, America’s and the world’s most prolific achievers once spent their time. There is one name that is still very fresh in everyone’s mind: Nelson Mandela, an ex-inmate who changed an entire continent.

Let the person without sin cast the first stone.

Ken Kimball


An existential logic lesson on Almighty

Over the past several years a great deal has been made of the instances of athletes admitting to being gay. There are also instances of countries, Russia and Uganda, that have criminalized this aspect of sexuality. It seems to me that much of the anti-gay propaganda comes from the more conservative religious communities. With this subject, as with many others, these people think that God is in need of their help in order to fine-tune His purposes. Really?

If it was, in fact, God’s intent that gays should not be permitted to exist in the way that they do, they would not. One of the really cool things about being omnipotent is that what you want — is. See “Let there be light!” The other side of that is that what God wants not to be — isn’t!

When I want to know “what God wants,” I look around. If it is here, then I know that it is not on God’s “I don’t want it” list.

For those who believe that they are correcting slip-ups by the Almighty, I suggest that they look up the definition of “omnipotent.” I don’t think that you can be 80 percent or 90 percent omnipotent. It’s 100 percent, 24-7.

God becomes the weak-minded person’s way of self-validation. They pompously proclaim “His will” so they do not have to justify their own shortcomings. It is a gutless cop-out.

What God wants — is!

Frank Elfland


Another use for Mount McGregor

Having read just recently, in the Feb. 23 Daily Gazette, about the imminent closure of the Mount McGregor prison in Wilton, I have a suggestion as to how the state can reuse the facility.

Convert it from a prison to a college campus, fulfilling Gov. Cuomo’s desire to provide college degrees for inmates.

The one drawback, however, is a problem all New York state college graduates face upon graduation. There are no job opportunities for them in New York, and they are forced to leave New York state to other area’s of the country that offer them a career and stability in a more tax-friendly environment.

Thomas A. Romano


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