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Background agenda of the Common Core

Background agenda of the Common Core

*Background agenda of the Common Core

Background agenda of the Common Core

“Agenda 21” arose from the enormous 1992 U.N. conference about the environment held in Rio de Janeiro. A 1,000-page book, it outlines ways to take over local governments throughout the world, all done in the name of “sustainability.” But none who are being enticed into accepting funds and accompanying controls were told that they were accepting a U.N. program designed to move the world into the New World Order.

More recently, educationists within the United States have been busy inserting new educational standards for America’s schools. Called “Common Core,” these standards come with the usual federal funding that should be labeled bribery.

Many local school departments have signed on and now see their goals being set by educational bureaucrats led by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. He even admitted when speaking to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2010 of his commitment to a “cradle-to-career education agenda ... that starts with early childhood learning and extends all the way to college and careers.”

In the field of literature, Common Core will replace student exposure to the classics with reading technical documents. In mathematics, a Common Core instructor of other teachers has defended a student’s wrong answer to a simple multiplication question with, “It’s OK as long as he can explain the process” by which he arrived at the incorrect answer. Common Core expects to set the standards for all subjects. They will surely bring down the already abysmal performance of our nation’s educational system.

There’s much more to be said about Common Core, but let’s sum it up by asserting that the purpose isn’t to educate in the traditional sense. It is to create human drones for the looming New World Order. The goal is a world government run by a powerful few with the rest of mankind required to keep their place in menial work for the elite.

Where is all this coming from? We urge taking a look at “The Communist Manifesto” given to the world by Marx and Engels in 1848. After boldly proclaiming their intent to bring about “abolition of private property” (clearly the goal of Agenda 21), the Manifesto proceeds to attack a free people’s culture by aiming at the family, morality, independent countries, and more. The 10th of its famous 10 Planks calls for “Free education for all children in public schools.” The world “public,” of course, means government. Then this very same passage mentions the goal of combining “education with industrial production.” Which is precisely what we mean when we say that Common Core’s purpose is “to create human drones for the New World Order.”

Many Americans have become disturbed when made aware of Agenda 21 and Common Core. Resistance to both is building. But tearing down programs that have been built by the federal government that has the power of virtually unlimited funding to bribe people into destroying their own freedom isn’t an easy task.

Readers of this short piece who value freedom, and all that goes with it, are needed to swell the resistance and get America back on track once again.

Ed Suriano


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