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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/16/2018

Face reality, government is not a savior

Face reality, government is not a savior

*Face reality, government is not a savior *Downtown gets lift from ambassadors *Paralympics deserve

Face reality, government is not a savior

This is in response to Diane Hombach's diatribe and opinion on March 16 attacking the conservative viewpoint on federal policy expressed by Wallace Hughes printed March 9.

Like most liberals, rather then argue the issues [Mr. Hughes brought up], she chooses to distract with topics not even mentioned in the original letter. She blathers on about what a great policy having cross-country highways and armed forces to protect us is. Neither of those topics are actually policy, but infrastructure built long ago. Sadly, many of our roads and bridges are in sad shape and Obama wants to gut the military to pre-WWII levels to fund his social justice fantasyland.

As for the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency], they have added thousands of new regulations in the last year alone which will just drive prices up for everybody in the country in everything from the food you eat to the gas you drive with and energy to run and heat your house. Don't we have enough regulations already?

In another totally unrelated argument, she blasts Republican governors claiming they all have insurance and are withholding it from their people. Sure they are! Here is some news for Ms. Hombach: The Democrats who forced the Affordable Care Act [ACA], or Obamacare as the ACA is known as, made sure they exempted themselves from its bankrupting regulations, and their staffs also. Six million people have lost their insurance; nobody knows how many have signed up or actually paid for Obamacare, and Obama has unconstitutionally changed the law so many times for political reasons it is just a shell of what actually was passed, unfortunately lawfully. It is anything but affordable.

There are more people uninsured now than before this fiasco. Businesses are laying off or reducing hours for employees. More great federal policy. And as far as Democratic leadership goes, Detroit and Chicago, for example, are nearly bankrupt from years of Democrat/liberal policies and have the highest murder rates in the nation. California is practically insolvent and the Dems just keep on wanting to spend more and more until there is nothing left.

So get a grip, Ms. Hombach. Face reality that the government is not your savior but makes getting by today much more difficult.

Marc A. Smalkin


Downtown gets lift from ambassadors

Every day our downtown takes substantive steps revitalizing and becoming a great place for entertainment, food, education, technology and business. It is remarkable, really.

A week like this past one, with "Book of Mormon," among other events at Proctors, really proves the point. Hundreds of volunteers welcoming, helping and serving Proctors patrons. Ambassadors all through the downtown helping and watching. Our growing restaurant and hospitality businesses and staff putting a warm welcome on top of their excellent offerings. City personnel making sure our roads and lots are clean even during storm conditions. DSIC [Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corp.] and Metroplex personnel keeping us clean show after show of thousands of guests.

Then the city and Metroplex making sure patrons to Thursday's [March 13] matinee, after and during that significant snow and ice storm, could park without worry of fines and tickets. In the arcade during that matinee, many people spoke to me to say thank you for the graciousness of making it easy to be in downtown Schenectady!

It takes a city to welcome guests beautifully day in and day out. It takes thinking about how you would like to be treated if you were a guest in another community. It takes applying that thinking all the time.

Thank you from all of us at Proctors for being so good at hosting. Clearly, we can all see the results as they reveal themselves every day.

Philip Morris


The writer is the CEO of Proctors.

Paralympics deserve to be covered

I was very dismayed when I picked up your March 16 edition and didn't see the word Paralympics in the sports pages.

On both Saturday and Sunday, the paper that printed thousands of words and displayed many pictures of the professional and semi-professional winter Olympic athletes did not print a single word about the brave and determined men and women representing our country at the Paralympics.

Those athletes have overcome obstacles that regular athletes can't even begin to imagine. They are the world's Paralympians, who just finished their events in Sochi. If you took any time to watch their events on TV these past few weeks, you would have been amazed to see what they accomplished with pure grit, determination and hard work.

Watching them celebrate their accomplishments had an emotional impact on me that the regular Olympics could not come close to matching.

For those of you who missed it, the United States beat Russia, 3-0, in Paralympic sled hockey, and despite all the current world tension, the Russian crowd stood up and applauded for our athletes and theirs. I cried.

And the Daily Gazette missed it.

Bob Karandy

Burnt Hills

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