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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/17/2018

Keystone Pipeline would obviate need to ship oil, gas

Keystone Pipeline would obviate need to ship oil, gas

*Keystone Pipeline would obviate need to ship oil, gas *S-G hoops squad champs on, off court *Sch’dy

Keystone Pipeline would obviate need to ship oil, gas

Re banning the transport of heavy crude oil by rail: Apparently people don’t understand that our country relies heavily on oil in so many ways and we need to move the oil from where it is found to refineries and then to the market.

The reason railroad cars are involved is because of the blockage of the Keystone Pipeline through the center of our country. Many folks have serious qualms with the development of oil from fracking and from shale and want to stop it in whatever way possible. The problem is we need oil and gas. If railroad transportation is stopped, tanker trucks will be hauling it on our highways.

There is the “law of unintended consequences” in play here. It was not created by Congress, but rather it is what happens when laws are made to try to control market forces.

We saw this carried out with the decision to force ethanol on us. Anyone who has studied ethanol knows that it costs more to produce than it saves, causes more pollution, drives up food prices and causes food shortages. The people who suffer most are those in the lower-income bracket.

The oil industry wants the lowest-cost way to get the oil to market because it will sell at the lowest price. If we drive up the cost of oil because of railroad or truck shipping, what have we accomplished?

We have hundreds of thousands of miles of safe underground piping for both gas and oil. We know better today what the risks are and what we can do to control the risks. Let us continue to move forward and not try to halt progress with silly laws.

Gerard F. Havasy

Clifton Park

S-G hoops squad champs on, off court

Scotia-Glenville’s undefeated varsity boys basketball team is now the state basketball tournament Class A champions — the first time in the school’s history [March 17 Gazette]. I write this letter to celebrate this awesome accomplishment, but also to let the readers know about the boys and the coaches who achieved this auspicious feat.

I write as a Scotia taxpayer, but also as a staff member at the high school. In my daily routine at the high school, I have had the pleasure to interact with many of the team’s players and coaches. These young men are to be congratulated, not only for their accomplishments on the basketball court but in their daily lives.

They study hard, are diligent about their school assignments; it should be noted that many are currently on the honor roll. But more importantly, they are respectful to their peers, their teachers and other supervisory adults in the building. I believe they serve as the greatest role models for younger children hoping to participate in sports. Somehow these students have managed to put in long, arduous hours of practice and play while maintaining themselves as students in good standing.

As you talk to any individual team player, it is so evident that not one of them possesses a personal ego; they genuinely play as a team and celebrate any individual benchmark as a group, always giving credit to “the other guy.”

The men who serve as coaches for this team also deserve accolades for their many years of dedication to the basketball program at the high school. This championship has been the fulfillment of a dream for Coach Jim Giammetti and his assistant coaches. It is no accident that the members of this boys’ team exhibit the sterling qualities that they do because they have been guided by men who truly practice what they preach.

Congratulations to all the basketball team and their coaches. We are so very proud of you!

Marianne Ille


Sch’dy casino plans still beats Albany’s

The Albany casino plan, with a casino, resort-style hotel and indoor water park, is ill-devised.

A casino caters to adult gamblers, a water park to young families with children. Just like oil and water, they do not mix.

This opens up a major plus for Schenectady. A casino will be built somewhere, and Schenectady could sure use the jobs, taxes and development. This seems like a no-brainer, a real turning point for our city.

It’s time for Mayor Gary McCarthy, the City Council, and Galesi Group to coordinate a major effort to land Schenectady’s new, exciting opportunity.

Joe Kaczynski


‘Orientals’ so-called for east side of city

This is regarding Thomas Reiter’s March 24 letter [complaining about the headline in a story about Scotia’s state championship win over East High of Rochester, “Tartans slam door on Orientals”].

Over a century ago, two high schools were built on opposite sides of Rochester — East High and West High. The students from East High were called Orientals, a derivative of the Latin word orientis, meaning east. In contrast, West High students were named Occidentals, from the Latin word occidentis, meaning west.

As an alumna of West High, an occidental, I can assure readers that the phrase “East High Orientals” does not refer to Asian-Americans in any way. In this case, Oriental simply means east.

Joan Bergin


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