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Federal government goes too far in name of "security"

Federal government goes too far in name of "security"

*Federal government goes too far in name of "security" *Solution for peace: Abolish military

Federal government goes too far in name of "security"

What price security? The first year anniversary of the Boston 2013 Patriot’s Day bombing should be a time of reflection. The Boston bombing might have been prevented if United States authorities had not dropped the ball. Maybe if the terrorist did not receive public assistance, there would have been no terrorist attack. The FBI, IRS (alphabet law enforcement) spends more time “auditing” tea party people then they should, if at all. Profiling is forbidden because it is seen as racist, yet politically correct people never miss an opportunity to label political opposition as racism. That seems like profiling to me.

An insane (evil) KKK/Nazi man recently shot and killed people in Kansas. Bureau of Land Management (federal employees) recently deployed snipers who scooped in on fellow Americans who were not terrorists and posed no physical threat. They were guilty of opposing court actions by an overreaching federal government. Do federal agents deploy snipers to collect back taxes from Rep. Charles Rangel or the Rev. Al Sharpton? No! There are many people, in and out of government, with the means to hurt us. Do we throw away freedom to attain absolute security?

Before the social progressives abolished American history, we were taught about one giving one's life for one's country. This is assumed to mean in battle, but it is more. Sometimes we have to give up security to ensure our freedom. Recent activity by IRS and the NSA has shown us we “cannot trust them.” We cannot make “them” moral or patriotic, but we can deny them the means to enslave us in a spider web of security. Secure for future exploitation is what absolute security buys a nation.

Some of us will be hurt by evil people from without and within. This is the lesser of evils. The greater evil being a government that cannot be trusted. A government headed by a president who lies to us for our own good.

The next time a sniper team is deployed, please make sure there is a terrorist threat, a hostage situation or a need to protect a head of state, not to intimidate or make an example of a fellow American.

For those of you who get your orders from “MSLSD,” remember this. Chris Mathews on April 15, 2013, immediately stated that it must be a tea party member or some such person on the right who was responsible for the Boston attack. The word "patriot" is what triggered Mr. Mathews and his profiling of people who do not see the world as he does.

The Patriot Act was a direct assault on our freedom. It open the door to a multitude of venues to undermine our freedom. It is the 23rd hour on the tyranny clock for America. As a democracy, time is running out. A nation where race is used as a club from the bully pulpit of the president, fascism is around the corner. Hitler used Jews in the same way President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder use race.

Edmond Day


Solution for peace: Abolish military

A very modest proposal: I propose that the United States abolish its military. Our “war weariness” would end.

Terrorist attacks on military bases would cease. The land currently used for bases could be returned to its original use, perhaps protecting some endangered species of turtle.

The 10,000 or so combat deaths over the last 10 years would be the last this country would suffer. Our citizens could feel good about the fact that American blood will no longer be spilled in foreign wars, let foreigners spill their own blood.

NATO would no longer function without our membership. Our people could shed all concern regarding events in countries like Ukraine or Estonia, and would be relieved of the burden of considering themselves “exceptional.” We could be content being ordinary, free of any obligation to be a beacon of freedom for the world. Who gave us that responsibility anyway?

Relations with the Western European countries, no longer our NATO allies, would improve because their hypocrisy in ignoring their security commitments would not be obvious.

Israel, knowing it is on its own, would probably launch preemptive strikes against Iran to eradicate its nuclear weapons. This strategy would not succeed as the surrounding Arab countries would invade its neighbor. A major cause of discord in the Middle East would be eliminated.

Today, about 5 percent of Americans serve in the military and receive weapons training. As time passes, more of us would lack familiarity with firearms. Since we fear most what is unfamiliar, abolishing the second amendment would gain popularity and become public policy.

Our immigration problem would be eased. In George W. Bush’s Iraq War, many recent Hispanic immigrants joined the military seeking to improve their lives. This incentive to migrate would be eliminated.

Gradually, children would cease emulating military heroes. The need to teach children about the military sacrifices of previous generations would lessen. Taking war out of textbooks would create a less war-like America.

Terrorists and other adversaries of the United States, seeing that we have turned our swords into plowshares, would become our friends, or at the least lose all feelings of animosity.

Just think of all the money we would save.

Richard Evans

Burnt Hills

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