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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/18/2017

Governor's policies hurting entire state

Governor's policies hurting entire state

*Governor's policies hurting entire state *Kudos to Dutchmen; heating bills expected *GOP should run

Governor’s policies hurting entire state

The problem with New York state does not start within the state. It starts with a lack of management at the highest level. From the president on down, this country has been, and will continue to be, mismanaged until we, as a collective unit, force it not to be.

I learned a long time ago, from a real manager, that you treat people you are managing as you would want to be treated. If this was adhered to, all of us would have the same health care and benefits that Congress has. Congressmen and women would be working right along with constituents so they actually know the job that they are "managing."

The tactics used by our state "manager," aka Gov. Cuomo, are way out of line with the way this state is "managed." Instead of his relentless need to cut every working person's job, he should be starting at the top and removing the extremely top heavy levels of government. Make the managers actually work with subordinates to see where more efficiencies can be obtained without threat of termination to the employee to achieve this.

I learned a long time ago from the best, and only true manager I have ever had, that negatively spreads like a cancer and will destroy a business. Well, just look at New York state and you can see this result.

Another thing I learned is happy employees will be productive employees. I have worked at places where working managers are involved with employees and help employees. There is less sick leave and attrition. People are happier and actually want to work. Where this is not done, the opposite occurs.

New York state is now in the latter position, with an out-of-touch governor at the top who puts caps on local governments' budgets, promising to take away state mandates to achieve this. Then he does not come through with this and strangles local governments with unrealistic variable caps that attach to the cost of living, while not placing these same caps on mandates.

Unfortunately, this whole mess ends up affecting the employees who actually do the work. Even if they are doing the very best, they can have their jobs cut due to these unrealistic expectations from the governor. It brings out this negative effect, as there is no positive given back from the government except to take more from us.

Now our governor has tied property tax relief to municipalities staying under the tax cap and also consolidating services. This does nothing except make taxpayers angry at their local governments when this impossible task is not achieved and they do not get the property tax reduction.

All of this will continue and get worse until New York state "government" becomes leaner, more user-friendly and works with the people for a positive New York, instead of issuing unrealistic orders that are meant to fail to only cause negative reactions and discontent, which only causes more people and employers to leave this state.

David W. Gallup


Kudos to Dutchmen; heating bills expected

Kudos to the Union College Dutchmen on their hard-earned victory. It is an achievement on the same level as the United States' "Miracle on Ice" 1980 Lake Placid Olympic team.

On the subject of energy bills, we have been lucky to have relatively mild winters the past few years. The colder winter this year necessitated increased fuel usage.

Even if gas isn't used for heating, most furnaces are run by an electric motor. Wake up, people!

Economics 101: Use more, ergo, pay more. We were lucky. At least we didn't have any power outages during the cold spell. Just think about those poor people who had to deal with the major mudslide or those dealing with flooding or wildfires right now.

Janice Martin


GOP should run on merits, not criticism

Am I the only one tired of the Republicans still bashing our president? Enough is enough. The president was duly elected and will be in office for two more years. Give him and us a break!

An article in the May 3 paper said House Speaker John Boehner is to appoint a panel to probe the Benghazi attack. It is over. There is enough going on today to worry about and attend to. Were we saddened and anxious about the Benghazi attack? Sure. Were there probes into why it happened? Yes. The only reason, as indicated by the article, that a panel is being formed is to help Republican candidates in the November elections.

The Republicans should base the upcoming elections on the merits of their candidates, not start the mud-slinging tactics that have become the political norm for both parties. Spend our tax monies on more relative situations that this country is facing today and help, not fight, the president to resolve today's problems.

President Obama is doing his job and doing it well. We must remember he does not make decisions totally on his own. He has advisers and committees to help make decisions. We should back up any president in office, while in office. It is our right not to agree with some things that are said and done. But he/she was put into office by the majority vote.

In November, vote for the candidates' expertise and ignore the "hate" tactics we hear and see every election time.

Vincent F. Carelli


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