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School Closings

Taxpayers footing the bill for all the "free" education

Taxpayers footing the bill for all the "free" education

*Taxpayers footing the bill for all the "free" education *Writer wrong to take hard workers to task

Taxpayers footing the bill for all the "free" education

Regarding your May 3 edition, Section C, Page 1 story about the bill targeting free SUNY tuition: I really, really wish you would not perpetuate the idea of "free" when the reality would be "taxpayer-paid-for" SUNY tuition.

The government takes our money and decides winners and losers by redistributing wealth. Sometimes politicians get it right and often they don't. They might get it right when building and maintaining infrastructure and keeping our society safe. A lot of "charitable" programs could be more efficiently handled by charities and private benefactors.

We are looking at providing pre-K or some type of that program in addition to the 13 years of taxpayer-funded schooling already provided. Isn't 14 years of education enough of a state taxpayer obligation?

How about New York assemblymen and senators thinking about the taxpayer and the burden excessive taxation has on them? How about reducing waste, fraud and abuse of our tax dollars as a means of reining in the huge spending problem that we have in New York government? No one ever talks about that.

I worked my way through college and know that you value what you have to work hard for. I bet those kids who really want an education will find a way. Use the less-expensive community colleges more and consider vocational schooling because not everyone needs a four-year degree. With more competition between colleges for less students, costs will come down.


Clifton Park

Writer wrong to take hard workers to task

I am sure Douglas E. Cohen from Rotterdam was a white male. He enthralled us in his May 4 letter of his wonderful work ethic.

The majority of minimum wage workers are women. Women are still paid 30 percent less than men, and African-Americans are still systematically denied work opportunities. But you know what? We (women, minorities etc.) continue to apply for those jobs, work those jobs, try and climb those ladders, fight discrimination and continue to educate you on what the facts really are.

In case you are wondering about me, I am an African-American woman who just retired after 38 years from a job I loved, working just as hard as you. And I earned every penny, just like you.

Diane Hombach


Press to blame for lies over Benghazi

Much has been revealed lately about our government's stretching the truth or lying, depending on who or what source you believe, concerning the tragedy in Benghazi. But the real tragedy is the complete abdication, by most of the press, of the right and privilege given to them by our founders, to exercise freedom of the press.

The framers of the Constitution intended that a free press would be the watchdogs and protect us from this type of misuse of power by big government. Where have they been for almost two years?

They have not been watchdogs. They have been lap dogs. Shame on them!

Daniel Del Negro

Saratoga Springs

No need to identify occupation in article

I am disgusted by the things Mr. Stephen J. Konn was convicted of and my heart goes out to the victims [May 1 Gazette]. But I am personally offended by The Gazette's emphasis on where Mr. Konn had previously worked.

The headline for the article starts "Ex-state worker..." and the actual article starts, "A retired state worker..." Further on, the article continues the emphasis by stating that Mr. Konn was a "... retired state Department of Taxation and Finance employee ..." Why?

Unless there is some evidence that he committed these crimes on state time or using state equipment, I see his prior employment as having little relevance to the case.

I am also a retired state Department of Taxation and Finance employee and believe your article displays a bias against ex-state workers, or maybe all public employees.

I am certain I have read other articles about arrests or convictions for child porn where there was little mention of the offender's employment or prior employment unless it was truly relevant, like he was a teacher.

I am going to have to reconsider my subscription to The Gazette.

Steven Lippincott


Kudos to singer for speaking out on fight

I attended a country music show with my son and his girlfriend on May 2 in Glens Falls and had a great time with some very good music by all performers.

During the set by Chris Young, the featured act, a fight broke out in the rows just in front of the stage. Chris immediately ordered the band to stop the music. He got right on the two guys who were fighting and said that we should all be there to enjoy the music and have fun, not fight.

The fight stopped and he started the music up again. I was so impressed by that act. He has won my respect by putting a stop to that stupidity so everyone could get back to enjoying the show.

Hats off to Chris Young, his band, and every other performer who speaks out against violence at every venue they perform at.

John Drouin


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