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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/19/2018

Glenville should do more to reduce sounds of gunfire


Glenville should do more to reduce sounds of gunfire

*Glenville should do more to reduce sounds of gunfire *Gambling addictions enabled by casinos *Impea

A peaceful weekend in the Glenville Hills?

When WRGB predicted the most wonderful weekend of the year, I was so excited to be able to spend some time in my backyard, which is quite extensive. But the opposite would be true, as usual. We collectively are having a bad time of having a quiet, relaxing time in our private properties in the Church Road area of Glenville because of a few people who feel that a small piece of property is their own private playland.

We have been to many Glenville open meetings with absolutely no conclusion whatsoever. The police have been called numerous times, with no help except a temporary halt of such actions. What I am talking about is the indiscriminate use of high-velocity firearms behind the homes on Church Road by persons unknown. I am a pro-gun person, but to think that I have to listen to firearms being used at any time of the day for up to 2-1/2 hours at a time is not fair to anyone. It is not only a threat to our way of life, but to our lives as well. I am afraid to let our grandchildren play outside when these unknown people are shooting up to 200 rounds of ammo in our backyards. The neighbors, as well, fear for their pets.

We have approached the Glenville Town Board to no avail with this life-altering problem, and the police seem to have their authority challenged. So what are we to do besides go to lawyers? We are already doing that. But my question to you is how many people out there would like to have 2-1/2 hours of gunfire right behind their houses on a regular basis. No one seems to care. Who in their town would turn a blind eye? Would it be too much to ask to have at least one week without feeling like you are next to a gun club? How can one person who doesn't even live on this land be so irresponsible that he cares only about his own pleasure to take away from all the taxpaying public their right to have some peace and quiet?

If you think this can't happen in your neighbourhood, think twice about that. When it happens, you will see how hard it is to stop it. We have gotten together as a neighborhood to go against such selfish, irresponsible behavior. Will our town of Glenville ever back us? In time, they will have to take a stand one way or another. As for our neighborhood, we are all getting ready to take a stand one way or another so that this totally irresponsible behavior will come to a end.

This has been going on for 1-1/2 years, and to think that the town of Glenville seems to have no control over this situation is beyond belief.

They are elected to represent us as a collective public. Yet it seems like the solitary person holds the strings. What is up in Glenville?

Denise Crisci


Gambling addictions enabled by casinos

For some of us concerned about the effect of casino gambling on people who become easy victims of compulsive gambling, the promoter's plan to bring a big gaming casino here or anywhere else in the state is a bad idea.

While a lot of people gamble socially and occasionally, others can't control their impulse to imagine themselves winners at the table or slots, at the lottery window, the video game terminals or in the next betting pool. They can't get over "the chase" -- the drive to get back what they lost last time out. It's just like a heavy dose of alcohol or street drugs -- the same addictive behavior is at work. The gambling urge can become truly destructive when it creates family breakups, loses someone a job, or leads to suicide.

Pathological gambling is now a separate addictive illness, apart from manic depressive episodes, which used to define it in the bible of the psychiatric trade, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (now DSM-5). From Wikipedia, we learn the latest studies show that getting a monetary reward from a gambling-type experience "produces brain activation very similar to that observed in a cocaine addict receiving an infusion of cocaine."

The symptoms for the compulsive gambler are the same as for drug takers: they experience tolerance (a need for larger or more frequent wagers to experience the same "rush"); withdrawal (restlessness or irritability associated with attempts to cease or reduce gambling); chasing (trying to win back gambling losses with more gambling); and lying (trying to hide the extent of his or her gambling by lying to family, friends or therapists).

There's also loss of control (inability to stop gambling); illegal acts (willingness to break the law to obtain gambling money or recover gambling debts); and risking family relationships (gambling despite risking or losing a relationship, job or other opportunity).

Betting the horses or playing the slots or table games is a losing proposition for those with addictive behavior. They are likely to exhibit other psychiatric problems at the same time, including substance-use disorders, mood- and anxiety disorders or personality disorders, we are told. They're characterized by a lack of impulse control, the same as for antisocial personality disorder, or schizophrenia. There's a rapid development from initial to problematic behavior in women compared with men, much like there is for alcoholism. We need to steer casinos away from these people.

Roy Neville


The writer is the co-president of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Schenectady.

Impeach Obama for violations, scandals

Obama refuses to apologize to the loved ones of soldiers who died while trying to rescue a traitor.

Obama negotiates with terrorists.

Obama violates the Constitution and the law yet again.

The scandals are endless.

Is there any reason not to impeach this clown?

Mike Blyskal


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