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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/22/2018

Despite what professors wrote, climate change is not "settled science"

Despite what professors wrote, climate change is not "settled science"

*Despite what professors wrote, climate change is not "settled science"

Despite what professors wrote, climate change is not "settled science"

In the May 23 and 24 editions of The Gazette, you had two letters-to-the-editor from two men who said they were associate professors of biology. That was supposed to give them credentials to discuss climate change somehow. They wrote in criticizing a May 18 Viewpoint column by Amy Ridenour.

As is typical of climate change fanatics, they offer ridicule of Ms. Ridenour and all but call her a “flat-Earther.” That in and of itself is so hypocritical that it is hilarious because once upon a time, oh say, about 550 years ago, it was “settled science” that the Earth was flat. But I digress.

In the first letter written by Jeffrey D. Corbin, he refutes Ms. Ridenour’s assertions that there hasn’t been any global warming in 17 years by saying that the every year since 2000 has been hotter than the average temperature of the 1990s. This is so farcical that any junior high school student could figure out that this does not refute Ms. Ridenour’s fact that there hasn’t been any warming of the earth in 17 years, which would take us back to 1997.

Even if Mr. Corbin is correct, he is using the average temperature for one decade and comparing that to the individual years after that decade. That doesn’t prove it is getting warmer. All that shows is the individual years have been warmer than an average of some other period. The UN IPCC head Dr. Rajendra Pachauri was compelled to admit that there hasn’t been any global warming in 17 years. So you see, Mr. Corbin, Ms. Ridenour was not wrong after all.

Mr. Corbin also states that the Earth has warmed more than 1.5 degrees F since 1880 in trying to refute Ms. Ridenour’s claim that it has only risen that much since 1800. Well, I am here to tell you that it is “settled science” (There is no such thing, but I use it anyway to prove a point.) that the temperature of the Earth has only risen that much since 1800.

As for the other letter writer, Mr. George Robinson doesn’t even offer any counter facts. He just ridicules Ms. Ridenour’s “essay.” He calls it “a junked-up heap of corporate-financed misinformation.” My fifth-grade daughter wouldn’t get away with writing something like this if she had to present a counter argument to another viewpoint in an essay for school. And Mr. Robinson has the gall to say Ms. Ridenour hasn’t done her research. Mr. Robinson, it is you who hasn’t done the research.

Well, here are the cold-hard facts for everyone. I got these from a distinguished doctor, S. Fred Singer. He is an atmospheric and space physicist and is one of the world’s most respected and widely published experts on climate. Dr. Singer is a research fellow at The Independent Institute, professor emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project, a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a member of the International Academy of Astronautics. He received his Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University.

Dr. Singer wrote a book, “The Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 years.” In it, he shows how the Earth has natural climate changes in which there have been many warming cycles about every 1,500 years. In fact, between 1900 and 1940, the climate warmed in a period in which there wasn’t as much consumption of energy as there is now. And from 1940 to about 1980, the climate cooled. Then it warmed for a short period and, according to Dr. Singer, “since 2000, our best measurements show that it has been remaining steady.”

Historically, over the last 3,000 years there has been a lot of human suffering during cold periods like the “Little Ice Age” from 1400 to 1850. But before that, there was a “medieval warm period” around 1100 AD during which the Vikings discovered Greenland and settled there. They were able to grow crops and it was covered with lush forests. How do you think it got its name?

The climate change crowd likes to blame it on increased carbon in the atmosphere, which is wrong. Carbon is an element which is a building block of all life on Earth. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is poisonous to animals and humans but not to plants. Anyway, the fact of the matter is that carbon dioxide does not cause temperatures to rise, as evidenced by ice cores that were examined several years ago that showed a temperature change occurred first before a rise in carbon dioxide, which happened 600 years after the temperature rise. Check out Science magazine for this story.

Let me just say this, that I believe there is, in fact, climate change going on. It has been for the existence of this planet. I don’t believe it is man-caused. And shame on these two higher-education educators who should know better and allow for another side of the debate to be heard without being shot down as being a lunatic.

The saddest thing of all is that these two men are prime examples of what our young people have to put up with from there instructors in college. They will not be allowed to question the instructors, nor will they be allowed an alternate viewpoint. This is what our country is coming to it; is turning out young people who will be lost for generations to come.

Colleges and universities used to be places where great thinkers and doers came from. Now I fear that all they are turning out is robots who are programmed to think only one way.

Welcome to the brave new world!

John A. Gaetani


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