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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/19/2018

Casino will help Schenectady with economic rebirth

Casino will help Schenectady with economic rebirth

*Casino will help Schenectady with economic rebirth *Gun registration not answer to violence *Casino

Casino will help Schenectady with economic rebirth

Having been born and raised in Schenectady and then working for the city for 30 years, I feel that I have to talk on the subject of the casino proposal. We have watched this city rise and fall, and now, through the efforts of Metroplex and other organizations both public and private, rise again.

Who are these people who believe that a casino will be nothing but doom and gloom for the city? They believe that old folks and college kids will ruin their lives because of a casino. Gambling is all around us, day in and day out. It is a fact of life.

This proposed casino is an enterprise that will enhance the city of Schenectady and should be accepted with open arms. I feel that the naysayers just like to be heard, but they really have nothing worthwhile to say.

John M. Matarazzo

Burnt Hills

Gun registration not answer to violence

The truth about firearms registration and the ability to prevent further gun violence is a flawed premise at best. Background checks are, in reality, a notification system to those unable to purchase a firearm in a legal manner.

During the year 2010, 72,600 people committed a felony by lying on the federal form No. 4473, but the total number of people prosecuted for the felony crime of lying (indicated on the form) was 44 (not 44 percent, but 44 individuals). The answer given for not prosecuting all of these people is: "It is a paper crime and we do not have the time or the manpower to ... "

It is an admission that the government is not interested in the prevention of gun violence unless it is the complete and total elimination of the Second Amendment.

It has also come to light that a majority of towns and cities and states do not forward fugitive warrants to the FBI, the agency responsible for the criminal background checks in the process of purchasing a firearm. If a fugitive warrant is not forwarded to the FBI, that person has the ability to purchase as many firearms as they choose.

Almost all of the "mass murderers" have been under the observation of medical professionals involved with mental illness. The ability to recognize the problem is readily apparent to these professionals, yet they don't seem to prevent the heinous crimes that their patients commit.

HIPAA laws prevent the dissemination of this information so necessary to the prevention of unnecessary and preventable criminal action. The ability of a medical professional to report these patients directly to the FBI would prevent these people from obtaining a firearm and the possible criminal action to follow.

The only answer is now left to the district attorneys and the elected judges who also seem to have a "progressive" attitude toward the punishment of criminals. If the district attorneys refused to plea-bargain crimes committed while in the possession of a firearm, and the judges did not discount their sentences, the amount of "gun violence" would be greatly reduced.

The registration of automobiles does not prevent the number of DWI arrests, and the complete registration of firearms will not prevent gun violence.

Dedicated prosecution of all crimes committed with firearms, as well as DWI, is the answer. Like the rest of our failing society, our soft-handed approach to those willing to commit criminal acts is, in itself, perpetuating the problem.

The person responsible for the murder of first responders in Buffalo last year had been deemed not to be a threat to society while serving a sentence for the murder of his grandmother with a hammer.

He was released back into society by the same people who claim that the registration of firearms is the answer.

Michael Sheedy


Casino embarrassing to retired GE worker

The news that the city wants a casino is somewhat historic [June 10 Gazette].

It seems that "The City That Lights and Hauls The World" has decided it now wants to become "Reno East." What a downer!

This won't bother me much, if any, as I live in the suburbs and will be far away from the "glitter." Except as a longtime (now-retired) GE engineer, it is sort of embarrassing.

William Statler


Nice to see positive changes at schools

I was pleased to read several positive news articles about Mont Pleasant School and Schenectady High School.

Superintendent Laurence Spring, the principals and teachers have worked diligently on improving attendance, resolving cellphone issues and addressing student behavior. The positive interaction between teachers and students can be seen in the reinstated marching band. The band has been chosen to represent New York state in this year's national Fourth of July parade in Washington, D.C.

All are to be commended for a great school year.

Jean Louie Wildgrube


The writer was a pre-K teacher at Washington Irving from 1996""2006.

Right to bear arms is different today

Re June 9 letter, "Gun control not right solution to random shootings": The gun lovers, such as Mr. Don Steciak, who appear on these pages from time to time, show an extraordinary inability to make simple distinctions.

Knives and cars are different from guns. Knives have many uses and are especially useful in the preparation of food. Cars? Cars are primarily used and needed for transportation. Guns? It seems clear that guns are primarily useful for killing and wounding living beings which makes them eminently dangerous instruments and in need of some regulation. These regulations should be carried out legislatively.

As for the Second Amendment, one can say that a reasonable reading of it suggests that a constitutional right to "keep and bear arms" relates to those who are actively involved with a "well-regulated militia." Since the adoption of the amendment (1787), we have created institutions that are better than militias, namely an Army, a Navy, an Air Force, a Marine Corps, a Coast Guard, a National Guard and state and local police forces, all of which can and do ensure the "security of a free state."

In light of this, the notion that all citizens have a right or need to be armed strikes me as anachronistic and paranoid.

Michael Foster


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ety by the same people who claim that the registration of firearms is the answer.

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