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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/22/2017

Labeling gives wrong impressions about disabilities

Labeling gives wrong impressions about disabilities

*Labeling gives wrong impressions about disabilities *Taxpayer deserves a break for breakdowns *Just

Labeling gives wrong impressions about disabilities

A big thanks to the writer from the Southern Adirondack Independent Living Center who recently penned a letter to the editor regarding the proper way of identifying persons with disabilities [June 11 Gazette].

As a longtime advocate, I can only emphasize his message. Speaking about persons with disabilities as "the disabled" tends, in large part, to place a negative impression in us. What does that word say to us? Well, what about, "Oh gee, my car is disabled." It no longer runs well or it doesn't run at all.

People with disabilities -- if given the proper education, support and opportunity -- can do most or all of what so-called "normal" people can do.

As a parent of an adult son with Down syndrome, I reject totally anyone saying that he is a Downs person -- which typically gives those who hear it the impression that there is something lacking. What if those who know us describe us as "the drinker," "the sinner," "the fat one," etc.

What might be a difficulty in one's life does not describe the whole person. We need to give those individuals who have some type of disability the same opportunities that we expect as part of what we deserve.

Marilyn R. Wessels


Taxpayer deserves a break for breakdowns

I live in Scotia-Glenville and my taxes are actually more than my mortgage. I pay a monthly fee for garbage, and luckily I have a well so I don't have to pay the "water" tax. I live on Gower Road. At the bottom of the road, it is filled with potholes. The front of my driveway is washed away.

I always pay my taxes on time, but what would be the penalty if I didn't? So, this brings me to our school bus pickup time. It's between 7:29 a.m. and 7:52 a.m. Yes, a 23-minute difference -- not even kidding -- a 23-minute time difference. You may or may not have to wait for your child to be picked up for school. That's OK; my work will understand.

In conclusion, my garbage is not picked up at times; the potholes still remain; my driveway is washed away; and recently we got to the school bus stop at 7:30 a.m. and the bus arrived at 7:52 a.m.

If they can have a break in their system, how come we can't have a break in our very high taxes? Just sayin'.

Jeff Bielawski


Justice is not always administered fairly

Re June 6 article, "Schenectady movie theater attackers get 'second chance'": So the white rich kid (age 17) in Texas last year who drove drunk and killed four people got probation because of "affluenza," which means too rich and too white to go to jail for any time.

The minority kids in Schenectady were wrong and they should be punished. But as you can see, all things still aren't quite equal when it comes to justice.

Diane Sanders Hombach


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