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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/19/2017

Drugs becoming currency for decline of United States

Drugs becoming currency for decline of United States

*Drugs becoming currency for decline of United States *Letter about Obama lacked historic facts *Bea

Drugs becoming currency for decline of United States

Why do people rob banks? That is where the money is.

Revolutions, civil wars, wars of national liberation have been funded by robbing banks. Joseph Stalin was a bank robber when not pretending to be a priest-in-training at a seminary. Stalin was responsible for the death of millions. The IRA (the Irish guys) robbed banks. Sometimes the bank robberies were a community event in Dublin, Ireland.

Today, drugs are the currency of revolution. The face of the drug cartels hides the intent. Drug money is corrupting the United States as I compose, the casino industry being a prime example. Politicians are bought, chambers of commerce sign off and "we the people" allow ourselves to be enslaved.

A recent event on our Southwest border, "The Children's Crusade," is the drug cartels showing their hand. This is not a mistake on their part to be so open about it. This is a tacit admittance that they are achieving a legitimate status in the Americas. The gang tattoo, their rituals and initiations are no different than what a man submits to when he takes the oath to serve in the armed forces of his nation.

In the future, we will look back at the grotesque displays for what they are. The evolution of a new state, a different consciousness in the Americas. New world order, anyone? New paradigm, anyone? Fundamental change, anyone?

The American army in its infancy, when not slaughtering Native Americans, routinely brutalized members of the armed forces who did not "measure up." Flogging, executions and branding sound like a Mexican gang to me.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. The Magna Carta and other goodies from Europe went into the mix. Some divine inspiration and men with mystical inclinations made the United States what it is today. The America we have come to know is a short-timer. An America based on different principles is rising, and I am not talking about the hackneyed socialism-capitalism gig. The New Americas will reflect an Aztec/Inca mindset, not the Europe Jesus reality.

While we look across the ocean and preoccupy ourselves with the "Muslim" threat or pontificate on the Obama administration's Chicago Red connection, we are being taken over by another.

In the movies, Godfather I, II and III were schlock; listen to the dialogue. All you need to know about life is contained within. It is the New/Old Testament of the 20th Century. Remember what Michael Corleone said: "Soon, we will be legitimate."

They are giving up the drugs, pimping and murder for the corporate world. That is what is taking place today with drug money. It is being reinvested and made legitimate. In the process, our world will pass away.

Edmond Day


Letter about Obama lacked historic facts

The June 14 edition of the Daily Gazette contained a short piece in the letters to the editor section by Mike Blyskal that I feel needs some amendment and historical reference.

Comments such as, "Obama violates the Constitution and the law yet again," and, "The scandals are all endless" I can dismiss as baseless Fox News propaganda, since the author neither sites nor references specifics or charges.

I am writing concerning the sentence, "Obama negotiates with terrorists," which I assume is in reference to the release of POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. I fear Mr. Blyskal is confusing a prisoner exchange with "negotiating with terrorists."

Historically, prisoner exchanges were conducted with less fanfare. During the Civil War, the exchange of thousands of prisoners was conducted largely on an ad-hoc basis by generals in the field -- one private for one private; one general was worth 60 privates. In 2011, the Israelis exchanged over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for one Israeli soldier in a deal with Hamas. So President Obama's five-for-one deal doesn't seem too bad by comparison.

Here is a good example of negotiating with terrorists, in a highly abbreviated form: In 1983, after blowing up a Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Marines, and bombing two embassies, Hezbollah took Americans and others hostage in Lebanon for protection against retaliation.

In an effort to secure the hostages' release, President Reagan sought to secretly sell 1,500 surface-to-air missiles to the Mullahs running Iran so that they would influence Hezbollah to release the hostages.

The money from the sale was used to illegally fund arming the rebel Contras in Nicaragua. Human Rights Watch details the Contras activities as "kidnapping, torturing, and killing civilians and children, and rape." Now that is negotiating with terrorists.

It seems to me all of this hyperventilating over everything that President Obama does is accompanied by a convenient case of historical amnesia and deliberately inflammatory terminology. I wish it would stop.

Paul Donahue


Beautiful moment in city’s Rose Garden

A recent trip to Central Park's Rose Garden in Schenectady was as much about awareness, generosity of spirit and understanding as it was about enjoying the abundance of beautiful roses.

Families of all races, ethnicities and walks of life were there with one thing in mind: to experience and enjoy the beauty of the garden. Small children were racing on the pathways, couples were sitting on benches admiring the blooms and all of us were just taking time to stop and "smell the roses." It was wonderful to see this beautiful space being visited by so many.

In the middle of the garden stands an enormous fountain, a perfect spot to capture a picture or two, and such was the case for a young Muslim family on Father's Day.

My son, his girlfriend and I were by the fountain when the young father had his family line up for a group picture, minus the photographer, the dad.

My son approached him and offered to take the picture so he could join his family in the photo. The young man smiled, thanked my son and handed him his camera. After the photos were taken, he wished my son a Happy Father's Day, and I in turn wished him the same and told him he had a very beautiful family.

At this point, he turned, reached into a bag and said: "I have a gift for you and your family." He handed my son a copy of the Quran. My son graciously accepted this holy book from the young father, and as we walked back to our car, we all remarked on how touching this exchange was.

My son expressed that he wished he had a small Bible to pass to the young father. This was all so genuine; we were not seeing our differences as Christians and Muslims, but we saw our common humanity in being caring and kind to one another, and showing gratitude for that kindness.

This was a beautiful moment in time, right there in the Rose Garden on a glorious Sunday afternoon in Central Park.

CheryL Smith

Clifton Park

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