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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/23/2018

Property owners earning praise for preserving land

Property owners earning praise for preserving land

*Property owners earning praise for preserving land *Crosswalks in traffic circle will aid walkers *

Property owners earning praise for preserving land

When the Cappiello property was sold and restored to a working farm, my letter to the editor praised both parties in the sale for creating the perfect fit (for Ballston).

Last week, the property and its owner once again became newsworthy. The June 12 Gazette's Ballston column informed readers that the owners, Mark and Elizabeth Sacco, are engaged in a process seeking to secure a conservation easement to prevent future development on their magnificent acreage.

Of the two easement options described in the article, I favor the one that permanently prevents development.

I admire the vision and prudence of the owners in their preservation efforts, and I wish them every success in their easement grant application.

Dorothy Butch


Crosswalks in traffic circle will aid walkers

I would like to correct some factual errors that Schenectady's engineer Christopher Wallin made in the June 20 article concerning the Nott Street/Erie Boulevard roundabout.

He mistakenly stated that pedestrians would need to wait for a break in traffic to cross Erie. Yet as clearly shown in the article's drawing, a crosswalk is present, which means that according to state law (article 27, section 1151), vehicles must yield to pedestrians, not the other way around.

Caution lights, activated by a pedestrian, can be installed to better notify drivers of the intent to cross; and police should ticket drivers who fail to yield. The city should improve its walkability because that is one of the reasons people live here.

Will Vining


No need to impose more restrictions

Re June 18 letter, "We need to give up freedoms for change": To Sid Gordon, who wants to take away our rights, I say who is this "we" you speak of?

I'm not killing anybody. I'm not forcing anybody to watch graphic TV shows. I fail to see why I should give up my freedoms because some dopes break laws. I don't need or want to be "saved from myself." I figure I can save myself just fine. And if I can't, well, that's my problem.

If the courts did their job and punished the offenders, maybe that would help. Taking away my rights, when I already behave acceptably, is just silly, not to mention illegal. And certainly, we need no added censorships or restrictions.

Our government is already way too deep into monitoring me and my behaviors. I haven't needed anybody to do that since I was about 15.

Bill Denison

Burnt Hills

Soldier trade, casino on list of concerns

Re June 3 AP article, "Questions loom over Bergdahl-Taliban swap": What was the government thinking? Releasing five of the worst notorious prisoners for one American who left his unit? I can see maybe one, but not five.

After so many years in prison, don't you think they will try to pay us back? Let's hope and pray that they are being watched.

Also, the politicians saying having the casino in Schenectady will help lower taxes. Yeah right, just like the lottery will go to the schools. Wake up and smell the roses, as the saying goes. What's the sense of having a Congress when the president does what he wants irregardless of the Constitution.

It's no wonder they're having problems in school. It seems that taking God out of school was a bad idea.

James Maxfield


Bothered by a need for casinos in area

It is kind of sad that we need so many casinos in the Capital Region.

It is probably because there are not many companies to open anymore -- maybe selling cupcakes or smoke shops, or banks or gas stations.

So, I guess casinos are a business to make money. If only everything was not made in China.

Connie Cannizzaro


Fed up with drivers on roads in Glenville

Anything goes on the hill roads of Glenville. For two years, other motorists, residents and I have been calling the town of Glenville Police Department to complain about traffic laws that are consistently being broken in the hills of Glenville.

I travel Toureauna Road, Greens Corners Road and Hoffman Hill Road daily to get to Route 5.

We have reported what laws are being broken, the time of day this happens, actual license plate numbers, all to no avail. We've talked to patrol officers, dispatchers, sergeants, lieutenants, even the cleaning staff, and have gotten very little help. Their answers have been, "We are aware of this"; "We're on it"; or "We're a little short-handed." So now I say, if you can't beat them, let's join them.

If you like to ride your motorcycle on one wheel (without your helmet), buzz people with walkers who are walking down the road, flip the finger to those who ask you to slow down, pass cars on the road with double yellow lines (going uphill), speed (going 60 mph in a 40 mph zone), run stop signs and have plain-old road rage, then the hills of Glenville are for you. And, don't forget Friday nights are drink-and-drive nights.

Also, the hills of Glenville are a great place to toss your household garbage. No tires, please.

Happy motoring.

John Roscioli


Excited about future of Sheridan Plaza

We think good things will come to Sheridan Plaza. One positive point is that Trustco Bank is staying. We attended the Community Day at Trustco on May 30. It was wonderful to see how many people in the community attended this. We spoke with quite a few people, and all were happy to be there. It was so nice to see the great turnout. We went away with such a good feeling.

My sister, a friend of ours and myself attended the farmers market on June 21 at Sheridan Plaza. We arrived there around 2:15 p.m. It was quite a sight to behold. There hasn't been that much activity since Price Chopper was there. The quality of the vendors at the market was A+. They were very friendly and helpful. As time goes on, we think more vendors will join in.

As we were leaving, a lot more cars arrived. It goes to show you that if we had a small supermarket at Sheridan Plaza, the business would do well and it would give the community a super boost.

As we already know, there are many in this area who do not drive or own a car. The market would help our community. If a market came in, we think a few more businesses would follow, the storefronts would get a much needed face-lift and we're sure the parking lot would be repaired.

Barbara A. Saglimbeni

Beatriz Lopez


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