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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/17/2017

Ballston should vote no on new Walmart Center

Ballston should vote no on new Walmart Center

*Ballston should vote no on new Walmart Center *FoxNews delivering the truth on issues *Bush wasn't

Ballston should vote no on new Walmart Center

Re June 24 article, "Walmart opposition adds new argument": If the Walmart shopping center proposed for Route 50 near McDonald's in Ballston Spa is approved, residents, visitors and those just trying to drive through the village will face a significant increase in traffic, and all the threats to sane and safe living that come with it.

Route 50, from the intersection with Route 67 north through the village of Ballston Spa, is already congested. While construction of a Walmart will bring new traffic signals and added turn lanes in its immediate vicinity, these changes will not significantly minimize the overwhelming impact of increased traffic throughout the area.

Within the village of Ballston Spa, the infrastructure on Route 50 does not allow the option of added turn lanes, and traffic already slows to a standstill during commute hours. Route 50 is also a primary travel route for SPAC concert-goers and racetrack fans. Add a big-box store on top of this and we have a recipe for a perfect storm of traffic congestion.

In this location, there simply is no effective way to mitigate the substantial traffic increase that comes with a shopping center of this size.

Other likely traffic problems include the escalation of truck traffic, estimated at over 100 added truck trips daily, further taxing Routes 50 and 67. And last but not least, the additional traffic puts all walkers (in a village that prides itself on being pedestrian-friendly) at greater jeopardy, including schoolchildren walking to and from the junior/senior high school complex two-thirds of a mile from the proposed Walmart site.

Right now, Ballston Spa is bustling, but safe and livable. It has a charm and identity all its own.

Building a large shopping center with a 137,000-square-foot big-box store less than a mile from the village center could be a tipping point, transforming us into a village overwhelmed by car traffic, definitely not pedestrian""friendly and no longer a safe and pleasant place to shop, dine and live.

If the town of Ballston truly wants a Walmart store, there is an abundance of open land starting a few miles south of the village that would be more appropriate for a shopping center of this size and offer greater options for alternate traffic routing.

Town of Ballston leaders, please vote "no" on the current Walmart store proposal.

Rebecca Shepard

John Battenfield

Ballston Spa

FoxNews delivering the truth on issues

I take exception to one of your readers referring to FoxNews as propaganda.

How can a news station be propaganda when it's been the No. 1-rated cable news show for the last 10 years?

Let me give you an example of propaganda. On Sept. 12, 2012, Fox News reported that four Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya. The cause of the deaths were the direct result of a terror attack. Our president, Barack Hussein Obama, and his minions, i.e. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice and others, reported that the four Americans died because of a spontaneous reaction to an Internet video. I think it's quite obvious who propagandized this story.

I watch FoxNews because I think Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Meghan Kelly are much better than Chris Matthews, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz.

I could go on forever if I wanted to get into the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, the VA scandal, etc.

If you want the truth about those stories, tune in to FoxNews because you won't get it on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC.

Jack Schaffer


Bush wasn’t only reason for Iraq War

I must take issue with the June 22 opinion letter, "Cheney last person we should listen to." The author, Richard Alvarez, states that the Bush Iraq War was started on "false pretenses."

The opponents of Bush are quick to forget that the United States invaded Iraq based on intelligence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). This was not only Bush's intelligence information, but also more intelligence from all the Western nations.

Many forget that Congress voted to invade Iraq to prevent the use of these weapons. Part of the conclusion was based on the documented use of WMDs, i.e. poison gas, on Iraq's neighbors.

In that congressional authorization, both Democrats and Republicans voted "yes" to invade. Among those voting yes were Sens. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden and Harry Reid. Now all these folks, and others who write on the Iraq war, want to forget their vote and blame Bush.

Don Cazer


NYRA spending not keeping with reality

The June 24 article ["Track price hike first since '05"] on the Saratoga track having its first price hike since 2005 was interesting, to say the least.

I understand that inflation requires periodic price increases if productivity gains don't keep pace with inflation.

What surprised me was the comment by NYRA CEO and President Chris Kay: "The other thing you should know is that from 2001 to 2012, our costs increased 97.2 percent.

"I always ask the question: What business do you know that hasn't raised its prices for its products or its services in the past 10 years? You have to raise your prices if your costs go up 97 percent."

The question I would ask Kay is: "What business do you know of that has had cost increases of nearly 100 percent, when inflation over the same period is running around 40 percent?"

Costs increasing at over twice the rate of inflation? You've got to be kidding. At the same time, they're losing millions of dollars, going bankrupt and receiving state subsidies.

This is just another example of a state-sponsored quasi-government agency out of touch with reality.

Jim Vincent


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