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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/21/2017

New world order isn't working

New world order isn't working

*New world order isn't working

New world order isn’t working

I know many people who are really wondering what is going on in this world of ours today. Their concern is on many fronts, but centered in the “mass confusion” of the antics of the world. The rise of unconstitutional “executive orders,” the crazy wars with so much lack of stability by adherence to law and order, not to mention climate and earth tremors among other things. It really does seem to be nothing to hang onto as truth anymore. We all need truth to grasp and use for our guide easily seen by sports; play a game without rules of law and it ends up a free for all and no more game. So it is today with so many doing what they want instead of what is true.

Many blame Obama for a lot of what’s going on, especially in America. It is true, he has accelerated the rise of anarchy but it was the first Bush who first started openly pushing it with his “new world order.” This concept, starting with his NAFTA plan, was then moved on by the communist leaning Clintons, added to by the second Bush, and now quickened by Obama.

This “new world order” is leading to a One World Government led by the “elite” amongst us so the whole world will become “equal.” No more superiority by any nation, especially the United States. You don’t think so?

Just look at oil, for example. Our prices at the pump never were tied to world market prices before all this “new world order” propagation was exhibited. We have higher milk prices because we are selling our milk to China so they can have more. We are “investing” business-wise by the billions to bring up China’s standard of living while bringing ours down to “equalize” the world.

The world is based on lies and manipulation today, just as the Bible said it would be. It is experiencing weird weather just as predicted by the Bible; and not by the lie of “climate change” either. Wars and more wars, just as predicted by the Bible and determined to be “the beginning of Sorrows.” Yes, just the beginning. Things will get worse with great famine and diseases spreading. Why? Because man has decided to act as God, not realizing the fact of His control of the Earth and His love for us all.

Where are we in time? We are fast approaching the end of man’s rule and the return of Jesus Christ, who will bring back stability, decency and peace. Many nations will be destroyed soon, by the Bible’s prediction again. All of them listed in Ezekiel are Muslim nations, but all the world will be affected. Men must realize God, in Christ, is in charge and His ways are the right way to go.

Barry Groat


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