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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/22/2018

Far right, courts, lawmakers waging a war on women

Far right, courts, lawmakers waging a war on women

*Far right, courts, lawmakers waging a war on women *Police not at fault for town's bad drivers *Don

Far right, courts, lawmakers waging a war on women

Well, well, in one fell swoop, the U.S. Supreme Court, in their usual 5-4 split decision in the Hobby Lobby case by the all-male "Vatican Five" (yes, they are all Catholic), managed to please far-right fundamentalists, the Catholic bishops and corporations, the latter as we now know, are people, too [July 1 Gazette]. All in the name of religious liberty. Really? Since when are employers able to impose their narrow religious beliefs on thousands of female employees who may or may not subscribe to the employers' tenets? It shouldn't matter. The decision is discriminatory on its face.

Unfortunately, the losers in this case are the many women who should be able to have access to safe and effective contraception through the Affordable Care Act at no cost.

If you didn't think there was a war on women, think again. All over this country, particularly in the so-called Heartland and in the South, facilities for women's health are being shut down by legislation, again by mostly far-right male lawmakers, under the guise of "making health care safe for women."

The real aim is to ban abortion and ban contraception, particularly for the working poor. Planned Parenthood provides a whole host of health options for women, including OB-GYN exams, safe contraception, mammograms, and even testicular cancer screening for men (men can also develop breast cancer, too).

And, yes, they provide abortions, which is a decision that should be made by a woman and her physician, not the government. These legislators who are shutting down these facilities are the same people who "want government out of their lives." But obviously, this does not apply to women. Are we second-class citizens? The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution cites equal protection under the law, yet we are being treated as not being able to decide for ourselves on our health care. And, oh by the way, vasectomies and Viagra are covered under the ACA.

A war on women? You bet there is, and it's being conducted by the far right, the Supreme Court, and the troglodytes who think women can't think for themselves. Shame on the lot of you.

Cynthia Swanson


Police not at fault for town’s bad drivers

Re June 25 letter, "Fed up with drivers on roads in Glenville," by John Roscioli: To Mr. Roscioli and all others who share his frustrations: Please be advised that motorists make very poor decisions everywhere, not just in Glenville. Their decisions can only be blamed on them, and not the local law enforcement.

For those who are unaware, police officers are only able to issue citations for those violations of the Vehicle & Traffic Law that occurred in their presence; the observations of the generally "untrained" public eye is not sufficient probable cause to issue a ticket.

I'm sure you wouldn't want an officer arriving at your door alleging that you had committed violation on the previous day because your neighbor who doesn't like you said so. Glenville police are proactive enough to make this town a nice place to live. The officers and the leadership in the department should be commended, not condemned. Motorists everywhere could be more aware, practice defensive driving, and proper driving techniques.

And sir, please stop inviting more aggressive drivers and garbage dumpers to my neighborhood.

Dan Darling


Don’t always trust a movie critic’s review

I'm writing to agree with Robert Schmitz regarding the movie "Jersey Boys [June 29 letter]." I saw the movie recently and thought it was wonderful.

I gauge how good a movie is by whether or not I want to see it a second time. I definitely want to see Jersey Boys again, and will probably buy the DVD, not only for the story line, but the music as well. If I took the movie critics at their word, I would miss a lot of great movies.

Donna Hart


Coulter, not soccer, cause of moral decay

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter is known for her questionable, offensive rants.

In a June 25 syndicated column ["America's favorite national pastime: Hating soccer"] published less than 24 hours before what was perhaps the U.S. soccer team's most important game in nearly four years,

Coulter argued that a growing interest in the sport is a sign of America's "moral decay."

Really? Soccer? Moral decay? She is the best example we have of "moral decay."

I have heard little criticism of what she said. Does the majority agree with her?

Fred Maurer


Schenectady central location for casino

For many months, we have read and watched the news organizations inform us about the possibilities of casinos arriving in nearby cities around Schenectady. The newspapers have let us know of some city councils approving, yet, others not supporting the city councils.

Applications for a casino license were due on the last day of June. The remaining applications for a Capital District casino and proposal remain in Amsterdam, Cobleskill, East Greenbush, Rensselaer and Schenectady.

The present population of Schenectady County is about 155,134. The demographics shall be a factor in the Gaming Commission's choices. Schenectady is a hub. Other considerations are spokes of the wheel.

In the fall of 2014, the Gaming Commission's facility shall choose sites.

Many years ago, a movie arrived using the Mohawk River as the setting for "Drums Along the Mohawk." The drums again should be beating and awaiting a bright star to fall and hover over the Mohawk River.

Tom Haberbush


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