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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/18/2018

Why allow EBT card abuse in first place?

Why allow EBT card abuse in first place?

*Why allow EBT card abuse in first place? *Penalty not fitting in case of former nurse *Stop raids o

Why allow EBT card abuse in first place?

Everyone should have gotten a good laugh with the latest from our New York state government. In the Sen. Hugh T. Farley mailing received on June 16 regarding the 2014-2015 New York state budget, it is proudly exclaimed, "includes a bipartisan measure to prevent wasteful welfare spending by prohibiting recipients from using their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards at places such as: liquor stores, casinos and racetracks, video lottery terminals and OTB parlors, strip clubs."

How in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks was it ever approved in the first place that an EBT card could be used at any of these "establishments?"

Per the Farley mailing, "I am extremely pleased that the Assembly joined us this year to tighten regulations on EBT cards."

Each and every one of you should be ashamed and voted out of office, especially by the "families truly in need."

Mark S. Meyers

Ballston Spa

Penalty not fitting in case of former nurse

Re July 9 article, "Ex-Ellis nurse faces 26 counts": The case centers on stealing meds and falsifying records.

Probation and hard time are a waste of taxpayer money. The only action that should be taken is to make sure this "ex" never enters a medical facility other than as a patient or a visitor.

The criminal justice system (law and order) is a waste as it is structured, trial by jury being the biggest waste.

Edmond Day


Stop raids on Social Security trust fund

A recent report from the Senior Citizen Association of America reveals that as recently as 2013, Congress absorbed $40 billion from the Social Security surplus rather than depositing it in the trust fund.

Of course, this is not unusual, as the total they have "raided" since 1968 is $3.87 trillion. That just means our representatives will toss another IOU in the trust fund. Of course, we all know that is a worthless piece of paper. What to do? Cut benefits, raise taxes, raise the age before a person can apply for benefits, privatize the system, let Wall Street take over.

How about nullifying the treaty with Mexico (which is a contract) that puts their illegal immigrants ahead of U.S. citizens, as we have no contract and, some say, not even a promise. What did FDR give us, just a verbal promise?

Well, off the top of my head, I would try to rein in legislators by reducing the congressional payroll by 20 percent; cancel federal departments, agencies and commissions; delete all earmarks; defund the United Nations and remove it from United States soil; and remove all military bases outside the United States.

Then maybe they could pay all those "notch" babies who have been underpaid at least 20 percent every month for the last 40 years.

I remember Sen. Pat Moynihan saying, "Don't hold your breath."

All replies welcome.

Raymond Franklin


Can’t teach creativity without free speech

I was appalled when I read that the salutatorian of the Amsterdam High School Class of 2014, Rebekah Izzo, was not allowed to give the salutatory speech she wrote because of a reference to God [July 8 Gazette].

When Einstein was asked years ago how we could improve American education, he replied: "Teach creative thinking."

How is it possible for our students to learn creative thinking when they are denied freedom of speech?

Anthony R. London


Thanks to Samaritan who helped push car

I want to thank the good Samaritan who pushed my out-of-fuel vehicle from the Amsterdam Thruway tollbooth, across Route 30 and down the hill to a gas station on Tuesday [July 8].

I didn't get a chance to personally thank you, but it was so appreciated.

Bob Shults


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