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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 07/23/2017

U.S. needs to put the focus on itself

U.S. needs to put the focus on itself

*U.S. needs to put the focus on itself *Casino will generate many new problems *Conservatives, FOX d

U.S. needs to put the focus on itself

I am one person, with one voice. I know that there are many Americans who share my concerns, so I am joining my voice with theirs.

I am very concerned about the immigration crisis. I am a taxpayer and citizen of this great nation. I have found myself downhearted and losing confidence in my government. President Obama does not seem to understand the complexity of the situation and is not working to solve the problem. It seems like he is complicating things more.

Nobody deserves to suffer. Nobody should be hungry or homeless, sick and without medical care. The people who come to our nation illegally receive food, shelter and medical care, and even if it is temporary, it is at our expense. I do not want to seem cold-hearted, but there are too many Americans that are hungry, homeless and sick without medical care.

Many families struggles day by day. We work hard and have always worked for what we have. Many months, they worry they will not be able to make it. Some months, the decision has to be made between medications and groceries. We pay our taxes and somehow manage to survive.

It seems like immigrants to our country receive more and better resources than those of us who are born and raised here. It is not fair. We do not send our children, our poor, to other nations and expect them to provide food, shelter, medical care, etc. for us. They would send us back in a heartbeat. They would not accept the burden of providing care and resources.

Our country is close to being bankrupt, yet if we keep piling onto the already-broken system, it will soon collapse. We continue to send aid to other nations, at taxpayers' expense. Poverty is rampant in the United States; people can no longer turn a blind eye to it.

We need to fix our own country before trying to fix others.

Patricia M. Alexandre


Casino will generate many new problems

Casinos do not fix the economy; they instead create enormous financial burdens on communities and taxpayers. No one can deny that casinos bring an increase in crime and a host of costly social and health problems to host communities.

But in the name of economic development and job creation, politicians voted to let Schenectady become a gambling city.

If Schenectady is chosen by the state's Gaming Commission, Rush Street Gaming, a company that preys on vulnerable groups and separates them from their money, will come to Schenectady and hire some construction workers for an 18-month period to build the casino.

After the casino is built, they will send the construction workers home and hire service workers to operate and maintain the slot machines and gambling tables.

As gambling expands, prostitution, embezzlement and loan sharking grow along with it. Unreported thefts from friends, family members and from organizations known as 'hidden crimes' will increase.

With a projected 2.8 million new visitors per year, along comes the negative health effects of air pollution.

City residents will suffer from a broad range of respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Vulnerable groups like children, pregnant women and the elderly are especially at risk from traffic-related air pollution.

No amount of money the casino will bring to Schenectady can reverse all of these negative effects on the community.

Officials that are gambling with the health and well-being of our city residents cannot genuinely claim that in bringing a casino to Schenectady, they're helping the community and promoting economic development.

Mohamed Hafez


The writer is a landlord.

Conservatives, FOX disparage safe sex

I've been reading the last few letters (interestingly enough from men) on the Supreme Court ruling (again, all men) in the Hobby Lobby case.

Being born in the middle of the so-called "Baby Boom," I grew up in an Italian neighborhood where almost every family averaged six to eight kids and mom stayed home to take care of them. No one had "recreational sex" back then. It was all good clean work. Those were the days.

To me, the most intriguing thing about all the anti-Obamacare letters on this topic is the use of similar terminology. Every one of those letters uses "recreational sex" in connection to a women wanting birth control. Words have power and when FoxNews uses those words over and over, it can't help but influence how people think about a topic.

Today, it's rare to see a family with six or eight kids. Even rarer is a stay-at-home mom. Mom working these days is a necessity and not a choice, even for the fine, upstanding families who watch FoxNews. To me, it makes sense to help low-income families who cannot afford more kids to avoid more kids.

Conservatives and FoxNews use every weapon they can to fight their battle against all the things they see wrong in the world.

Getting followers to believe anyone practicing birth control is only having "recreational sex" is a good strategy.

It demeans and diminishes people who may want to practice birth control and makes them look like they're exploiting the good, hard-working people who watch FoxNews.

John Mishanec


Rethink casinos in light of Atlantic City

With the closing of Trump's Casino in New Jersey and the general dismal showing of the East Coast gambling industry, I ask the question, "Has Cuomo waited too long for statewide legalized gambling? [July 15 Gazette]"

Less and less disposable income is available to the citizen for casual gaming because fewer people have jobs and the cost of living is out of sight. We need to take a good hard look at the viability of the state getting into gambling.

Big promises are being made to potential investors, but I doubt that anyone has looked at what the industry is suffering.

Terry K. Hurlburt


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