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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

Reader provides view from Israel of Hamas attacks

Reader provides view from Israel of Hamas attacks

*Reader provides view from Israel of Hamas attacks

Reader provides view from Israel of Hamas attacks

Mr. Tom Ellis proves once again that he is sorely in need of a history lesson [July 24 letter]. Following is the view of an Israeli Jew living under rocket fire in Tel Aviv, who will provide an eloquent riposte to Ellis’s rant:

"I will not apologize for surviving. For surviving missiles intended to kill me. The fact they didn’t kill me doesn’t mean they weren’t sent with the intention to murder. We have a defence system, shelters, evacuation procedures and governments who take care of us — I will not apologize for living and surviving thanks to being prepared because we have a culture that celebrates our lives and cherishes them instead of sending 10-year old children to be fighters and bombers.

I will not apologize for having a business, a home, a family and friends here who want normal lives and to live in peace with our neighbors. I will not apologize for existing and I want nothing more than to co-exist quietly with neighbors who accept me here.

But this is not what Hamas wants.

Let me be very clear. Hamas is trying to kill me. My family. My baby son. All of us here. That is their purpose. Get it through your heads — that is what is happening. And it’s very personal. For all of us here.

Our Israeli civilians — people like me — are being targeted to die. Palestinian innocents on the other side are dying because my army is trying to protect us from thugs operating in those areas who are launching rockets at my populated cities. If Palestinian innocents are dying it’s because of jihadists and terrorists (other names for thugs), but not because of the state of Israel that is trying to protect its citizens as any sovereign country would do.

And this: Anyone who gives a damn about their people would try giving them a future and not use them as pawns in a sick game of death and 72 virgins.

If anyone doesn’t understand any of the above; if anyone doesn’t get it; if any of my friends are going to post anti-Israel messages in a time where over 500 Palestinians have tragically died in this current conflict yet you remained silent while almost 200,000 Arabs were murdered by Arabs these past few years; if you’re not writing about Assad using chemical weapons against his people; if you’re not writing about ISIS who crucified eight Christians recently and who are telling Iraqi Christians “convert, pay tax, or die;” if you only have criticism for the state of Israel that is doing everything in its power to avoid civilian losses to Palestinians during a war.

If you’re going to do nothing but sit wherever you’re sitting and just dish out your anti-Israel dirt while rockets are being aimed at my house, family and friends as our boys are fighting to protect us — and you’re going to dish it out simply because we’re living in this land and you haven’t got a clue as to our connection to it; if you’re going to join the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations flaring up in the world like we’re seeing in France, Turkey, Berlin, most Arab states and even in the United States that have nothing to do with this conflict but are really just expressions of hatred directed at Jews and Israelis (and these expressions will be directed at the host countries soon); if you’re going to stay quiet and just accept, then go ahead and unfriend me from Facebook now because you’re probably no friend of mine.

Know this: when someone tries to end my life, it is personal."

Page Salenger


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