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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

SPAC should treat patrons like NYRA

SPAC should treat patrons like NYRA

*SPAC should treat patrons like NYRA *War on women goes deeper than stated *Breastfeeding rights sho

SPAC should treat patrons like NYRA

SPAC is still suffering from years of mismanagement by Herb Chesbrough and his complacent board. We are grateful he is gone, but the new board seems to be performing questionably.

Customer service at SPAC has been suffering for years and it continues to take a back seat to budgeting. We loyal SPAC friends and families have become inured to the lack of customer service from Live Nation, Aramack concessions, staff and the lack of a lawn. SPAC continues to need advocates. Please do not settle for just better.

The New York Racing Association (NYRA) also has suffered from years of mismanagement. But instead of making a race to the bottom, they have chosen to grow income by enhancing the customer experience. Growing their customer base is the best way to fill holes in a budget. New screens, delicious local food, friendly helpful staff, and upgraded facilities have greatly improved the racing experience. I read that NYRA has hired a CXO, chief experience officer, who goes in as a regular customer to see how well they are doing. She is doing great.

SPAC needs to take a similar approach. Cutting corners and getting the cheapest contract is not in the customers' best interest. Subcontracting to Live Nation has driven up ticket prices and limited shows. Years ago, NYRA kicked out Aramack, which has been recently involved with prison scandals. Volunteer ushers lack proper training and believe they have the authority to order around customers.

Lastly, SPAC is famous for its lawn. How can we just throw up our hands and say, "Oh well."

Thank you NYRA for taking a brave and constructive route to grow your customer base. SPAC, please, it is not too late. In the end, enhancing the customer experience will do much more to improve your bottom line than taking us for granted. You need a CXO.

Vincent Pelliccia

Saratoga Springs

War on women goes deeper than stated

In her July 7 letter ["Far right, courts, lawmakers waging a war on women,"] Ms. Cynthia Swanson seems to have overlooked some elements of the war on women. Remember the New York legislator who exposed himself on the Internet -- all the while denying it. Also, think of the effect this could have had on children who came across it on the Internet.

When a state employee raped a woman, little was done. However, when this happened again, enough women complained to bring justice to the victims.

Remember the young lady who was left in a submerged car? The driver got himself to safety. Why was there no help to bring the young lady to safety?

Can anyone ever forget the look on Mrs. Spitzer's face while she stood beside her husband as he gave his resignation statement? Think of the unspeakable pain she endured from suffering the public humiliation caused by that episode. Talk about a war on women!

New York state has its own version of the war on women. A single female employee cannot carry her 49-year-old widowed mother on her insurance plan, while her colleagues can carry their lovers on the state plan.

A call to a state office regarding this discrimination elicited this response -- the latter have a close relationship. Well. What's closer than a mother-daughter relationship? After all, the mother has known her daughter all her life. Which legislators are responsible for this act?

How could they possibly accuse others of waging a war on women while they wage their own war?

Aldona Vaitulis


Breastfeeding rights should be protected

In recognition of World Breastfeeding Week, Aug. 1-7, I feel it is important to support and protect the rights of breastfeeding women. Making the decision to breastfeed is a personal choice and is widely recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the World Health Organization. The benefits of breastfeeding include: brain development, ideal nutrition, strong immune system and the secure bond between mother and child.

I have seen the benefits of breastfeeding with patients in my Family Practice, and on a personal level with my own family. Scotia Glenville Family Medicine is taking steps to become a 100 percent breastfeeding-friendly practice. We are committed to our goal of developing a policy that will educate our providers to support their patients' decision to breastfeed.

We encourage other community-based organizations to follow suit and hopefully break down societal barriers for women who choose this healthy option.

John Pezzulo

Ballston Lake

Race track is no place for children

I am referring to a July 29 article on the Saratoga Race track. Pictured is a mother holding her young daughter and accompanied by a young girl. My question: Why do parents take youngsters to a race track?

This is not a petting zoo. This is a depiction of animals trained to race at abnormal speeds for the purpose of gambling. It is animals whipped to cross a finish line. It is a huge money-making business.

Would these same parents "treat" their children to a day at a casino? Would they be suspicious of a boy inviting a teen daughter to the track?

Why depict these days as family outings? This cannot be construed as a healthy day in the fresh air. There is no escaping the milieu of loud cheering and cursing as money is won and lost, not to mention all degrees of inebriation.

We all know there are wonderful places for families in the Capital Region and beyond within easy driving distance. Many are low in cost or free.

Compare a day at the track to all that you might do for your little ones. Leave the track to the adults that can make this choice.

Margaret Nixon

Clifton Park

Gazette turning into Fox News newspaper

Lately, the Gazette seems to be morphing into Fox News in print. What is most notable is the lack of mostly positive news about this administration.

Along with this are the proliferation of right-wing letters and an increase in conservative journalists on your pages. I suppose you think of the motto from Fox News of "fair and balanced" -- which you're not, and neither are they.

Please try to be a "newspaper" and not a "newsletter" from the "club."

I would subscribe elsewhere, but I need to keep my subscription up to keep my political beliefs and opinions in order.

Al Smith


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