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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/18/2018

Support candidates who will deliver change

Support candidates who will deliver change

*Support candidates who will deliver change

Support candidates who will deliver change

I have seen many letters-to-the-editor clamoring for changes in Albany. They come from all political spectrums, but they all have one thing in common. They all call for someone from the two major political parties to be that person of change. That is not change.

As I write this letter to date there have been two letters recently that support Madelyn Thorne for state Senate in the 49th District. The people who wrote these letters support her mainly because they say she will represent change. While she would be a change from Sen. Hugh Farley, who has represented this district or some variation of it for the last 37 years, she will not be change at all.

Ms. Thorne will only be the other side of the coin of the political landscape of business as usual in Albany. She is a political insider who has a job at the Schenectady County (Glendale) Nursing Home through her husband, who is the city of Schenectady clerk. He is tight within the Democratic Party regime.

I don’t know Ms. Thorne that well, but I did meet her in 2012 when she was running the first time for this same seat. She did not make a good first impression on me. I found that she was uninformed on issues and ignorant of many local concerns. I found her as someone who just spouted the Democratic talking points, as she is doing now during this campaign.

Real change in Albany will not come from political insiders and the two major parties. Real change will come from electing people who actually care about the people they represent. If you want real change for the 49th state Senate District, you should support Patti Southworth. Patti was the supervisor of the town of Ballston for six years. I have known her for two years. I worked with her as a contractor providing professional services for 18 months.

In the time that I worked with her, I found her to be smart and personable. She was always trying to do what was best for the residents of Ballston. She would go out of her way to help anyone who came to her with any issue, whether it was personal or town-related. She is fiscally prudent, never, ever wanting to spend more money in the town than it had and could afford. Patti is independent and doesn’t go along to get along. She always votes her conscience. I don’t agree with her on everything, but I do support her. Patti is currently circulating petitions to get on the ballot under the party line “Cut Taxes Now.”

But Patti isn’t the only candidate that represents change for Albany. There are four fine gentlemen running for the statewide offices. They are Michael McDermott for governor, Chris Edes for lieutenant governor, John Clifton for comptroller and Carl Person for attorney general. I have known these men for four years. They are also currently circulating petitions to get on the November ballot.

Change will not come from electing the same old, same old political hacks. Change will come from electing new people with fresh ideas who aren’t beholden to any special interests. I am not talking about President Obama’s kind of change, either. I am talking about the kind of change that will give the citizens of this state their rightful power back, which is when they are in charge of the government, not the government in charge of you.

So, if you really want change in Albany, please sign the petitions for Patti Southworth and the four fine gentlemen running for statewide offices if you are asked to do so. Only by getting people like these on the ballot can the citizens of New York send a clear message to the political parties, which are clubs that have a seeming monopoly on elections, that we don’t like business as usual.

John A. Gaetani


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