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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/19/2018

Scotia must address dog messes at park

Scotia must address dog messes at park

*Scotia must address dog messes at park *Not all SPAC ushers are unpleasant bullies *Why is letter w

Scotia must address dog messes at park

We recently attended one of the outdoor concerts at Freedom Park in Scotia. We really enjoy going there, but there was one problem -- dog feces in many of the grassy areas, including the one right next to the dance area.

Young children run barefoot in these areas. Unfortunately, there are dog owners who just don't think about picking up after their pets. My suggestion is that receptacles with plastic baggies be put up around the park to encourage dog owners to be good citizens.

It isn't the fault of the dogs -- it's their owners who lack consideration.

Pauline Boehm


Not all SPAC ushers are unpleasant bullies

As a volunteer at SPAC for 27 years, I was infuriated at the Aug. 4 letter from Vincent Pelliccia, in which he says: "Volunteer ushers lack proper training and believe they have the authority to order around customers."

I highly resent this comment. All ushers at SPAC attend an orientation and training once a year. We only are permitted to "order around" patrons when they are late and the performance is underway. They are asked to wait in a designated location until a break, as to not disturb patrons who were on time for the performance.

Furthermore, most ushers at SPAC go by the acronym S.P.A.C., which stands for "Smiling, Pleasant, Affable, Courteous." If there is a particular usher who you feel was unpleasant or that doesn't represent SPAC's values, you should contact SPAC management at

Elizabeth Ruger


Why is letter writer allowed in the paper?

I would like to add my voice to those that have been raised regarding the misinformation dispensed by Tom Ellis regarding Israel and Hamas in Gaza [July 24 letter].

I have wondered a number of times in the past why The Gazette has published him. At the very least, he is a malcontent.

Then it dawned on me that perhaps they publish him knowing full well that some of us will take him to task for his diatribes.

Don Vanderwarker


Agrees that paper has gone over to far right

I agree with Mr. Al Smith in his observation that The Daily Gazette has shifted noticeably to the right lately [Aug. 4 letter].

For the past few months, the Opinion page has been full of anti-Obama propaganda, including vicious cartoons. I guess the Rupert Murdoch bottom line exemplified by Fox News (or noise, as some call it) and the Wall Street Journal has taken hold in what seemed to be an independent, privately owned news source.

The frequently published letters to the editor from the same people spewing Republican Party talking points, as espoused by the talk radio folks, namely Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, has gotten quite tiresome.

I will definitely be looking around for another more thoughtful and informed news source in the near future when my subscription lapses.

Ed Cunniff

Clifton Park

Pleased paper allows variety of viewpoints

In response to the Aug. 4 letter from Al Smith: The Gazette could do much worse than becoming the Fox News newspaper.

As of the second quarter 2014 of the cable TV ratings, Fox clocked its 50th straight quarter and 150th straight month at No. 1, while rivals CNN and MSNBC battled for second place.

I, for one, am happy to see a slight, but not insignificant, change from The Gazette's previous liberal bias to a more balanced viewpoint, inclusive of some, albeit few, conservative viewpoints.

I was appalled to see the previous liberal editorial viewpoint in the skew of articles throughout the newspaper. Many articles appeared under liberally biased headings, even if the article included a more conservative point of view once a reader read past the first few paragraphs. Admittedly, many readers don't read the entire article, so the lasting impression is leftist.

Even the comic pages included the liberal view (i.e. Arctic Circle). The Opinion page featured mostly liberal views. The choice of syndicated columnists was predominately liberal, with an occasional Charles Krauthammer thrown in to attempt a balance. The very rare political cartoon showed a conservative view, while the vast majority consisted of name-calling attack cartoons by the left.

I was thrilled to see a "pro and con" discussion of issues turn up fairly recently in your paper. I was pleased to see Sara Foss growing in stature into a reporter of other than "fluff" pieces. It convinced me, when I was thinking of ending my subscription, to give The Gazette some more time to become a true reporter of events, rather than a repeater of the daily talking points of the left.

It'll be a big undertaking and you will have to deal with the left's very strong intimidating voice attempting to ridicule and/or silence any opinions not biased toward the left. Good luck to you.

Patricia Carlton

Ballston Spa

Cassidy thumbs nose to DWI victims

Re July 31 article, "Cassidy turns up at track instead of court in DWI case": Again the popular TV, ahem, "star" gets another adjournment in his DWI case. Mr. David Cassidy's case, in fact, has gone on for almost one year.

Remember folks, he's had his bite of the proverbial apple twice before, one in Florida, one in California. Now he's here in good-old Rensselaer County thumbing his nose at the thousands of DWI victims here in New York state. We all know the meaning don't we. K.M.A.

David needs all the time he can grab partying in the posh-posh of the Saratoga glitter-and-bling set. To hell with getting it over and done with.

Bill Dikant


The writer is a DWI victim advocate.

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