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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/22/2018

Reform country by speaking out

Reform country by speaking out

*Reform country by speaking out

Reform country by speaking out

Recently, my husband and I traveled to Italy. What I found exciting was that on three different days, we saw Italian people protesting governmental actions of which they did not approve.

Unfortunately, with corporations as “people” and our Congress unwilling to limit their potential earning power and power, in general, to submit to term limits, we Americans have an uphill battle to change things.

It is easy to blame the president, his advisers, and the Congress for the stagnation of our economy and loss of world prestige, but they will be only as good as we force them to be. It is heartening to hear of people attending meetings about the proposed casinos and the new Wal-Mart. Take the time to let your Congress person know what you think about their actions or inactions. I have a dead battery that has done more than our Congress on important issues this year, and they leave soon for a five-week vacation.

Give your opinions on whether Congress really needs to press ahead with the impeachment of Obama, or what Congress might do about our porous borders and the new immigrants appearing at our door, or how many new battleships, modern weapon systems, etc., we need to fight new wars when our schools and infrastructure are falling apart.

In the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, dangerous tunnels were hidden under the ground. Hamas presumedly uses these tunnels to wreak havoc on Israel. Presently, in America, dangerous tunnels are being built that will cause the collapse of our democratic republic unless we develop the collective will to be vigilant against all attacks on our liberties, rights and freedoms. The United States will, indeed, lose its place as the top leader in the future, as have all world leaders throughout history. But let it happen as history is laid out, not by the lack of will to move forward by a satisfied or unmotivated populous.

A scary book on the topic is not by Stephen King, but Dave Eggers, “The Circle.” It gave me the shivers it is so true. Around the world, we see people willing to fight bloody battles for their freedoms. Hopefully, we won’t have to go that far to keep ours.

Perhaps, if all of us push just a little, we can put pressure on the president and Congress to keep the people, we the people, as the focus, not their re-election, power or money.

Janice Walz


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