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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/23/2017

Thanks for help changing VA policy

Thanks for help changing VA policy

*Thanks for help changing VA policy *U.S. fighting war of economic survival *Dogs that attack can be

Thanks for help changing VA policy

Thank you for helping me to change the office telephone practices of the Glens Falls Veterans Administration office.

The office personnel answer the telephone when I call the office. I can now make my appointments with certainty.


William Yackel

Middle Grove

U.S. fighting war of economic survival

United States history is a history of war. Even now there are many wars for control of territory around the globe.

The two wars the United States is now and has been engaged in are insignificant compared to the war we now face. This war is not for land. This war is for jobs and manufacturing supremacy.

As the globe becomes more populated, 7 billion and counting, competition becomes more intense. The recent plant closing in Amsterdam is only a small example of the jobs loss that has taken place over the last three decades. Millions of jobs have been lost and thousands of factories closed, never to be opened again.

It seems that our country doesn't even recognize this war. The political parties are too busy fighting among themselves and getting nothing done.

The multinational corporations are producing goods and services in other countries and doing well. IBM, a service company, now employs more people overseas than it does here in the United States. The solution can only come from government.

The great success in China is due to its government. China uses a strategy of helping industrial expansion through subsidies, tax breaks, free land and many other incentives. It also impedes imports through tariffs, fees and various regulations.

It is time for the United States to demand fair trade with our trading partners. It is time for the United States government to play an active role in job creation here in the United States. If this does not happen, then the United States will become a third-rate economic power and a welfare state by default.

Free-market capitalism with the absence of government does not work and has never worked. The role played by government is always an integral part of a nation's prosperity. This is not my opinion -- this is history.

John Dworak


Dogs that attack can be saved, retrained

Re Aug. 2 article, "Family ordered to return dogs taken by police": I am writing in regard to the two mastiffs that killed a dog. I am sorry for the owner (Rebecca Cigal) losing her dog.

But, if Michael Vick's dogs were able to be retrained and saved, why couldn't they do this with the McKearns' dogs? Animals do tend to get loose, and when together, they act as a pack. They are animals, not humans.

I see people who torture animals on the news all the time. They walk with a slap on the wrist. Yet, these dogs who reacted in a most unfortunate way will pay with their lives. Killing them will not bring this woman's dog back.

I have three dogs myself. One we saved used to go after the other dogs. Within three to four months, we had him trained to get along with the other two.

Now he is protective of them. No one should be so quick to want any animal put down. These dogs did not attack a human. Some dogs just don't care for other animals. Look how cats kill mice, rabbits and who knows what else. Do we put them down because of that? No.

What they did was due to improper training that can be corrected. Can you please examine how Mike Vick's dogs who did fight were retrained and rehabilitated by trainers. Then they were adopted.

Dawn Mello


Dogs who attack not always dangerous

Regarding the "dangerous" dogs, I was hoping that the judge determined that the dogs in question were not inherently dangerous except in specific situations, and that they could be found a home where they can be better contained.

I feel much empathy for the owners of the dog that died after being attacked, and I can understand their feelings of wanting these dogs euthanized. But dogs are, well, dogs. And some are very territorial. Those dogs are not inherently dangerous, but were allowed by their owners to repeat behaviors that they had previously exhibited on more than one occasion. Better to punish the owner and remove the dogs from them, then find a home where the dogs can be better contained.

My own dog is an excitable Australian shepherd. When getting together with neighbors, one smaller dog ran away and my dog chased it. In his excitement, he nipped at the other dog and caused a puncture. Fortunately, no major harm was done. Is my dog inherently dangerous? No, but I now keep him away from block parties and am working on socializing him better with new dogs.

To own a dog is to take responsibility for their actions.

Stacey Pedersen


The writer is a veterinarian.

No justification for officials’ Israel trip

Who is paying the tab for the governor's trip? I was amazed to read in the Aug. 11 Daily Gazette that our Gov. Cuomo and other high-ranking state politicians were heading to Israel for a two-day visit to Israel. This trip is supposed to show support, "a demonstration of solidarity" to Israel in its conflict with the Hamas militant group. Are they really going to accomplish anything?

I have some questions. Why do the governor, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate co-leaders Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein need to stick their nose into an international conflict? I would bet the above are also traveling with a large group consisting of aides, security and maybe some family.

Are they flying coach? I doubt it. Are they staying in cheap hotels? Are they paying for their own meals?

Who is picking up the tab for this holiday -- the state taxpayers? Or is this another junket paid for by some political group looking for a favor? Just another ploy by our governor to get some international recognition.

The article also states that there are 1.7 million persons of Jewish ancestry living in New York state, which doesn't amount to that large of a percentage of the population of the state.

One thing for sure, it's part of a larger agenda And you can bet that group of 1.7 million will vote for him.

Jay Janczak

Ballston Spa

Conservatives wage own war on women

Re Aug. 4 letter, "War on women goes deeper than stated," by Aldona Vaitulis: Her screed detailing the Democratic Party's war on women is typical of conservative myopia.

The Republican Party denies women equal pay, a living wage, abortion and wound deny women contraceptives given the opportunity (Remember Rick Santorum?). In the case of minority women, the GOP is also trying to deny them access to the ballot box.

Can anyone ever forget the look on Mrs. Vitter's face while she stood beside her husband, Sen. David Vitter, as he gave his "I hired a prostitute" confessional speech? Think of the unspeakable pain she endured from suffering the public humiliation caused by that episode.

Were you outraged by Vitter's shameful behavior, Aldona? I doubt it. Unlike Vitter, Spitzer had the integrity to resign from office.

A 19-year-old widowed mother would have health insurance under a universal single-payer plan -- that's right, socialized medicine. Run that by your Republican friends.

Paul Sator


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