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Accept challenge to pass immigration law

Accept challenge to pass immigration law

*Accept challenge to pass immigration law *Attire important to show respect to God *State needs to e

Accept challenge to pass immigration law

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Statue of Liberty. I got there by ferry from Ellis Island. While on Ellis, I went through the buildings, halls and rooms where the immigrants arrived years ago. My father and his family were some of them.

It was a stimulating experience to say the least. The view of the statue from Ellis was awe-inspiring. And then to stand directly beneath Lady Liberty with other people of various descent gave me a happy feeling and a resurgence of love for my country — the United States. I could never imagine this great symbol of freedom being torn down in the face of the immigration issues of today.

I think of all those people who came here from other countries seeking a better life for themselves and their families. I think, that despite their handicaps and hardships, if they were able to survive and succeed, then certainly their offspring can find a solution to the immigration problems of today, unless — unless and because of the vast inequality that has become so widespread in our country over the years. Maybe we have become too complacent to accept the challenge before us.

What is it among our representatives in Congress that prevents us from passing workable immigration laws? Don’t they represent “we the people,” the sons and daughters of those very immigrants that came to America, Ellis Island and those that viewed our wonderful Statue of Liberty years ago?

Ray Knapik

Ballston Spa

Attire important to show respect to God

In response to the Aug. 6 letter, “Attire is not the point of going to church,” by Patricia Anne Massey, let me ask you this: When you go to a wedding, an opera or a class reunion, do you show up in cut-offs or tank tops? I think not.

Don’t you think the Lord deserves more respect? It was He who gave you life. Be thankful.

Helen Tatarek


State needs to ease off Adirondack Park

In my opinion, it’s worse now and even getting worse for our rural lifestyle and worse yet for our deer and moose population in the Adirondack Park.

Deer have not recovered yet from the doe season in the 1960s. In think the moose population that we are supposed to be expanding will be harassed from the new snow-machine trails and will want to find new territories. Unfortunately, they don’t realize there is no place to go and will be killed crossing the roads and cause car wrecks or worse.

Moose have been know to attack snow machines and riders. Shouldn’t the ones promoting these things be responsible? I read that the state Department of Environmental Conservation sets rules for Essex lakes. It states a permit system is required and no campfires are allowed. Then DEC and the state designates 13 tent sites, parking areas and launch sites, and it wonders why so many people will use the area. They tell campers where to camp in the same area and wonder why all the firewood disappears.

Wouldn’t it be better to stop modernizing the wild forest and send those people to state campgrounds, which are empty most of the time.

The state and the DEC have closed free camping around Speculator, and this forces these people into the wild forest. In my opinion, the DEC and rangers like this because they will put more rangers on to enforce these new rules, eventually spreading them into the rest of the park.

The DEC and rangers forget hunters, trappers, anglers and hikers, people that care the most to preserve the park, and decide to modernize it and ban campfires.

Lewis N. Page Sr.


Pleased with recent changes to Gazette

Kudos to the “new Gazette” and all who are responsible for its change. The local interest coverage, i.e., “prime time” by Kelly de la Rocha; plus the many varied local topics covered by Bethany Bump, Bob Cudmore, Matt McKibben, just to name a few. Plus, the addition of a fair and comprehensive editorial page all contribute to the making of “The Daily Gazette,” the newspaper of Schenectady.

Finally, at long last, a respite from the two to three times a week of hateful rhetoric from the likes of E.J. Dionne, and a reduction in the equally nonsensical fantasy-land articles authored by the local “need-to-get-a-life” Bush-hating liberals.

The addition of syndicated columnists never published before in The Gazette from both sides and the middle of the “aisle” have changed The Daily Gazette from a sometimes four-page rag to a fair, newsy and enjoyable-to-read newspaper.

The progressive libs and socialists still have their weekly share of the likes of Froma Harrop, Susan Estrich, Paul Krugman and E.J. Dionne.

They really need to stop shouting down the folks who believe in the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.

I think it’s fair to say that The Daily Gazette, what with all its wraps, is now like any other food for the mind and soul that needs to be peeled to get at the good stuff on the inside.

John Osterlitz


Performance reflects Schenectady’s light

I recently attended the performance of Cirque Eloize at Proctors, preceded by a wonderful meal at a local State Street restaurant. It was wonderful to see the streets filled with people who were enjoying their evening as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Proctors for its choice of such a class act. It is with performances such as these that not only Proctors, but the partners in the city of Schenectady, who are putting our wonderful city back on the map.

If we continue with this process of revitalization and progression of our city, it is truly possible again for Schenectady to light the world again.

Great job Schenectady. Keep up the good work.

John J. Ferrari


No longer believe in effective government

You’d think that after 76 years, I would know better. But after the worst presidency in our country’s history (Bush-Cheney), I had hope.

After the severe injuries to our Constitution, after the flagrant circumnavigation of our laws and after the useless and incredibly costly wars, I believed someone (Obama and congressional Democrats) would fix the outrageous damage. How naive of me.

Sadly, I am now without hope. I will continue to vote (among all poor choices) because I feel you cannot complain if you don’t vote. But I no longer think our local, state, nor federal governments serve me.

It is true in many countries, the people are good, but the government does not function for us. It functions for itself.

When do we take to the streets?

Marilyn B. Guidarelli


Vroman would make a good assemblyman

I am writing in support of Mr. Peter Vroman, who is a candidate for the New York state Assembly from the 111th Assembly District.

Although I now reside in Schoharie County and serve as the county sheriff, I grew up in Marshville and still know many people in Montgomery County. When I first met Pete, I was surprised to learn he had purchased and resides on a farm in Marshville where I worked at one time when I was in high school.

When I started my first term as sheriff, Pete was the supervising U.S. marshall in Albany and he worked closely with our office. Pete’s efforts allowed Schoharie County Correctional Facility to board federal prisoners resulting in millions of dollars of boarding revenue.

After the flood of Aug. 28, 2011, which heavily damaged the Schoharie Public Safety Building and county jail, Pete expressed concern and continued to offer help in anyway that he could.

Pete is well known in the law enforcement community. I have never heard any comments about Pete which were anything other than highly positive.

Pete is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment unlike his opponent who sided with his downstate cronies in passing the SAFE Act which is an attempt to deny decent law-abiding citizens the right to keep and bear arms.

I have no doubt that Pete will do great work as an assemblyman and will serve his constituents well.

Tony Desmond

Saratoga Springs

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