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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/16/2018

Rationale for public education disappears

Rationale for public education disappears

*Rationale for public education disappears *Sara Foss one of the paper's bright spots *Cuomo should

Rationale for public education disappears

Schenectady school Superintendent Laurence T. Spring's Aug. 24 argument that the "School aid formula still discriminates," reflects a lack of understanding of today's world.

This is the age of contraception and abortion; the choice to give birth is -- by law and custom -- exclusively the pregnant female's choice. Thus, one of the old rationales for the funding of public education no longer applies.

At one time, it was thought that public schools were needed to socialize immigrants. But since the schools have become promoters of multiculturalism, the current homogenous approach to multiculturalism should pass into history and be replaced by individual schools that are paid for by parents and reflect their values.

We have seen a segment of the population who by their actions and their silence exhibit a preference for mob justice rather than trial by a jury of one's peers.

With this achievement to its credit, public education should be scrapped and replaced with something that is productive of good, rather than evil.

Fred Barney


Sara Foss one of the paper’s bright spots

It is always easy to complain about The Gazette, but not so easy to talk about good things happening.

Well, we overlooked one of the good things the paper has done recently, and that's hiring Sara Foss.

Since I'm a retired school teacher (the name of the person Sara replaced escapes me), but it is refreshing to read her articles without becoming angry.

Her articles are unbiased and grammatically pleasant to read. She manages to get her point across without pointing fingers. It is quite obvious that she does her "homework."

Keep up the good work, Sara. I enjoy all your columns.

Bob Mandarano


Cuomo should stand on record and debate

Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks like a confident leader who is proud of his record as New York's governor. His actions speak otherwise.

Instead of debating his Democratic primary opponent, Zephyr Teachout, he wastes time and money on frivolous legal challenges to her candidacy, only to lose each time. Are these the actions of a confident and proud leader? I'd say no.

Gov. Cuomo has a great opportunity to defend his record by debating Ms. Teachout. His continued reluctance demonstrates his fear that there are more disaffected Democrats out there than he cares to admit, and defending his record won't be so easy.

Gov. Cuomo, it's time to man up. Debate Zephyr Teachout.

Dave Lowry


Kurt Mausert best for Saratoga justice

I would like to inform you why I support Kurt Mausert for town justice. I have known Mr. Mausert for over 10 years, when he and his family moved into the town and became our neighbor. Kurt's has been a successful lawyer for over 27 years. He knows and understands the law.

When a vacancy for the town court justice in Saratoga needed to be filled, Kurt received a call from the town supervisor and asked if he would be interested in interviewing for the position. As a Town Board, we unanimously chose Kurt because of his experience as a lawyer and knowledge of the court system.

Since Kurt was appointed as the Saratoga Town Justice, he has already brought a serious liability issue to the attention of the Town Council concerning the safety of our teenage interns which the board is currently rectifying at this time.

When we as a Town Board make decisions,

I like to think good judgment, having an open mind and doing what is right for all the residents of the town of Saratoga comes first, not a political party. However, some of those same council members could not endorse Kurt due to his lack of Republican Party registration.

I support Kurt because he is what is right for this town, not just a political party, and urge you as residents to keep an open mind and vote Kurt for town justice on the Sept. 9 Republican Primary.

Jim Jennings


Saratoga not the only area worth attention

While I love summertime and an occasional trip to Saratoga (I prefer the off-season personally), I must admit that I'm a bit annoyed at the love-fest The Daily Gazette has shown with its "Today In Saratoga" piece each week the entire summer.

Is a front page spread really necessary every weekend? Does your readership not include other beautiful and active summertime locales you could possibly pump up?

Could The Gazette share the much-needed tourist dollars that go along with all of this publicity, by promoting a different community each weekend?

We, the red-headed, step-communities of upstate New York that no one remembers exists all summer, would love just a speck of the attention you have bestowed upon Saratoga.

Yes, it is a beautiful, money-generating city (I see three banner ads for SPAC to my right as I type this) that I love, too. But honestly, this has been overkill.

Perhaps The Gazette should just be absorbed by The Saratogian each summer and not bother.

Jessica Betts


Is dog registry best way to alert public?

If I understand recent articles on dangerous dogs, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco is recommending a dangerous dog registry database to protect the public from dogs declared dangerous by our legal system.

I ask Mr. Tedisco what the cost will be for such a database? You probably start with the design of a software program, test the program, produce it in some quantity, distribute it to various municipalities in New York state, and train people how to use it. Then you need to hire people to input data and maintain the information.

What about the residents of New York state that do not own a computer? I know several. How can they be aware of a dangerous situation in their neighborhood?

A more cost-effective method would be to require the owners of a dog declared dangerous by the court to post a "beware of dangerous dog" sign on the front of their property.

The sign could be removed when the owner provides proof that he/she no longer owns the dangerous dog. This situation could be monitored by the Animal Control division.

I don't think this registry has been thoroughly investigated before it becomes law. If readers have better ideas, I am hopeful they will come forward with more worthwhile recommendations.

A.J. Fry


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