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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/16/2018

SAFE Act at fault for Remington layoffs

SAFE Act at fault for Remington layoffs

*SAFE Act at fault for Remington layoffs *Pope John Paul II covered up scandal *Many pay the price f

SAFE Act at fault for Remington layoffs

I have been deluged with constant exposure to the commercials for StartUp, extolling the efforts of the governor and the Legislature in the creation of new industries and jobs in New York state.

In light of this, I find it interesting to note that the Remington plant in Ilion has been forced to lay off 10 percent of its workforce by relocating the Bushmaster rifle and the R1 pistol lines to its new plant in Huntsville, Ala.

In my opinion, the layoffs at the Remington plant are a direct consequence of one of the governor's machinations in the proposing and passing of the SAFE Act.

In my judgment, the governor and the majority of the New York State Legislature must assume full responsibility for the layoffs at the Remington plant due to the fallout from the effects of the SAFE Act.

It would seem that the governor and his minions in the Legislature would prefer the establishment of new and "politically correct" service industries in New York, rather than aiding and maintaining the Remington factory, an industry that has been in New York for nearly two centuries.

Michael G. Decker


Pope John Paul II covered up scandal

I agree with Michael Palmiotto's Aug. 23 letter that questioning the sincerity of Pope Francis regarding the sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church is unfair. Pope Francis is the first ray of real sunshine in the church's handling of this issue.

At the risk of "trampling upon a grave," I point out that the late John Paul II was aware of these scandals for the entirety of his papacy.

And although he exercised complete, autocratic control as successor to St. Peter, he did next to nothing to prevent the abuses.

The extent of his involvement was to cover up for priests, bishops and cardinals who either participated in these scandals or acted inappropriately by transferring predators to other parishes.

Pope John Paul II should be the prime target of any criticism levied at the church. His elevation to sainthood is a travesty.

Richard Alvarez


Many pay the price for Obama’s failures

Here we sit in 2014, dumber than a box of rocks, with our world falling apart around us. Those who went through the era of World War II, the late '30s, early '40s and '50s know exactly what I am referring to.

We have had only two presidents since WWII who have had the guts to face evil threats to our way of life.

Harry Truman, a Democrat, dropped the atom bomb, ending WWII. Ronald Reagan, a Republican, told Gorbachev where to stick it. The gutless wonders who run our country today, both Republicans and Democrats, only try to "talk" evil to death. You need to destroy evil -- period.

At the risk of repeating myself, I personally heard Joseph Stalin say: "We will never have to engage the United States militarily, as they'll first destroy themselves through their political and educational systems."

Our president months ago knew what ISIS was about to do and he did nothing. Recently, he reluctantly chose limited bombing, but he could have challenged ISIS much earlier in exposed desert terrain. President Obama's delayed military response has put millions of innocents in major population centers in the hands of ISIS terrorists.

Military action is now far more difficult, as ISIS is embedded within these communities that will now be exposed to grave collateral damage from any contemplated military action.

Now we have a U.S. journalist beheaded, innocent females and children kidnaped and butchered, all in the name of Islamic Jihad. The president refuses to call them what they are: butchers and terrorists. He prefers they be called "militants."

President Obama is leading us down the road to destruction. I, for one, believe he knows what he is doing intentionally. I can hardly believe he is that stupid.

There are three trains of thought: 1) He knows what he is doing; 2) He really is stupid; 3) He is an intellectual idiot.

Pick your poison. We are all going to pay a horrible price.

George Pratt


Agree that liberals need to be voted out

I would like to commend Stephen Desmonie for his refreshing Aug. 26 letter, "Liberals' idiotic laws ruining the country." I couldn't agree more with Mr. Desmonie's viewpoint.

Unfortunately, there are not enough clear-thinking people like Mr. Desmonie standing up for what they believe in.

If one didn't know any better, we would think the country has gone completely liberal, based on the twisted one-sided media coverage.

Believe it or not, Mr. Desmonie, there are many out there who think and feel the same way you do. I for one am not afraid to voice my opinion.

Our message can be heard by voting these "idiots" out of office.

Sean Dufresne


Rodriguez is best for Family Court judge

I'm writing to encourage your readers to support Patricia Rodriguez for Family Court judge in the Democratic primary to be held Sept. 9.

As an attorney with 40 years of experience in Family Court, I met Patricia when she began practicing there in 1998. Over the years, I have been very impressed with her steadfast in vigorous advocacy for children and families.

On those occasions where we have been on opposite sides in litigation, I have always found her to be fair and open in her dealings with me and other counsel.

Apart from her representation in court, she has always been thorough in conducting her own independent investigation so that her representation is always well informed.

Apart from her Family Court service, Patricia has been very active in community activities including service with the Center for Community Justice, To Life, and Roots and Wisdom. She has also served as an impartial hearing officer for the State Education Department. As you can see, she brings a wide range of experience and in my opinion is highly qualified to serve as our new Family Court judge.

James S. Martin



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