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Cuomo should stop bullying to get way

Cuomo should stop bullying to get way

*Cuomo should stop bullying to get way *Giuliani had a point on Obama patriotism

Cuomo should stop bullying to get way

Gov. Andrew Cuomo must have left the room for a snack when the “anti-bullying” campaign came on the TV. You know, the one that encourages our children to stand up to bullies.

Well, now is the chance to stand up to the bully. The one who wields his money-hammer threatening all the kids on the playground (school districts, teachers, legislators and taxpayers). It’s do things his way or no way. Although one of his underlings stated it wasn’t about the money, it is. Money does matter, otherwise the governor would not have used it as his weapon of choice and he would not have endured those endless fundraisers to fill his political war chest in the last election. He knows the one with the most money wins.

So now he’s using money to beat everyone into submission because the problems we all face are not easy fixes, like poverty, dysfunctional families and inequitable educational funding, to name a few. It’s easier to have a scapegoat like schools and teachers who have to deal with these social ills on a daily basis. After all, it is public school, not a charter school or a prep school.

Schools aren’t failing as much as the governor would like you to believe. But he is failing our children. He and the Legislature are responsible for ensuring that our children get an equal education under the law. Nothing is equal when you withhold funding and only give to those who play along.

Remember, these schools are our schools, and these students are our children. We have a right and responsibility as taxpayers to say how we fund our schools. That right should not go to “three men in a room” or those who buckle under. Education should not be the political football it has become, and our children should not be the expendable pawns in the money game of politics.

Barbara J. Stowell

Central Bridge

Giuliani had a point on Obama patriotism

Re Feb. 20 article, “Giuliani questions Obama’s love of U.S., angering Dems”: Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has put the question of Obama’s love for America on the front page, incurring criticism from both sides of the aisle. We can’t know what is in Obama’s heart, but we can look at those events in his life that would have impacted his love of America.

Barack Obama had a Muslim father, who was often absent. He loved his father and his grandfather, who also was a devoted Muslim. His grandfather was a hater of the United Kingdom because he was jailed for his communist and terrorist leanings in Kenya by the ruling British.

Later, in his teen years, Obama lived in Hawaii with his grandmother. She hired a mentor for Barry, Frank Marshall Davis, who was an admitted communist.

Davis promoted wealth redistribution and favored taxpayer funding of universal health care. He supported government stimulus and the public sector over the private sector.

Obama’s ideas that the rich were not paying their “fair” share were thoughts and words of Frank Marshall Davis. Davis’ far-left extremism is a factor in understanding Obama’s political, ideological and intellectual development. Davis likely helps explain how and why our president, as a young man at Occidental College circa 1980, was probably a Marxist, according to a former classmate.

When Obama entered politics in his hometown of Chicago, his mentor was Bill Ayers, the underground terrorist accused of bombing federal buildings. Obama launched his political career from Ayres’ living room.

The left-wing preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright married Obama and Michelle, and Wright also baptized his children. We all saw the video of Wright’s sermons where he blamed America for the evils in the world.

Obama and his wife were in Wright’s congregation for 20 years listening to this hateful stuff. Recall that Michelle Obama said, “this is the first time in my adult life I have been proud of America,” after Obama was elected.

Obama’s campaign theme in 1980 was “change.” He stated he was ready to fundamentally change America. If he loved America, why would he want “fundamental” changes? At that time we did not fully understand the many influences in his entire life and how they could cause him to not really love America.

Mayor Giuliani’s conclusion about Obama’s love of America is not so difficult to fathom given this analysis of the influences impacting the young Obama.

Don Cazer



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