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Obama, not GOP, is real traitor to U.S.

Obama, not GOP, is real traitor to U.S.

*Obama, not GOP, is real traitor to U.S. *Anti-smoking groups back tobacco sale ban *State needs t

Obama, not GOP, is real traitor to U.S.

This letter is in regard to Glenn Witeckis’ March 19 opinion alluding that 47 Republican senators are treasonous puppets. Quite the opposite.

What the letter stated was a fact that a treaty needs to be ratified to be binding. Glenn questions their loyalty while our president fawns over the mullahs and gives our allies the cold shoulder.

I would say these senators are more loyal to the country than someone who wants to give Iran freedom to have unsupervised nuclear weapons in 10 years.

I would say these senators are more loyal to the country than someone who goes all around the world apologizing for America's past.

I would say these senators are more loyal to the country than someone who gives aid and comfort to the enemy by setting terrorists free for political reasons, just for them to go fight us again the first chance they get.

That seems more like treason to me. Obama, backed by his attorney general, Eric Holder, has failed the oath to “faithfully execute the law” countless times with unconstitutional actions (and not just with foreign policy).

The AG doesn’t prosecute any wrongdoing by the administration. He protects them, i.e. Lois Lerner. Is that treason against the people? Seems like it to me.

The fifth column of the three major TV networks and many newspapers barely cover these stories, but demonized these senators like they demonize everything Republicans do on a regular basis. The Republicans could find a cure for cancer and they would still find fault. There hasn’t been a propaganda machine like this since the Third Reich.

Finally, to quote Glenn; Who is really “turning their loyalty away from America and toward the leader of a foreign country, in a way that verges on treason?” It’s pretty obvious, and his initials are B.O.

Marc A. Smalkin


Anti-smoking groups back tobacco sale ban

On Feb. 9, The Gazette published a letter, “Ban sale of cigarettes in proximity to schools” from Jeanie Orr.

The Reality Check & Tobacco Free Delaware, Otsego & Schoharie Counties program, and those like it operating in other counties, support communities to have retailers that sell tobacco products be more than 1,000 feet from schools, as research has shown nearly 90 percent of adult smokers started smoking before age 18.

Let’s continue to utilize the data collected as we move forward with the important work of www.tobaccofreenys.org.

Jane White


State needs to fully fund public schools

Our public schools need state support. I am writing because I want to urge our state Legislature to do the right thing and vote for a budget that supports our public schools and students.

My school district needs smaller classrooms, enough textbooks for all students and no more cuts to staff or opportunities. I have a son in fourth grade and a daughter that will be old enough to start pre-K in September. Unfortunately, there is a lottery for pre-K, so I don’t know if she will get a spot. Funding from the state impacts every aspect of my children’s education.

Years and years have gone by, and our state continues to turn its back on its constitutional obligation to educate every child. There is no question as to what we need to guarantee a sound, basic education for all of our students:

u $2 billion in new school aid to fund statewide pre-K, community schools, engaging curriculum and an end to educational inequality.

u Reject teacher evaluations that are 50 percent based on testing.

u Keep the charter school cap at its current level.

u Reject state takeover of schools through a school receiver or school czar.

u Stop privatization and reject tax credits and vouchers that drain our public schools of resources.

There should be a budget that fully and fairly funds our schools — all schools.

Jamaica Miles


Sch’dy golf course no drain on taxpayers

This letter is in response to Mr. Heller’s March 16 comments [“Golf course money better spent on roads”] regarding golf course money better spent on roads.

As a city resident myself, I can clearly understand people’s frustrations with the current condition of our local roads. And I am sure that no one is more aware of these frustrations than our local city officials and employees, who have to address these issues and complaints every year.

However, I would like to clarify that the money being used at the Schenectady Municipal Golf Course for the current tree removal project or the future master plan is not being taken from the taxpaying public, i.e., “the general fund.” The golf course has always been, and continues to be, an independent entity operated by the city and funded through the annual revenues of the golf course.

Furthermore, the golf course has historically contributed money, i.e. revenues, each year to the general fund. Improvements like the ones currently slated for the golf course are a necessary part of maintaining a championship-caliber course and relevancy in an ever-more-competitive market. Their completion will make this city resource a beautiful place both golfers and residents can take pride in for generations to come.

I encourage all city residents to rediscover this local gem of a facility and embrace its history and relevance in our community. I look forward to seeing you all on the course.

Matthew Daley


No new taxes to fund state health exchange

In 2012, Gov. Andrew Cuomo bypassed the state Legislature to create New York’s Health Insurance Exchange. Now, three years later, he’s asking us to pay for it.

When did it become acceptable for our elected leaders to tax for the sake of taxing? The governor is doing New Yorkers a disservice by creating another health insurance tax. Instead of taking more, the governor and the Assembly should use the existing $5 billion in taxes it collects through health insurance. Federal reform has reduced the number of people without insurance, freeing up money that could be used to fund the New York State Health Insurance Exchange.

The governor and Assembly should use the resources that are already available, not create a new and unnecessary revenue stream. This tax should not be part of the final budget.

Francis Foley


The writer is a PGA golf professional at Schenectady Municipal Golf Course.


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